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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Cenarius-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Kamerheimer JudgmentCenarius-US589.6Not updated
2Orgin PirateCenarius-US589.5Not updated
3Wildhawk SparkCenarius-US589.2Not updated
3Vakoh Inglourious AlliesCenarius-US589.2Not updated
5Purplemist PirateCenarius-US589.1Not updated
5Thorward PirateCenarius-US589.1Not updated
7Burrtango PirateCenarius-US589.0Not updated
8Wythandor Dawn EternalCenarius-US588.9Not updated
9Calliee AvowryCenarius-US588.8Not updated
9Rekana AvowryCenarius-US588.8Not updated
9Earrl Last PullCenarius-US588.8Not updated
9Shamrockz AnnihilusCenarius-US588.8Not updated
9Ephina  Cenarius-US588.8Not updated
14Skyhaven PirateCenarius-US588.6Not updated
15Ayzee  Cenarius-US588.4Not updated
16Pyromaniiac Late CrewCenarius-US588.3Not updated
16Fugetaboudit Last PullCenarius-US588.3Not updated
16Hornedone Last PullCenarius-US588.3Not updated
16Carnby  Cenarius-US588.3Not updated
20Fookindemon PirateCenarius-US588.2Not updated
20Elleria otterCenarius-US588.2Not updated
20Iax  Cenarius-US588.2Not updated
20Ora PirateCenarius-US588.2Not updated
24Davetanks Windspear ClanCenarius-US588.0Not updated
24Imprezza Last PullCenarius-US588.0Not updated
24Serithraz Windspear ClanCenarius-US588.0Not updated
24Kadowe  Cenarius-US588.0Not updated
24Winterhawk SparkCenarius-US588.0Not updated
24Epícfail Death PanelCenarius-US588.0Not updated
30Erzulíe SparkCenarius-US587.9Not updated
30Frostynight  Cenarius-US587.9Not updated
30Pruppet Late CrewCenarius-US587.9Not updated
30Scuttlebug PirateCenarius-US587.9Not updated
30Crueltist Inglourious AlliesCenarius-US587.9Not updated
30Constantfade PirateCenarius-US587.9Not updated
30Flax  Cenarius-US587.9Not updated
30Petrol Raiding is Srs BusinessCenarius-US587.9Not updated
30Ndoesmokes PirateCenarius-US587.9Not updated
30Darkiez  Cenarius-US587.9Not updated
30Valdraxxis Late CrewCenarius-US587.9Not updated
30Shiddercawk Late CrewCenarius-US587.9Not updated
30Lezul  Cenarius-US587.9Not updated
30Tipp PirateCenarius-US587.9Not updated
30Spectralfire Dawn EternalCenarius-US587.9Not updated
30Stallwin Raiding is Srs BusinessCenarius-US587.9Not updated
30Damàcles Late CrewCenarius-US587.9Not updated
30Anergy Late CrewCenarius-US587.9Not updated
30Chivee Raiding is Srs BusinessCenarius-US587.9Not updated
49Flurbiprofen Late CrewCenarius-US587.6Not updated
49Drawcia Inglourious AlliesCenarius-US587.6Not updated
49Mummraah Raiding is Srs BusinessCenarius-US587.6Not updated
49Hotwingz AvowryCenarius-US587.6Not updated
49Daddyboo Windspear ClanCenarius-US587.6Not updated
54Tainz  Cenarius-US587.5Not updated
54Logian AnnihilusCenarius-US587.5Not updated
54Tideson Raiding is Srs BusinessCenarius-US587.5Not updated
54Combatakus Late CrewCenarius-US587.5Not updated
54Huntarize Raiding is Srs BusinessCenarius-US587.5Not updated
54Rainella  Cenarius-US587.5Not updated
54Nerwind Raiding is Srs BusinessCenarius-US587.5Not updated
54Halibel Raiding is Srs BusinessCenarius-US587.5Not updated
54Sohl Last PullCenarius-US587.5Not updated
54Disdemonica PirateCenarius-US587.5Not updated
54Dimira  Cenarius-US587.5Not updated
54Drsticky  Cenarius-US587.5Not updated
54Monsterflex Late CrewCenarius-US587.5Not updated
54Heero AnnihilusCenarius-US587.5Not updated
54Katarina Last PullCenarius-US587.5Not updated
54Lavoodoo Death NoteCenarius-US587.5Not updated
54Zuneshu Late CrewCenarius-US587.5Not updated
54Loneknight Late CrewCenarius-US587.5Not updated
54Hardiam PirateCenarius-US587.5Not updated
73Yaeli Raiding is Srs BusinessCenarius-US587.4Not updated
74Dazejab Windspear ClanCenarius-US587.2Not updated
74Ilthiana Inglourious AlliesCenarius-US587.2Not updated
74Jatai AvowryCenarius-US587.2Not updated
77Pewpressure Late CrewCenarius-US587.1Not updated
77Ammä  Cenarius-US587.1Not updated
77Fathren Late CrewCenarius-US587.1Not updated
77Metonymy Inglourious AlliesCenarius-US587.1Not updated
77Imrere Dawn EternalCenarius-US587.1Not updated
77Jaloray PirateCenarius-US587.1Not updated
77Alzar AnnihilusCenarius-US587.1Not updated
77Dogfort Late CrewCenarius-US587.1Not updated
77Kèltor Inglourious AlliesCenarius-US587.1Not updated
77Swagtropolis  Cenarius-US587.1Not updated
77Belliel Late CrewCenarius-US587.1Not updated
77Flashbang Late CrewCenarius-US587.1Not updated
77Becore AnnihilusCenarius-US587.1Not updated
77Ålarian Death PanelCenarius-US587.1Not updated
77Frostedmages AnnihilusCenarius-US587.1Not updated
77Toy Last PullCenarius-US587.1Not updated
77Crystalform Last PullCenarius-US587.1Not updated
77Durieldb Raiding is Srs BusinessCenarius-US587.1Not updated
77Badriverjoe AnnihilusCenarius-US587.1Not updated
77Melchey  Cenarius-US587.1Not updated
77Tygus Last PullCenarius-US587.1Not updated
77Hiney Windspear ClanCenarius-US587.1Not updated
77Lamdo Late CrewCenarius-US587.1Not updated
77Exiius DiligenceCenarius-US587.1Not updated

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