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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Burning Legion-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Darth PhoeníxBurning Legion-EU592.6Not updated
2Rudmá Error CodeBurning Legion-EU592.2Not updated
3Kimee PhoeníxBurning Legion-EU591.9Not updated
4Schütze AccidentallyBurning Legion-EU591.6Not updated
5Fireen Error CodeBurning Legion-EU591.1Not updated
6Sarenus SignumBurning Legion-EU590.4Not updated
7Dräqo Error CodeBurning Legion-EU590.0Not updated
7Andrewida Good OmenBurning Legion-EU590.0Not updated
9Deymonec Nothing PersonalBurning Legion-EU589.9Not updated
9Dejki Good OmenBurning Legion-EU589.9Not updated
9Keqú  Burning Legion-EU589.9Not updated
9Ewronka AccidentallyBurning Legion-EU589.9Not updated
13Yeri Asinum IgnisBurning Legion-EU589.8Not updated
14Kursor IndependentBurning Legion-EU589.6Not updated
15Adzikk Error CodeBurning Legion-EU589.5Not updated
15Drxplode HomelessBurning Legion-EU589.5Not updated
15Palos SignumBurning Legion-EU589.5Not updated
15Myrneirien Drama TheoryBurning Legion-EU589.5Not updated
19Bluson AccidentallyBurning Legion-EU589.4Not updated
19Azzunai Good OmenBurning Legion-EU589.4Not updated
19Nethie Drama TheoryBurning Legion-EU589.4Not updated
19Käpo Maiori CedeBurning Legion-EU589.4Not updated
23Bloodyene Vortex of SilenceBurning Legion-EU589.2Not updated
23Smoq Error CodeBurning Legion-EU589.2Not updated
23Sidey Error CodeBurning Legion-EU589.2Not updated
26Tamitia Good OmenBurning Legion-EU589.1Not updated
26Maximusholly SforaBurning Legion-EU589.1Not updated
26Stroak HomelessBurning Legion-EU589.1Not updated
26Densen Error CodeBurning Legion-EU589.1Not updated
26Lindy PhoeníxBurning Legion-EU589.1Not updated
26Vesynia PhoeníxBurning Legion-EU589.1Not updated
32Ny Maiori CedeBurning Legion-EU589.0Not updated
32Darko Drama TheoryBurning Legion-EU589.0Not updated
32Corg Advanced FearBurning Legion-EU589.0Not updated
35Cuper Vortex of SilenceBurning Legion-EU588.9Not updated
36Feanorm Sweet RevengeBurning Legion-EU588.8Not updated
36Andrastil HelladaBurning Legion-EU588.8Not updated
36Shoocky Good OmenBurning Legion-EU588.8Not updated
36Demnogoniis Dedicated FewBurning Legion-EU588.8Not updated
36Neolock Red DragonBurning Legion-EU588.8Not updated
36Weelko AccidentallyBurning Legion-EU588.8Not updated
42Sáneth AccidentallyBurning Legion-EU588.7Not updated
42Anzular Last WordBurning Legion-EU588.7Not updated
42Noisestorm Good OmenBurning Legion-EU588.7Not updated
42Ozziszejmon AccidentallyBurning Legion-EU588.7Not updated
46Bobomoo Advanced FearBurning Legion-EU588.6Not updated
47Sujtong HomelessBurning Legion-EU588.5Not updated
48Czepiaszsie Error CodeBurning Legion-EU588.4Not updated
48Hakathea TranscendenceBurning Legion-EU588.4Not updated
48Layali Drama TheoryBurning Legion-EU588.4Not updated
48Damiance IndependentBurning Legion-EU588.4Not updated
48Hoshimi Nothing PersonalBurning Legion-EU588.4Not updated
48Pumpernik Lux in TenebrisBurning Legion-EU588.4Not updated
48Ninath HelladaBurning Legion-EU588.4Not updated
48Qaril Sweet RevengeBurning Legion-EU588.4Not updated
56Gareet Maiori CedeBurning Legion-EU588.3Not updated
56Wolfid IndependentBurning Legion-EU588.3Not updated
56Michalus Maiori CedeBurning Legion-EU588.3Not updated
56Kallinka HelladaBurning Legion-EU588.3Not updated
56Poloska Drama TheoryBurning Legion-EU588.3Not updated
56Legolazz SignumBurning Legion-EU588.3Not updated
56Lovesong PhoeníxBurning Legion-EU588.3Not updated
56Ufokoszalek SignumBurning Legion-EU588.3Not updated
56Thazyo AccidentallyBurning Legion-EU588.3Not updated
56Attlana Error CodeBurning Legion-EU588.3Not updated
56Covvboy PhoeníxBurning Legion-EU588.3Not updated
56Krzywuz PhoeníxBurning Legion-EU588.3Not updated
56Mnihe Maiori CedeBurning Legion-EU588.3Not updated
56Balbayna SignumBurning Legion-EU588.3Not updated
56Ageitard Asinum IgnisBurning Legion-EU588.3Not updated
71Fasu PhoeníxBurning Legion-EU588.2Not updated
71Avekard Maiori CedeBurning Legion-EU588.2Not updated
71Athes Maiori CedeBurning Legion-EU588.2Not updated
71Tompir Maiori CedeBurning Legion-EU588.2Not updated
71Chiregodx Primori MorteBurning Legion-EU588.2Not updated
71Vlodex Red DragonBurning Legion-EU588.2Not updated
71Tuleya Maiori CedeBurning Legion-EU588.2Not updated
71Showowow SignumBurning Legion-EU588.2Not updated
71Slapmeh AccidentallyBurning Legion-EU588.2Not updated
71Keid AccidentallyBurning Legion-EU588.2Not updated
71Ambulance Error CodeBurning Legion-EU588.2Not updated
82Szerszen NCCBurning Legion-EU588.0Not updated
82Yardem HomelessBurning Legion-EU588.0Not updated
82Mistien Dedicated FewBurning Legion-EU588.0Not updated
82Ellthin The KnifeBurning Legion-EU588.0Not updated
82Rutaz HomelessBurning Legion-EU588.0Not updated
82Ripout Nothing PersonalBurning Legion-EU588.0Not updated
82Khallel Drama TheoryBurning Legion-EU588.0Not updated
82Darkraziell Blood RavenBurning Legion-EU588.0Not updated
82Ironnya Advanced FearBurning Legion-EU588.0Not updated
82Beyote StigmatizeBurning Legion-EU588.0Not updated
92Namah SignumBurning Legion-EU587.9Not updated
92Chibut Katedra SnuBurning Legion-EU587.9Not updated
92Maxlê SignumBurning Legion-EU587.9Not updated
92Atö Advanced FearBurning Legion-EU587.9Not updated
92Marcand  Burning Legion-EU587.9Not updated
92Alcenez Last WordBurning Legion-EU587.9Not updated
92Hevra PhoeníxBurning Legion-EU587.9Not updated
92Piecharra AccidentallyBurning Legion-EU587.9Not updated
92Andreagon FunRaidersBurning Legion-EU587.9Not updated

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