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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Blackmoore-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Sonnyger  Blackmoore-EU593.8Not updated
2Ekstasê TempestBlackmoore-EU593.0Not updated
3Nawakione Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU592.6Not updated
4Deathboon Die GummibärenbandeBlackmoore-EU592.0Not updated
5Zâmo TempestBlackmoore-EU591.9Not updated
6 plan b sheep the druidBlackmoore-EU590.4Not updated
6Dawtz TempestBlackmoore-EU590.4Not updated
8Ekstasios TempestBlackmoore-EU590.2Not updated
9Azshariel CHÛBlackmoore-EU590.0Not updated
9Mausieins PacoviBlackmoore-EU590.0Not updated
9Yulin Team PewPewBlackmoore-EU590.0Not updated
9Alinu NoxxicBlackmoore-EU590.0Not updated
9Tjia the FinestBlackmoore-EU590.0Not updated
14Quanfa ExercitusBlackmoore-EU589.9Not updated
14Dreeny Pepperoni LoversBlackmoore-EU589.9Not updated
14Darkstone Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU589.9Not updated
14Maushi InfamousBlackmoore-EU589.9Not updated
18Evena InfamousBlackmoore-EU589.8Not updated
18Chance InfamousBlackmoore-EU589.8Not updated
20Bestshadoweu Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU589.6Not updated
20Prestnejud The FinalCouncilBlackmoore-EU589.6Not updated
20Felsfâust Night Raiders DeluxeBlackmoore-EU589.6Not updated
20Xbit UltramarinesBlackmoore-EU589.6Not updated
24Eágle Söhne des DrachenBlackmoore-EU589.5Not updated
24Stoffifee Rise and ShineBlackmoore-EU589.5Not updated
24User RotschildBlackmoore-EU589.5Not updated
24Zündy Moven auf CDBlackmoore-EU589.5Not updated
28Fenrís Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU589.4Not updated
28Tngg Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU589.4Not updated
30Rcg Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU589.2Not updated
30Spârtacús AxionBlackmoore-EU589.2Not updated
30Necryl EvolutionBlackmoore-EU589.2Not updated
30Fayala Darkest DreamBlackmoore-EU589.2Not updated
30Funestis MythBlackmoore-EU589.2Not updated
30Elborito Entropic GravityBlackmoore-EU589.2Not updated
30Mortrend Staub und SchattenBlackmoore-EU589.2Not updated
30Kêntaka Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU589.2Not updated
30Timää Pepperoni LoversBlackmoore-EU589.2Not updated
39Pieksi TempestBlackmoore-EU589.1Not updated
39Ultrahixy LynXBlackmoore-EU589.1Not updated
39Arex Rise and ShineBlackmoore-EU589.1Not updated
39Sharnel TempestBlackmoore-EU589.1Not updated
39Galapo Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU589.1Not updated
39Thorî InvictusBlackmoore-EU589.1Not updated
39Sevenda NoxxicBlackmoore-EU589.1Not updated
39Albay Ehre und StaerkeBlackmoore-EU589.1Not updated
39Klinx Entropic GravityBlackmoore-EU589.1Not updated
39Ellaire InnervisionBlackmoore-EU589.1Not updated
39Ryleya evolveBlackmoore-EU589.1Not updated
39Razielz InfamousBlackmoore-EU589.1Not updated
39Vatrasx Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU589.1Not updated
52Tîngelbob Die GummibärenbandeBlackmoore-EU589.0Not updated
52Nontouchable ExercitusBlackmoore-EU589.0Not updated
52Groovie  Blackmoore-EU589.0Not updated
52Rústy Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU589.0Not updated
52Båsh InfamousBlackmoore-EU589.0Not updated
52Gerop Rise and ShineBlackmoore-EU589.0Not updated
52Nils Rise and ShineBlackmoore-EU589.0Not updated
52Narkaar Rise and ShineBlackmoore-EU589.0Not updated
60Bulletman EvolutionBlackmoore-EU588.8Not updated
60Helltwo Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU588.8Not updated
60Shâdoweâter AternumBlackmoore-EU588.8Not updated
60Piixsel ExercitusBlackmoore-EU588.8Not updated
60Valerra Claws of DeathBlackmoore-EU588.8Not updated
60Bøindil IllusionsBlackmoore-EU588.8Not updated
60Sorrow Pepperoni LoversBlackmoore-EU588.8Not updated
60Hypzâ ExercitusBlackmoore-EU588.8Not updated
60Zueý the FinestBlackmoore-EU588.8Not updated
60Mauêr CHÛBlackmoore-EU588.8Not updated
60Zentâi Night Raiders DeluxeBlackmoore-EU588.8Not updated
60Loraz Squirrel SquadBlackmoore-EU588.8Not updated
60Átreyu UltramarinesBlackmoore-EU588.8Not updated
60Willturner The FinalCouncilBlackmoore-EU588.8Not updated
74Riddím Pepperoni LoversBlackmoore-EU588.7Not updated
74Genrustus InfamousBlackmoore-EU588.7Not updated
74Chainey TempestBlackmoore-EU588.7Not updated
74Kuechetroll  Blackmoore-EU588.7Not updated
74Fêri ApostateBlackmoore-EU588.7Not updated
74Dobo Fate of RyuBlackmoore-EU588.7Not updated
74Myrrdín InnervisionBlackmoore-EU588.7Not updated
74Payia TempestBlackmoore-EU588.7Not updated
74Yasmir ExercitusBlackmoore-EU588.7Not updated
74Ceelin TempestBlackmoore-EU588.7Not updated
74Urthearsô Die GummibärenbandeBlackmoore-EU588.7Not updated
85Nawakitwo Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU588.6Not updated
85Niyyu InnervisionBlackmoore-EU588.6Not updated
85Navíen TempestBlackmoore-EU588.6Not updated
85Quiley Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU588.6Not updated
85Emz ExercitusBlackmoore-EU588.6Not updated
85Baltaa EvolutionBlackmoore-EU588.6Not updated
85Shazdeh Shâri Thus nor DielBlackmoore-EU588.6Not updated
85Hobserk NoxxicBlackmoore-EU588.6Not updated
93Erdnussbiest The GuardsBlackmoore-EU588.5Not updated
93Atienne Rise and ShineBlackmoore-EU588.5Not updated
95Zeranox InvictusBlackmoore-EU588.4Not updated
95Neltharîon HypeBlackmoore-EU588.4Not updated
95Coolejule Entropic GravityBlackmoore-EU588.4Not updated
95Donmaka DecuriaBlackmoore-EU588.4Not updated
95Congas VollKontaktBlackmoore-EU588.4Not updated
95Gramós UltramarinesBlackmoore-EU588.4Not updated

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