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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Black Dragonflight-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Lizzybear EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US589.4Not updated
2Epp MemoirsBlack Dragonflight-US589.2Not updated
3Heathmann MemoirsBlack Dragonflight-US589.1Not updated
4Taterstots EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US589.0Not updated
4Arcangon EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US589.0Not updated
6Stoopêdfays RecklessBlack Dragonflight-US588.8Not updated
7Pathogeny MemoirsBlack Dragonflight-US588.7Not updated
7Deathsnaps MemoirsBlack Dragonflight-US588.7Not updated
9Antoinemonk EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US588.6Not updated
10ßårzíñí Bad HabitsBlack Dragonflight-US588.4Not updated
11Dustee Darkside Of The HordeBlack Dragonflight-US588.3Not updated
11Blurr EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US588.3Not updated
13Kaladrood EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US588.2Not updated
13Hooch MemoirsBlack Dragonflight-US588.2Not updated
13Samiå EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US588.2Not updated
13Tiorda EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US588.2Not updated
13Boomtree EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US588.2Not updated
13Nicodemus EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US588.2Not updated
19Contaminate EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US587.9Not updated
19Distinctive EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US587.9Not updated
19Mithrander EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US587.9Not updated
19Ardezar EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US587.9Not updated
19Vizimir  Black Dragonflight-US587.9Not updated
19Tova MemoirsBlack Dragonflight-US587.9Not updated
19Narkanius EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US587.9Not updated
19Aeight EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US587.9Not updated
19Monkeydluffy EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US587.9Not updated
28Ärchangel Darkside Of The HordeBlack Dragonflight-US587.6Not updated
29Ærtai  Black Dragonflight-US587.5Not updated
29Faize EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US587.5Not updated
29Wickedclownx MemoirsBlack Dragonflight-US587.5Not updated
32Voodøø EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US587.1Not updated
32Mekasha EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US587.1Not updated
32Icethorn Better StrangersBlack Dragonflight-US587.1Not updated
35Intrepid MemoirsBlack Dragonflight-US586.8Not updated
36Ambie MemoirsBlack Dragonflight-US586.7Not updated
36Movlock MemoirsBlack Dragonflight-US586.7Not updated
36Luminatus All That RemàinsBlack Dragonflight-US586.7Not updated
36Battleharpy MemoirsBlack Dragonflight-US586.7Not updated
36Amp EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US586.7Not updated
36Iamsancho MemoirsBlack Dragonflight-US586.7Not updated
42Ebb MemoirsBlack Dragonflight-US586.4Not updated
43Willshattner  Black Dragonflight-US586.3Not updated
43Marvink MemoirsBlack Dragonflight-US586.3Not updated
43Excallibur  Black Dragonflight-US586.3Not updated
43Dânte EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US586.3Not updated
43Drznae EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US586.3Not updated
43Backpackklol  Black Dragonflight-US586.3Not updated
43Nox MemoirsBlack Dragonflight-US586.3Not updated
43Yoloswagginz EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US586.3Not updated
51Starfallen MemoirsBlack Dragonflight-US586.0Not updated
51Gayatri  Black Dragonflight-US586.0Not updated
53Valkirri Bad HabitsBlack Dragonflight-US585.9Not updated
53Taint RecklessBlack Dragonflight-US585.9Not updated
53ßubblex MemoirsBlack Dragonflight-US585.9Not updated
56Algebro EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US585.7Not updated
56Deynastus Bad HabitsBlack Dragonflight-US585.7Not updated
58Mikatwo MemoirsBlack Dragonflight-US585.6Not updated
58Boat MemoirsBlack Dragonflight-US585.6Not updated
58Eiynn EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US585.6Not updated
58Löcky EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US585.6Not updated
62Graendall Better StrangersBlack Dragonflight-US585.2Not updated
62Bowserjr MemoirsBlack Dragonflight-US585.2Not updated
64Hyperspace MemoirsBlack Dragonflight-US585.0Not updated
64Leeahna  Black Dragonflight-US585.0Not updated
64Reputation Better StrangersBlack Dragonflight-US585.0Not updated
67Ryzë  Black Dragonflight-US584.9Not updated
67Exhile  Black Dragonflight-US584.9Not updated
69Kaulu Better StrangersBlack Dragonflight-US584.8Not updated
69Fleshshifter SurrealityBlack Dragonflight-US584.8Not updated
71Yoenfuego  Black Dragonflight-US584.7Not updated
72Elodergim JaegersBlack Dragonflight-US584.6Not updated
73Adacus MemoirsBlack Dragonflight-US584.5Not updated
74Lexxe Darkside Of The HordeBlack Dragonflight-US584.4Not updated
74Buddiechrist Last AttemptBlack Dragonflight-US584.4Not updated
76Narrà SurrealityBlack Dragonflight-US584.1Not updated
76Swayzexpress EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US584.1Not updated
76Vallrin JaegersBlack Dragonflight-US584.1Not updated
76Cherwine  Black Dragonflight-US584.1Not updated
80Deathtodots MemoirsBlack Dragonflight-US584.0Not updated
81Skurwysyn All That RemàinsBlack Dragonflight-US583.9Not updated
81Tinyturtle Darkside Of The HordeBlack Dragonflight-US583.9Not updated
81Chlamidiax  Black Dragonflight-US583.9Not updated
84Swärley  Black Dragonflight-US583.7Not updated
84Astraius Darkside Of The HordeBlack Dragonflight-US583.7Not updated
84ßubbleqt MemoirsBlack Dragonflight-US583.7Not updated
84Vîzio Darkside Of The HordeBlack Dragonflight-US583.7Not updated
84Zarcinth Darkside Of The HordeBlack Dragonflight-US583.7Not updated
89Vonn JaegersBlack Dragonflight-US583.6Not updated
89Qtface  Black Dragonflight-US583.6Not updated
91Xue Darkside Of The HordeBlack Dragonflight-US583.4Not updated
92Plush RefugeBlack Dragonflight-US583.2Not updated
93Brunomayne JaegersBlack Dragonflight-US582.9Not updated
93Illuminatie RuinationBlack Dragonflight-US582.9Not updated
93Rawked  Black Dragonflight-US582.9Not updated
93Kem Last AttemptBlack Dragonflight-US582.9Not updated
97Kegfist RefugeBlack Dragonflight-US582.8Not updated
97Beertholomew SurrealityBlack Dragonflight-US582.8Not updated
99Skullkrusher Darkside Of The HordeBlack Dragonflight-US582.6Not updated
100Twilitsoul  Black Dragonflight-US582.5Not updated

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