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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Bleeding Hollow-TW ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1橫行舞干戚 Liar GameBleeding Hollow-TW596.5Not updated
2你爸的鳥真小 無節操勇者Bleeding Hollow-TW596.1Not updated
3Mireias 眾神黎明Bleeding Hollow-TW595.8Not updated
3北原鋸瘋 花田村Bleeding Hollow-TW595.8Not updated
3神玉堂 Clown ReturnBleeding Hollow-TW595.8Not updated
6阿爾薩怖怖  Bleeding Hollow-TW595.7Not updated
6神羽泡泡 眾神黎明Bleeding Hollow-TW595.7Not updated
6天使會害羞 曙光之翼Bleeding Hollow-TW595.7Not updated
9風暴妞妞 阡陌Bleeding Hollow-TW595.4Not updated
9啊井 SWEETBleeding Hollow-TW595.4Not updated
9Badading Royal TeamBleeding Hollow-TW595.4Not updated
12南斗慈母星  Bleeding Hollow-TW595.3Not updated
12羞餅幼  Bleeding Hollow-TW595.3Not updated
12鐺鐺 風行王者Bleeding Hollow-TW595.3Not updated
12紫璇月 曙光之翼Bleeding Hollow-TW595.3Not updated
12文謙 Blood covenantBleeding Hollow-TW595.3Not updated
17西郎骨頭 拾荒夜流星Bleeding Hollow-TW595.0Not updated
17黑胡子仁  Bleeding Hollow-TW595.0Not updated
17Tonights SWEETBleeding Hollow-TW595.0Not updated
17花道風格 流離尋岸的花Bleeding Hollow-TW595.0Not updated
21煞气滑結 Liar GameBleeding Hollow-TW594.9Not updated
21為部落爾戰 Liar GameBleeding Hollow-TW594.9Not updated
21Torment 阡陌Bleeding Hollow-TW594.9Not updated
21望月星野  Bleeding Hollow-TW594.9Not updated
21埃德娜 惜緣小軒Bleeding Hollow-TW594.9Not updated
21羊咩咩 喜憨兒學院Bleeding Hollow-TW594.9Not updated
21狼多狼仁 夜之旋律Bleeding Hollow-TW594.9Not updated
21那風劃過那天 阡陌Bleeding Hollow-TW594.9Not updated
29阿如 滅團高手Bleeding Hollow-TW594.6Not updated
29硫酸鎳 流離尋岸的花Bleeding Hollow-TW594.6Not updated
29咬一口  Bleeding Hollow-TW594.6Not updated
32打臉鼻子長 ShufflingBleeding Hollow-TW594.5Not updated
32荻野朝  Bleeding Hollow-TW594.5Not updated
32Juliacorpse TogetherBleeding Hollow-TW594.5Not updated
32冰蓮雪 喜憨兒學院Bleeding Hollow-TW594.5Not updated
32特製菲力牛排  Bleeding Hollow-TW594.5Not updated
32果風泡泡 眾神黎明Bleeding Hollow-TW594.5Not updated
38不給射就搗蛋 阡陌Bleeding Hollow-TW594.4Not updated
39洐澐 阡陌Bleeding Hollow-TW594.2Not updated
40伊達 Eternal EdenBleeding Hollow-TW594.1Not updated
40黑引信 阡陌Bleeding Hollow-TW594.1Not updated
40忘破曉  Bleeding Hollow-TW594.1Not updated
40野格炸斷 元氣喵喵谷Bleeding Hollow-TW594.1Not updated
44夜語晨星  Bleeding Hollow-TW593.9Not updated
44泊雲 阡陌Bleeding Hollow-TW593.9Not updated
44質辛  Bleeding Hollow-TW593.9Not updated
44紫蘇羅蘭 Blood covenantBleeding Hollow-TW593.9Not updated
44牛牛神兵 曙光之翼Bleeding Hollow-TW593.9Not updated
44Sabergeass Blood covenantBleeding Hollow-TW593.9Not updated
44無敵送頭流 滅團高手Bleeding Hollow-TW593.9Not updated
44艾蒂蜜絲 SWEETBleeding Hollow-TW593.9Not updated
52月之餅 我們仍未知道那天所看見的花的名字Bleeding Hollow-TW593.8Not updated
53罐裝可樂 最終狂想曲Bleeding Hollow-TW593.7Not updated
53我在堆沙堡  Bleeding Hollow-TW593.7Not updated
53軒轅玥  Bleeding Hollow-TW593.7Not updated
53蕩漾小女人 全民最大黨Bleeding Hollow-TW593.7Not updated
53Seekdeath 阡陌Bleeding Hollow-TW593.7Not updated
53邰智源 全民最大黨Bleeding Hollow-TW593.7Not updated
53梵一 阡陌Bleeding Hollow-TW593.7Not updated
53化骨綿綿冰 滅團高手Bleeding Hollow-TW593.7Not updated
61艋舺文謙  Bleeding Hollow-TW593.6Not updated
61嗜血亡靈 正 道Bleeding Hollow-TW593.6Not updated
61氧化鎳 流離尋岸的花Bleeding Hollow-TW593.6Not updated
61霧箭 元氣喵喵谷Bleeding Hollow-TW593.6Not updated
65呆呆然 喜憨兒學院Bleeding Hollow-TW593.5Not updated
65月光眾生  Bleeding Hollow-TW593.5Not updated
65召喚小怪獸 流離尋岸的花Bleeding Hollow-TW593.5Not updated
65Showbeanyou 曙光之翼Bleeding Hollow-TW593.5Not updated
65早安美猴王  Bleeding Hollow-TW593.5Not updated
70小笨牧 曙光之翼Bleeding Hollow-TW593.4Not updated
70Svag 眾神黎明Bleeding Hollow-TW593.4Not updated
70卡瓦烈司 ZeNith ReborNBleeding Hollow-TW593.4Not updated
73Ahsiang Clown ReturnBleeding Hollow-TW593.3Not updated
73群可群撲兔 Royal TeamBleeding Hollow-TW593.3Not updated
73瞬發爐石法案 破曉曙光Bleeding Hollow-TW593.3Not updated
73月兔兔乂 千年守護Bleeding Hollow-TW593.3Not updated
73打臉哞哞象  Bleeding Hollow-TW593.3Not updated
73新人笑 流離尋岸的花Bleeding Hollow-TW593.3Not updated
73千彩 阡陌Bleeding Hollow-TW593.3Not updated
80高華柱 流離尋岸的花Bleeding Hollow-TW593.2Not updated
80凌悅 流離尋岸的花Bleeding Hollow-TW593.2Not updated
82言諾 最終狂想曲Bleeding Hollow-TW593.1Not updated
82斷滅闡提  Bleeding Hollow-TW593.1Not updated
82木有餅乾 阡陌Bleeding Hollow-TW593.1Not updated
82Virginopener The BoVBleeding Hollow-TW593.1Not updated
82晚安豬八戒  Bleeding Hollow-TW593.1Not updated
82強力奶媽薩滿 DeluxeBleeding Hollow-TW593.1Not updated
88妏禂斿 Clown ReturnBleeding Hollow-TW593.0Not updated
88Taenggu 流離尋岸的花Bleeding Hollow-TW593.0Not updated
88寸勁 聖殿之月Bleeding Hollow-TW593.0Not updated
91穿雲之星 迷失的狼群Bleeding Hollow-TW592.9Not updated
91白晝之星  Bleeding Hollow-TW592.9Not updated
91先祖之魂  Bleeding Hollow-TW592.9Not updated
91封曦 破曉曙光Bleeding Hollow-TW592.9Not updated
91無夢逹 寂寞的心碎Bleeding Hollow-TW592.9Not updated
91復仇王子 阡陌Bleeding Hollow-TW592.9Not updated
91肥蝸牛 滅團高手Bleeding Hollow-TW592.9Not updated
91不死肥肥 最終狂想曲Bleeding Hollow-TW592.9Not updated
91苗木誠 部落之顛Bleeding Hollow-TW592.9Not updated
91美樂蒂寶貝 下水道Bleeding Hollow-TW592.9Not updated

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