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Burning Legion-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Caldrith Maiori CedeBurning Legion-EU589.4
2Sáneth AccidentallyBurning Legion-EU589.1
3Ewronka AccidentallyBurning Legion-EU588.7
3Ewron  Burning Legion-EU588.7
5Athes Maiori CedeBurning Legion-EU588.6
5Noisestorm Good OmenBurning Legion-EU588.6
7Dreico PhoeníxBurning Legion-EU588.3
7Tamitia Good OmenBurning Legion-EU588.3
7Michalus Maiori CedeBurning Legion-EU588.3
7Krzywuz PhoeníxBurning Legion-EU588.3
11Darko Drama TheoryBurning Legion-EU588.2
11Lindy PhoeníxBurning Legion-EU588.2
11Käpo Maiori CedeBurning Legion-EU588.2
11Kamilloos Maiori CedeBurning Legion-EU588.2
11Slapmeh AccidentallyBurning Legion-EU588.2
11Darth PhoeníxBurning Legion-EU588.2
11Schütze AccidentallyBurning Legion-EU588.2
18Brewsleé Error CodeBurning Legion-EU587.9
18Ny Maiori CedeBurning Legion-EU587.9
18Sebkatt PhoeníxBurning Legion-EU587.9
18Hucio PhoeníxBurning Legion-EU587.9
18Fasu PhoeníxBurning Legion-EU587.9
18Tuleya Maiori CedeBurning Legion-EU587.9
18Yvinne Error CodeBurning Legion-EU587.9
18Sefirod Good OmenBurning Legion-EU587.9
18Yhavi Error CodeBurning Legion-EU587.9
18Astreem Error CodeBurning Legion-EU587.9
18Covvboy PhoeníxBurning Legion-EU587.9
29Yeanka Drama TheoryBurning Legion-EU587.8
30Cpon HelladaBurning Legion-EU587.5
30Piecharra AccidentallyBurning Legion-EU587.5
30Keqú Last WordBurning Legion-EU587.5
30Tendourius SignumBurning Legion-EU587.5
30Vespariaa  Burning Legion-EU587.5
30Lightni PhoeníxBurning Legion-EU587.5
30Kepqt Error CodeBurning Legion-EU587.5
30Gallmir Error CodeBurning Legion-EU587.5
30Kokko Advanced FearBurning Legion-EU587.5
30Pabloo PhoeníxBurning Legion-EU587.5
30Liljum Last WordBurning Legion-EU587.5
30Stmh Maiori CedeBurning Legion-EU587.5
30Yozin Error CodeBurning Legion-EU587.5
30Tompir Maiori CedeBurning Legion-EU587.5
30Welko AccidentallyBurning Legion-EU587.5
30Gray AccidentallyBurning Legion-EU587.5
30Bluson AccidentallyBurning Legion-EU587.5
30Mithrillus Error CodeBurning Legion-EU587.5
30Keräm PhoeníxBurning Legion-EU587.5
49Wardress PhoeníxBurning Legion-EU587.3
50Deollka Advanced FearBurning Legion-EU587.1
50Ufeks AccidentallyBurning Legion-EU587.1
50Hegan PhoeníxBurning Legion-EU587.1
50Shirai  Burning Legion-EU587.1
50Marvash Drama TheoryBurning Legion-EU587.1
50Enthaise PhoeníxBurning Legion-EU587.1
50Chücki PhoeníxBurning Legion-EU587.1
50Viiruz SignumBurning Legion-EU587.1
50Ilxxll AccidentallyBurning Legion-EU587.1
50Danífae Drama TheoryBurning Legion-EU587.1
50Maxlê SignumBurning Legion-EU587.1
50Novar AccidentallyBurning Legion-EU587.1
50Wooli HelladaBurning Legion-EU587.1
50Kimekk BrygadaPapySmerfaBurning Legion-EU587.1
50Keid AccidentallyBurning Legion-EU587.1
50Olej Error CodeBurning Legion-EU587.1
50Nnand HomelessBurning Legion-EU587.1
50Tnsofdamage Drama TheoryBurning Legion-EU587.1
50Zloodziej Drama TheoryBurning Legion-EU587.1
50Regji PhoeníxBurning Legion-EU587.1
50Zvierzu Maiori CedeBurning Legion-EU587.1
50Metalic Maiori CedeBurning Legion-EU587.1
50Maeö Good OmenBurning Legion-EU587.1
73Kimidin  Burning Legion-EU587.0
73Trando Good OmenBurning Legion-EU587.0
75Lovesong PhoeníxBurning Legion-EU586.9
76Erytrea Maiori CedeBurning Legion-EU586.8
76Enyo Error CodeBurning Legion-EU586.8
76Basaran Good OmenBurning Legion-EU586.8
76Dräqo Error CodeBurning Legion-EU586.8
76Pretoriusz Drama TheoryBurning Legion-EU586.8
76Zepars Drama TheoryBurning Legion-EU586.8
76Viziah Error CodeBurning Legion-EU586.8
76Atö Advanced FearBurning Legion-EU586.8
76Myrneirien Drama TheoryBurning Legion-EU586.8
76Kobey Good OmenBurning Legion-EU586.8
76Sinore Advanced FearBurning Legion-EU586.8
87Axaros Drama TheoryBurning Legion-EU586.7
87Nöw Error CodeBurning Legion-EU586.7
87Avekard Maiori CedeBurning Legion-EU586.7
87Erestin Maiori CedeBurning Legion-EU586.7
87Andrewida Good OmenBurning Legion-EU586.7
87Neithanger Drama TheoryBurning Legion-EU586.7
87Choçhlik HomelessBurning Legion-EU586.7
94Spyrytus PhoeníxBurning Legion-EU586.6
94Bluehero Last WordBurning Legion-EU586.6
96Crùnchips Advanced FearBurning Legion-EU586.5
96Smoq Error CodeBurning Legion-EU586.5
96Emenems PhoeníxBurning Legion-EU586.5
96Peragorn IndependentBurning Legion-EU586.5
100Yupik Last WordBurning Legion-EU586.4

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