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Azgalor-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Edeath Darkest DawnAzgalor-US519.9Not updated
2Pancras Darkest DawnAzgalor-US507.9Not updated
3Indorian Darkest DawnAzgalor-US501.8Not updated
4Tíckles Darkest DawnAzgalor-US500.0Not updated
5Beiberfever Darkest DawnAzgalor-US493.3Not updated
6Xaven Darkest DawnAzgalor-US485.5Not updated
7Methusm Darkest DawnAzgalor-US483.8Not updated
8Sceadugenga Darkest DawnAzgalor-US482.9Not updated
9Dinroz Darkest DawnAzgalor-US478.2Not updated
10Psyfer Darkest DawnAzgalor-US478.0Not updated
11Zarill Darkest DawnAzgalor-US477.9Not updated
12Lockojustiz Darkest DawnAzgalor-US471.8Not updated
13Snòtt Darkest DawnAzgalor-US470.9Not updated
14Artemise Darkest DawnAzgalor-US470.2Not updated
15Roxigar Darkest DawnAzgalor-US468.7Not updated
16Caedere Darkest DawnAzgalor-US467.3Not updated
17Lolholypower Darkest DawnAzgalor-US466.7Not updated
18Velenar Darkest DawnAzgalor-US466.6Not updated
19Kamranx Darkest DawnAzgalor-US460.0Not updated
20Hatoraide Darkest DawnAzgalor-US456.7Not updated
21Charmíng Darkest DawnAzgalor-US456.0Not updated
22Holeybone Darkest DawnAzgalor-US455.7Not updated
23Toughnuts Darkest DawnAzgalor-US455.2Not updated
24Sobriety Darkest DawnAzgalor-US446.5Not updated
25Icecool Darkest DawnAzgalor-US439.4Not updated
26Healsit Darkest DawnAzgalor-US439.2Not updated
27Bladesfury Darkest DawnAzgalor-US434.9Not updated
28Phakilz Darkest DawnAzgalor-US433.4Not updated
29Èxtäcy Darkest DawnAzgalor-US399.4Not updated
30Dunski Darkest DawnAzgalor-US398.6Not updated
31Herkulees Darkest DawnAzgalor-US398.1Not updated
32Trôy Darkest DawnAzgalor-US396.1Not updated
32Kÿo Darkest DawnAzgalor-US396.1Not updated
34Bônes Darkest DawnAzgalor-US395.4Not updated
34Basst Darkest DawnAzgalor-US395.4Not updated
36Xykon Darkest DawnAzgalor-US395.2Not updated
37Chibizero Darkest DawnAzgalor-US395.0Not updated
38Imamilf Darkest DawnAzgalor-US394.8Not updated
39Dübstèp Darkest DawnAzgalor-US394.1Not updated
40Aimfire Darkest DawnAzgalor-US393.6Not updated
41Youlose Darkest DawnAzgalor-US393.3Not updated
42Incestus Darkest DawnAzgalor-US392.7Not updated
43Nowandlater Darkest DawnAzgalor-US392.3Not updated
44Exterminated Darkest DawnAzgalor-US391.8Not updated
45Ponga Darkest DawnAzgalor-US391.6Not updated
46Paquettee Darkest DawnAzgalor-US391.4Not updated
47Cätaclysm Darkest DawnAzgalor-US391.1Not updated
48Shadowbüll Darkest DawnAzgalor-US391.0Not updated
49Grorn Darkest DawnAzgalor-US390.1Not updated
50Dodatankileg Darkest DawnAzgalor-US389.9Not updated
51Nüclear Darkest DawnAzgalor-US389.8Not updated
52Wirt Darkest DawnAzgalor-US389.3Not updated
53Burnyourass Darkest DawnAzgalor-US388.6Not updated
53Lanco Darkest DawnAzgalor-US388.6Not updated
55Lmnt Darkest DawnAzgalor-US387.6Not updated
56Babyskates Darkest DawnAzgalor-US386.9Not updated
57Fruitystar Darkest DawnAzgalor-US386.6Not updated
58Fekroz Darkest DawnAzgalor-US385.8Not updated
59Relardo Darkest DawnAzgalor-US385.4Not updated
60Painbrain Darkest DawnAzgalor-US384.7Not updated
60Halfchub Darkest DawnAzgalor-US384.7Not updated
62Rëdëmption Darkest DawnAzgalor-US384.4Not updated
63Reggiewood Darkest DawnAzgalor-US383.9Not updated
64Crunchberry Darkest DawnAzgalor-US383.8Not updated
65Blackhan Darkest DawnAzgalor-US383.4Not updated
65Jezzilulia Darkest DawnAzgalor-US383.4Not updated
65Deckher Darkest DawnAzgalor-US383.4Not updated
68Lazeelu Darkest DawnAzgalor-US383.3Not updated
69Shadleto Darkest DawnAzgalor-US383.1Not updated
69Truesquish Darkest DawnAzgalor-US383.1Not updated
71Shadowshammy Darkest DawnAzgalor-US382.6Not updated
72Sparkidin Darkest DawnAzgalor-US382.3Not updated
73Shiftinwoods Darkest DawnAzgalor-US382.1Not updated
74Boromid Darkest DawnAzgalor-US381.9Not updated
75Ugottrolled Darkest DawnAzgalor-US381.8Not updated
76Sakitan Darkest DawnAzgalor-US381.7Not updated
77Soho Darkest DawnAzgalor-US381.6Not updated
77Hadis Darkest DawnAzgalor-US381.6Not updated
79Healpaq Darkest DawnAzgalor-US381.5Not updated
79Vrazzle Darkest DawnAzgalor-US381.5Not updated
81Starrshine Darkest DawnAzgalor-US381.0Not updated
82Archeaus Darkest DawnAzgalor-US380.3Not updated
83Exadious Darkest DawnAzgalor-US380.1Not updated
84Seviryetzira Darkest DawnAzgalor-US380.0Not updated
85Zumwalizaj Darkest DawnAzgalor-US379.4Not updated
86Moltres Darkest DawnAzgalor-US379.3
87Kaybye Darkest DawnAzgalor-US379.0Not updated
88Níðhöggr Darkest DawnAzgalor-US378.8Not updated
88Steaktastic Darkest DawnAzgalor-US378.8Not updated
90Faithmelter Darkest DawnAzgalor-US378.7Not updated
91Horâe Darkest DawnAzgalor-US378.5Not updated
92Airiin Darkest DawnAzgalor-US378.3Not updated
93Unusoffa Darkest DawnAzgalor-US378.0Not updated
94Woopee Darkest DawnAzgalor-US377.5Not updated
95Chaôs Darkest DawnAzgalor-US375.9Not updated
96Lanks Darkest DawnAzgalor-US375.6Not updated
97Lighterdark Darkest DawnAzgalor-US375.4Not updated
98Lockypop Darkest DawnAzgalor-US375.2Not updated
99Healahø Darkest DawnAzgalor-US374.2Not updated
100Beefcakeboy Darkest DawnAzgalor-US374.0Not updated

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