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Blackwing Lair-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Sx  Blackwing Lair-US579.9
2Wokeuplate  Blackwing Lair-US578.1
3Gumpugh Impeccable TimingBlackwing Lair-US577.6
4Fondou  Blackwing Lair-US577.4Not updated
5Gray Impeccable TimingBlackwing Lair-US574.6
6Oreioh Programmed to be AwesomeBlackwing Lair-US573.9
7Kangi Impeccable TimingBlackwing Lair-US571.9
8Lapetoç  Blackwing Lair-US571.8
9Azrelle Impeccable TimingBlackwing Lair-US571.6Not updated
10Mexlock Programmed to be AwesomeBlackwing Lair-US570.7
11Adrim AttainBlackwing Lair-US569.8
12Cowswitguns The FreelanceBlackwing Lair-US569.6Not updated
13Zauber Programmed to be AwesomeBlackwing Lair-US569.2
14Funkytowwn Programmed to be AwesomeBlackwing Lair-US569.1
14Hotspec  Blackwing Lair-US569.1
16Rayswife  Blackwing Lair-US568.9Not updated
17Ezaculator Battle FatigueBlackwing Lair-US568.6Not updated
17Jalya Impeccable TimingBlackwing Lair-US568.6
19Rhendikae Geriatric ChaosBlackwing Lair-US568.3
20Nz Programmed to be AwesomeBlackwing Lair-US568.2
21Crazyhourse  Blackwing Lair-US568.1
22Strwburryjam Programmed to be AwesomeBlackwing Lair-US567.4
23Penitence Programmed to be AwesomeBlackwing Lair-US566.9Not updated
24Buddelia Dial M for MurlocBlackwing Lair-US566.2
25Caseybear Programmed to be AwesomeBlackwing Lair-US565.2
26Drelle Programmed to be AwesomeBlackwing Lair-US564.9
27Karmacon Devils of Silent CallingBlackwing Lair-US564.7Not updated
28Chupachug Impeccable TimingBlackwing Lair-US564.6Not updated
29Walflower Geriatric ChaosBlackwing Lair-US564.1
29Marayia Murderous IntentBlackwing Lair-US564.1
29Peachjam Programmed to be AwesomeBlackwing Lair-US564.1
32Genoskia Programmed to be AwesomeBlackwing Lair-US563.3Not updated
33Tapada Impeccable TimingBlackwing Lair-US563.2Not updated
33Maldision  Blackwing Lair-US563.2Not updated
35Beetlejuicè Hellscreams RaidersBlackwing Lair-US563.0
36Niyatimel Impeccable TimingBlackwing Lair-US562.7
37Elmental Battle FatigueBlackwing Lair-US562.5
38Firenova Player OneBlackwing Lair-US562.1
39Epicspeedrod The Molten KnightsBlackwing Lair-US561.5
40Crazena Geriatric ChaosBlackwing Lair-US561.4
40Quaraza Programmed to be AwesomeBlackwing Lair-US561.4Not updated
42Inheritor Programmed to be AwesomeBlackwing Lair-US561.2
43Kuyå  Blackwing Lair-US560.9Not updated
44Mugzz Devils of Silent CallingBlackwing Lair-US560.7Not updated
45Thewily Cheeseburgers and DrugsBlackwing Lair-US560.2Not updated
46Fellz  Blackwing Lair-US559.9Not updated
47Fribbitt  Blackwing Lair-US559.4
47Rucrazier Geriatric ChaosBlackwing Lair-US559.4
49Trasel Programmed to be AwesomeBlackwing Lair-US558.7Not updated
49Spaceships Cheeseburgers and DrugsBlackwing Lair-US558.7Not updated
51Cedrikke Impeccable TimingBlackwing Lair-US558.5
51Chakkaa Geriatric ChaosBlackwing Lair-US558.5
53Neeba Impeccable TimingBlackwing Lair-US558.4
54Pexx Dial M for MurlocBlackwing Lair-US557.7
54Jmelo WeRunUBlackwing Lair-US557.7
56Hènnessy  Blackwing Lair-US556.9
57Abraxi Battle FatigueBlackwing Lair-US556.7
58Manbear Battle FatigueBlackwing Lair-US556.5
59Ajinforsir Impeccable TimingBlackwing Lair-US556.3Not updated
60Whó Not RobbersBlackwing Lair-US556.1
60Carlangus Murderous IntentBlackwing Lair-US556.1
60Happybear Murderous IntentBlackwing Lair-US556.1
63Auntflòw Co MoBlackwing Lair-US555.9Not updated
63Yacob Cheeseburgers and DrugsBlackwing Lair-US555.9Not updated
63Syrox Legion de HeroesBlackwing Lair-US555.9
66Greeger Hellscreams RaidersBlackwing Lair-US555.8Not updated
67Cowboyhoss WeRunUBlackwing Lair-US555.2
68Gulah Devils of Silent CallingBlackwing Lair-US554.7Not updated
69Menodess Geriatric ChaosBlackwing Lair-US554.4
70Pìè Impeccable TimingBlackwing Lair-US554.2Not updated
70Aurick RevelationsBlackwing Lair-US554.2
72Zeelm Darkspear CrusadersBlackwing Lair-US554.1
72Nghtprwlr The Divine CrusadersBlackwing Lair-US554.1
74Xandrol Cheeseburgers and DrugsBlackwing Lair-US553.5Not updated
75Mamason Geriatric ChaosBlackwing Lair-US553.4
76Ibsixty Programmed to be AwesomeBlackwing Lair-US553.3
77Nason  Blackwing Lair-US553.2
78Dëëps Destroy the OppositionBlackwing Lair-US552.8
79Karasun  Blackwing Lair-US552.6
80Reyndrin RevelationsBlackwing Lair-US552.5
80Brbbiobear  Blackwing Lair-US552.5Not updated
80Nuadha Dial M for MurlocBlackwing Lair-US552.5
80Castarist Murderous IntentBlackwing Lair-US552.5
84Laycos Legion de HeroesBlackwing Lair-US552.4
85Khardahn Geriatric ChaosBlackwing Lair-US551.8
85Beliblis Geriatric ChaosBlackwing Lair-US551.8
87Mesotinyz Not RobbersBlackwing Lair-US551.5
88Firestorm Ebon BladeBlackwing Lair-US551.4Not updated
88Budugly Horde To DeathBlackwing Lair-US551.4
90Thradan Battle FatigueBlackwing Lair-US551.3Not updated
91Rãge Programmed to be AwesomeBlackwing Lair-US551.1Not updated
92Maracyl Battle FatigueBlackwing Lair-US550.6
92Resia Section NineBlackwing Lair-US550.6Not updated
94Heàdshot The Molten KnightsBlackwing Lair-US550.4
95Aedronys NoxiousBlackwing Lair-US550.2
96Treyno supernovaBlackwing Lair-US550.0Not updated
96Poofin Programmed to be AwesomeBlackwing Lair-US550.0
96Hypnotroll New Found HeroesBlackwing Lair-US550.0
96Rapunzel Murderous IntentBlackwing Lair-US550.0
96Wreckinballz Evil CookiesBlackwing Lair-US550.0

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