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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Blackhand-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Therzeel Random Raid MafiaBlackhand-EU592.2Not updated
2Inaerc deprecatedBlackhand-EU591.9Not updated
3Lezzar Random Raid MafiaBlackhand-EU591.2Not updated
4Thaalae Raiderz INCBlackhand-EU591.1Not updated
5Changou EchøesBlackhand-EU590.2Not updated
5Honeysbunneh HostileBlackhand-EU590.2Not updated
5Moplo EchøesBlackhand-EU590.2Not updated
8Iceman nilBlackhand-EU590.0Not updated
8Ryk ImpactBlackhand-EU590.0Not updated
10Zanamee nilBlackhand-EU589.9Not updated
10Gørkesh OvernightBlackhand-EU589.9Not updated
10Shreas Random Raid MafiaBlackhand-EU589.9Not updated
10Kâpy BlutrabenBlackhand-EU589.9Not updated
14Luxxz Random Raid MafiaBlackhand-EU589.6Not updated
14Elsdér eplexBlackhand-EU589.6Not updated
14Phoffer Monkey BusinessBlackhand-EU589.6Not updated
14Snôwfall Ultîma RatîoBlackhand-EU589.6Not updated
18Mumbai Raiderz INCBlackhand-EU589.5Not updated
18Chynx nilBlackhand-EU589.5Not updated
18Imany Corruptio NexBlackhand-EU589.5Not updated
18Bpowder Twentyfive RandomsBlackhand-EU589.5Not updated
18Nargai noneBlackhand-EU589.5Not updated
23Humanitas  Blackhand-EU589.4Not updated
23Inhumanitas BloodlustBlackhand-EU589.4Not updated
23Rucki Random Raid MafiaBlackhand-EU589.4Not updated
26Cranksoul  Blackhand-EU589.2Not updated
26Castrol Against all OddsBlackhand-EU589.2Not updated
28Tothra  Blackhand-EU589.1Not updated
28Firona nilBlackhand-EU589.1Not updated
28Nightstalker NordlichterBlackhand-EU589.1Not updated
28Ârkham TodesflüstererBlackhand-EU589.1Not updated
28Arjân avoidBlackhand-EU589.1Not updated
28Varathiel EchøesBlackhand-EU589.1Not updated
28Cadrix Random Raid MafiaBlackhand-EU589.1Not updated
28Snoux Random Raid MafiaBlackhand-EU589.1Not updated
28Nightwâlkèr noneBlackhand-EU589.1Not updated
28Nomicmonk Random Raid MafiaBlackhand-EU589.1Not updated
28Xll nilBlackhand-EU589.1Not updated
39Drjayfisto Random Raid MafiaBlackhand-EU589.0Not updated
39Rynmon TodesflüstererBlackhand-EU589.0Not updated
39Fröstle HostileBlackhand-EU589.0Not updated
42Miasama BloodlustBlackhand-EU588.8Not updated
42Naaxi die Drei lustigen FünfBlackhand-EU588.8Not updated
42Kráscher CoincidenceBlackhand-EU588.8Not updated
42Hannesschami dUUHmBlackhand-EU588.8Not updated
42Naizen Monkey BusinessBlackhand-EU588.8Not updated
42Whiskêy PlüschbandeBlackhand-EU588.8Not updated
42Volteer BlutrabenBlackhand-EU588.8Not updated
42Odolmachdrei DeadlyDudesBlackhand-EU588.8Not updated
42Treso Last Line Of DefenceBlackhand-EU588.8Not updated
42Deathéron Last Line Of DefenceBlackhand-EU588.8Not updated
42Ânnîe DeadlyDudesBlackhand-EU588.8Not updated
42Dudinho Raiderz INCBlackhand-EU588.8Not updated
42Däzzy InFidemBlackhand-EU588.8Not updated
42Skaada FateBlackhand-EU588.8Not updated
42Benco BlutrabenBlackhand-EU588.8Not updated
42Dreíblum E L Y S I O NBlackhand-EU588.8Not updated
42Vulkânus E L Y S I O NBlackhand-EU588.8Not updated
42Quezacoatel AnomalieBlackhand-EU588.8Not updated
42Crânius SecundaniBlackhand-EU588.8Not updated
61Fangnîx  Blackhand-EU588.7Not updated
61Xamarula Dunkler AufbruchBlackhand-EU588.7Not updated
61Cørdy EchøesBlackhand-EU588.7Not updated
61Narbenherz TodesflüstererBlackhand-EU588.7Not updated
61Venjín RetaliateBlackhand-EU588.7Not updated
61Naami KontaminiertBlackhand-EU588.7Not updated
61Trixxl noneBlackhand-EU588.7Not updated
61Wakozi Random Raid MafiaBlackhand-EU588.7Not updated
61Sporkz Against all OddsBlackhand-EU588.7Not updated
70Azzø Against all OddsBlackhand-EU588.6Not updated
70Hayjin nilBlackhand-EU588.6Not updated
70Vorsay EchøesBlackhand-EU588.6Not updated
70Devilcleave Random Raid MafiaBlackhand-EU588.6Not updated
70Destruyang TodesflüstererBlackhand-EU588.6Not updated
70Destrudaria  Blackhand-EU588.6Not updated
70Súx EchøesBlackhand-EU588.6Not updated
70Jajica HostileBlackhand-EU588.6Not updated
70Visc nilBlackhand-EU588.6Not updated
70Kogath BloodlustBlackhand-EU588.6Not updated
70Baumgott RetaliateBlackhand-EU588.6Not updated
70Atlai  Blackhand-EU588.6Not updated
82Bmg ApostasyBlackhand-EU588.4Not updated
82Tremendos BlutrabenBlackhand-EU588.4Not updated
82Blumbs BlutrabenBlackhand-EU588.4Not updated
82Zündtütchen vom Kuh Schubs ClanBlackhand-EU588.4Not updated
82Fjörg Mächtig viel MojoBlackhand-EU588.4Not updated
82Yantzu LaFaBlackhand-EU588.4Not updated
82Valaya SecundaniBlackhand-EU588.4Not updated
82Bòób Götter der DunkelheitBlackhand-EU588.4Not updated
82Sarith Steel and ThunderBlackhand-EU588.4Not updated
82Syntonic Twentyfive RandomsBlackhand-EU588.4Not updated
82Jolíná MythicBlackhand-EU588.4Not updated
82Fuuftw LaFaBlackhand-EU588.4Not updated
82Akilai Steel and ThunderBlackhand-EU588.4Not updated
82Navos deprecatedBlackhand-EU588.4Not updated
96Sativus HostileBlackhand-EU588.3Not updated
96Friko HostileBlackhand-EU588.3Not updated
96Leverous TodesflüstererBlackhand-EU588.3Not updated
96Bargito dUUHmBlackhand-EU588.3Not updated
96Côôpér I Speak For The HordeBlackhand-EU588.3Not updated

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