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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Azshara-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Ronnyy MoonzlingeAzshara-EU592.0Not updated
2Erram Inglourious BAzshara-EU591.6Not updated
3Juneend High Skill MusicalAzshara-EU591.5Not updated
4Wanya Inglourious BAzshara-EU590.6Not updated
5Kaltor Hominii NocturniAzshara-EU590.4Not updated
5Spikes Wächter von WalhallAzshara-EU590.4Not updated
7Nuckrage Team SheriffAzshara-EU590.2Not updated
8Getwicked High Skill MusicalAzshara-EU590.0Not updated
9Deneroc  Azshara-EU589.9Not updated
9Yggdrasil Inglourious BAzshara-EU589.9Not updated
9Yluna CutAzshara-EU589.9Not updated
9Thinktwice MoonzlingeAzshara-EU589.9Not updated
13Kegswag  Azshara-EU589.8Not updated
13Frôbbel Inglourious BAzshara-EU589.8Not updated
15Eliøn Inglourious BAzshara-EU589.6Not updated
15Tarus afterlifeAzshara-EU589.6Not updated
17Vogg Inglourious BAzshara-EU589.5Not updated
17Forsta Hominii NocturniAzshara-EU589.5Not updated
17Erø MoonzlingeAzshara-EU589.5Not updated
20Krateoss CutAzshara-EU589.4Not updated
20Iba Hominii NocturniAzshara-EU589.4Not updated
20Zway Inglourious BAzshara-EU589.4Not updated
20Camuel CutAzshara-EU589.4Not updated
24Zimy Blazed RedemptionAzshara-EU589.2Not updated
24Jaimey High Skill MusicalAzshara-EU589.2Not updated
24Shrye Inglourious BAzshara-EU589.2Not updated
24Cloakin MoonzlingeAzshara-EU589.2Not updated
28Raikh Team SheriffAzshara-EU589.1Not updated
28Paýne Team SheriffAzshara-EU589.1Not updated
28Tormented Wächter von WalhallAzshara-EU589.1Not updated
28Tackling SignAzshara-EU589.1Not updated
32Fera  Azshara-EU589.0Not updated
32Zhall MoonzlingeAzshara-EU589.0Not updated
32Berserkpk AdvanceAzshara-EU589.0Not updated
32Shrommer MoonzlingeAzshara-EU589.0Not updated
36Astnuuki Blazed RedemptionAzshara-EU588.8Not updated
36Neonex CutiesAzshara-EU588.8Not updated
36Aokíji Inglourious BAzshara-EU588.8Not updated
36Naxura True ElementsAzshara-EU588.8Not updated
36Umhaunjetz CutAzshara-EU588.8Not updated
36Zema Hominii NocturniAzshara-EU588.8Not updated
36Venumi ZealAzshara-EU588.8Not updated
36Sinix SignAzshara-EU588.8Not updated
36Massarri VanillaAzshara-EU588.8Not updated
36Talyr MoonzlingeAzshara-EU588.8Not updated
36Saitomaro Inglourious BAzshara-EU588.8Not updated
36Xioyae WiPeSPoRTsAzshara-EU588.8Not updated
36Hánníbal WiPeSPoRTsAzshara-EU588.8Not updated
36Balwi Lost DestinyAzshara-EU588.8Not updated
50Foromir MoonzlingeAzshara-EU588.7Not updated
50Azelia VariaAzshara-EU588.7Not updated
50Systec ViolenceAzshara-EU588.7Not updated
50Gogg Inglourious BAzshara-EU588.7Not updated
54Rácheengel CutAzshara-EU588.6Not updated
54Yantix Team SheriffAzshara-EU588.6Not updated
54Mcchrystal Wächter von WalhallAzshara-EU588.6Not updated
54Freyki Wächter von WalhallAzshara-EU588.6Not updated
54Prinzlilifee  Azshara-EU588.6Not updated
54Deadrabbît Hominii NocturniAzshara-EU588.6Not updated
54Paero Hominii NocturniAzshara-EU588.6Not updated
54Idiocy AdvanceAzshara-EU588.6Not updated
62Tyrsar Team SheriffAzshara-EU588.4Not updated
62Sâní improvedAzshara-EU588.4Not updated
62Hadouken ten inches unbuffedAzshara-EU588.4Not updated
62Icasi PlagueAzshara-EU588.4Not updated
62Døminate Inglourious BAzshara-EU588.4Not updated
62Golden DRUCKWELLEAzshara-EU588.4Not updated
62Sudolock Blazed RedemptionAzshara-EU588.4Not updated
62Bigbärta more deepsAzshara-EU588.4Not updated
62Nandayo MoonzlingeAzshara-EU588.4Not updated
62Shantor MoonzlingeAzshara-EU588.4Not updated
62Câptâîncrâzy Dark MojoAzshara-EU588.4Not updated
73Bannane Team SheriffAzshara-EU588.3Not updated
73Lamikia  Azshara-EU588.3Not updated
73Mhaq MoonzlingeAzshara-EU588.3Not updated
73Ghazrack MoonzlingeAzshara-EU588.3Not updated
73Arpexìa AdvanceAzshara-EU588.3Not updated
73Räidan Team SheriffAzshara-EU588.3Not updated
73Rimli Inglourious BAzshara-EU588.3Not updated
73Garonjr MoonzlingeAzshara-EU588.3Not updated
73Avélia Team SheriffAzshara-EU588.3Not updated
73Kîllertomate  Azshara-EU588.3Not updated
73Shakà CutAzshara-EU588.3Not updated
73Molibär Inglourious BAzshara-EU588.3Not updated
73Talvi Blazed RedemptionAzshara-EU588.3Not updated
73Classicblue High Skill MusicalAzshara-EU588.3Not updated
73Bessyrlyn Inglourious BAzshara-EU588.3Not updated
73Lynn Hominii NocturniAzshara-EU588.3Not updated
73Lucenia SecretAzshara-EU588.3Not updated
73Zoxxez Die Titanen der EndzeitAzshara-EU588.3Not updated
73Ubbysk CutAzshara-EU588.3Not updated
73Jogos CutAzshara-EU588.3Not updated
73Ilithyia CutAzshara-EU588.3Not updated
94Futter  Azshara-EU588.2Not updated
94Infuse High Skill MusicalAzshara-EU588.2Not updated
94Tunoto CutAzshara-EU588.2Not updated
94Kadin CutAzshara-EU588.2Not updated
94Syrôth Inglourious BAzshara-EU588.2Not updated
94Erosa CutAzshara-EU588.2Not updated
94Mâsterchief Inglourious BAzshara-EU588.2Not updated

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