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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Crushridge-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Vorstus Black Cell FactionCrushridge-US589.5Not updated
2Pewpewmagic  Crushridge-US588.8Not updated
2Superbugger  Crushridge-US588.8Not updated
4Aldrightabit Black Cell FactionCrushridge-US588.4Not updated
5Hobie Black Cell FactionCrushridge-US588.3Not updated
6Sulfuron Black Cell FactionCrushridge-US588.2Not updated
7Wushie  Crushridge-US588.0Not updated
7Pedrosan Black Cell FactionCrushridge-US588.0Not updated
9Phèd  Crushridge-US587.9Not updated
10Shaé Brink of InsanityCrushridge-US587.6Not updated
10Crasucks  Crushridge-US587.6Not updated
12Nightkingbc Black Cell FactionCrushridge-US587.5Not updated
12Duwork Black Cell FactionCrushridge-US587.5Not updated
12Supbrah  Crushridge-US587.5Not updated
12Crunkzilla Black Cell FactionCrushridge-US587.5Not updated
12Vieth Black Cell FactionCrushridge-US587.5Not updated
12Litura Black Cell FactionCrushridge-US587.5Not updated
18Spartacuzs  Crushridge-US587.2Not updated
18Maxleng  Crushridge-US587.2Not updated
20Madduck Black Cell FactionCrushridge-US587.1Not updated
20Varre Black Cell FactionCrushridge-US587.1Not updated
20Woodyhoss Black Cell FactionCrushridge-US587.1Not updated
20Witness Black Cell FactionCrushridge-US587.1Not updated
24Cryptfire Black Cell FactionCrushridge-US586.8Not updated
25Atalanta Taunka TrucksCrushridge-US586.7Not updated
26Chainfeelz The Muppet ShowCrushridge-US586.5Not updated
27Trotskey Black Cell FactionCrushridge-US586.4Not updated
28Kragmor Black Cell FactionCrushridge-US586.3Not updated
28Shouryuken Black Cell FactionCrushridge-US586.3Not updated
28Mieth Brink of InsanityCrushridge-US586.3Not updated
28Schnuttz  Crushridge-US586.3Not updated
28Juul Black Cell FactionCrushridge-US586.3Not updated
33Seetee Black Cell FactionCrushridge-US586.2Not updated
34Stapler Black Cell FactionCrushridge-US586.0Not updated
34Cracknasty Taunka TrucksCrushridge-US586.0Not updated
34Skyland Black Cell FactionCrushridge-US586.0Not updated
37Vinks Black Cell FactionCrushridge-US585.9Not updated
37Flaying  Crushridge-US585.9Not updated
37Cows Brink of InsanityCrushridge-US585.9Not updated
40Electroshok Black Cell FactionCrushridge-US585.6Not updated
41Malkazadek  Crushridge-US585.5Not updated
41Triten Taunka TrucksCrushridge-US585.5Not updated
43Darthblunt FeedbackCrushridge-US585.4Not updated
44Jimmythegorf FeedbackCrushridge-US585.3Not updated
45Yemin WinterheartedCrushridge-US585.2Not updated
46Rini Brute LoopsCrushridge-US584.9Not updated
46Lyrfu Black Cell FactionCrushridge-US584.9Not updated
46Adykaa  Crushridge-US584.9Not updated
46Adylaide Black Cell FactionCrushridge-US584.9Not updated
46Votfah  Crushridge-US584.9Not updated
46Simultas The Muppet ShowCrushridge-US584.9Not updated
52Hayman  Crushridge-US584.8Not updated
52Jrailjin Undead and FabulousCrushridge-US584.8Not updated
54Dontrike Black Cell FactionCrushridge-US584.7Not updated
54Coughdrops Taunka TrucksCrushridge-US584.7Not updated
56Hotsavior Brink of InsanityCrushridge-US584.6Not updated
56Harrydôtter  Crushridge-US584.6Not updated
56Miethlol Brink of InsanityCrushridge-US584.6Not updated
59Deform Brute LoopsCrushridge-US584.5Not updated
59Iguanatreat Brink of InsanityCrushridge-US584.5Not updated
59Cadavera Undead and FabulousCrushridge-US584.5Not updated
59Xender Black Cell FactionCrushridge-US584.5Not updated
59Candy Brink of InsanityCrushridge-US584.5Not updated
64Hollistud Brink of InsanityCrushridge-US584.4Not updated
65Redeyedemon Black Cell FactionCrushridge-US584.3Not updated
66Lockanload Taunka TrucksCrushridge-US584.2Not updated
66Missmistique WinterheartedCrushridge-US584.2Not updated
66Maurigora  Crushridge-US584.2Not updated
66Strikker  Crushridge-US584.2Not updated
70Conrack Taunka TrucksCrushridge-US584.1Not updated
70Bøneshild Black Cell FactionCrushridge-US584.1Not updated
72Discuits  Crushridge-US583.7Not updated
72Vaidae Undead and FabulousCrushridge-US583.7Not updated
72Holyfaerie Brink of InsanityCrushridge-US583.7Not updated
75Hyurii Taunka TrucksCrushridge-US583.4Not updated
76Hotchim Brink of InsanityCrushridge-US583.3Not updated
76Bärett  Crushridge-US583.3Not updated
78Leyadin Taunka TrucksCrushridge-US583.2Not updated
78Velvethammer FeedbackCrushridge-US583.2Not updated
78Destalynn  Crushridge-US583.2Not updated
81Rezorex  Crushridge-US582.9Not updated
82Kharms Black Cell FactionCrushridge-US582.8Not updated
83Ðarkshades Brink of InsanityCrushridge-US582.7Not updated
84Razlek WinterheartedCrushridge-US582.5Not updated
85Smeego Brink of InsanityCrushridge-US582.4Not updated
85Ferdy Undead and FabulousCrushridge-US582.4Not updated
87Orkable  Crushridge-US582.3Not updated
88Rennac Undead and FabulousCrushridge-US582.0Not updated
89Darkmare Undead and FabulousCrushridge-US581.7Not updated
89Rehab Taunka TrucksCrushridge-US581.7Not updated
91Enpatsu FeedbackCrushridge-US581.6Not updated
91Astraîos  Crushridge-US581.6Not updated
91Darkdk Domain of SlackCrushridge-US581.6Not updated
94Suntzü Nailed ItCrushridge-US581.5Not updated
94Zaitsev Ewiges LichtCrushridge-US581.5Not updated
94Axenroth  Crushridge-US581.5Not updated
94Ethelius Brink of InsanityCrushridge-US581.5Not updated
98Rynst Taunka TrucksCrushridge-US581.2Not updated
99Turakk  Crushridge-US581.1Not updated
99Jøri FeedbackCrushridge-US581.1Not updated

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