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Arygos-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Dawnie AmbivalenceArygos-US587.2
2Wrathshot Fresh Baked PunsArygos-US586.3
3Fonzie AmbivalenceArygos-US586.0
4Bottless AmbivalenceArygos-US585.9
4Elia AmbivalenceArygos-US585.9
4Bullettime The Flaming GazeArygos-US585.9
4Physcx Fresh Baked PunsArygos-US585.9
8Leafittome The Flaming GazeArygos-US585.8
9Emerya Fresh Baked PunsArygos-US585.7
10Qrazy AmbivalenceArygos-US585.6
11Fooyou The Flaming GazeArygos-US585.5
11Assandros AmbivalenceArygos-US585.5
11Aliandor The Flaming GazeArygos-US585.5
14Dangle AmbivalenceArygos-US585.2
14Zasp AmbivalenceArygos-US585.2
16Rumina Fresh Baked PunsArygos-US585.1
17Beth AmbivalenceArygos-US584.9
17Cooldowns The Flaming GazeArygos-US584.9
17Horsechewer The Flaming GazeArygos-US584.9
20Wrathstorm Fresh Baked PunsArygos-US584.7
21Minara Fresh Baked PunsArygos-US584.6
22Bluegrass  Arygos-US584.4Not updated
23Emeridia Afflicted SoulsArygos-US584.3
24Sakaga Fresh Baked PunsArygos-US584.2
25Thiol AmbivalenceArygos-US584.1
26Maxxus The Flaming GazeArygos-US584.0
26Ceci  Arygos-US584.0
28Steamz AmbivalenceArygos-US583.9
29Esben  Arygos-US583.5
30Kuriail  Arygos-US583.2
31Rihoko Fresh Baked PunsArygos-US583.1
32Azarriah Hates Your FaceArygos-US582.9
33Grass  Arygos-US582.8
34Curiatros The Flaming GazeArygos-US582.5
34Daivalor Onyx TwilightArygos-US582.5
36Reinald ImmortaIArygos-US582.4
37Purplelilly XanijhArygos-US582.1
38Magemagick Hates Your FaceArygos-US582.0
39Satsujin XanijhArygos-US581.7Not updated
39Williston  Arygos-US581.7Not updated
41Wonclock Fresh Baked PunsArygos-US581.5Not updated
42Caricature Hates Your FaceArygos-US580.7
43Dromind XanijhArygos-US580.6Not updated
44Thunderz Hates Your FaceArygos-US580.1
45Dppnn Hates Your FaceArygos-US580.0
45Thrade Fresh Baked PunsArygos-US580.0Not updated
47Cirnek InvìctusArygos-US579.9Not updated
48Nahix VindicationArygos-US579.8
49Jeno  Arygos-US579.6
50Cbat XanijhArygos-US579.5Not updated
50Skitzofranik We Hate WinningArygos-US579.5Not updated
52Wyndstrom XanijhArygos-US579.3
52Timmah The Flaming GazeArygos-US579.3
54Dorizai We Hate WinningArygos-US579.1Not updated
55Zoltec ImmersiveArygos-US579.0
56Victorica HauntedArygos-US578.9
56Draugiel VindicationArygos-US578.9
58Wrekonize We Hate WinningArygos-US578.8Not updated
58Boneitis The Flaming GazeArygos-US578.8
60Arycelle Circle of TitansArygos-US578.6
61Imarbones Good CompanyArygos-US578.5
61Auronn LifebloodArygos-US578.5
63Shiratena Hates Your FaceArygos-US578.4
64Vyntasi Fresh Baked PunsArygos-US577.9Not updated
65Jasmena Outlaw JusticeArygos-US577.8
66Katylou Circle of TitansArygos-US577.7
67Brotherbeer VindicationArygos-US577.6
67Gunnart The Flaming GazeArygos-US577.6
69Tyreah XanijhArygos-US577.4
70Lausia LifebloodArygos-US577.3
70Thenightrain  Arygos-US577.3Not updated
70Tsarbomba Hates Your FaceArygos-US577.3
70Lêgolas ImmersiveArygos-US577.3
70Zairin  Arygos-US577.3Not updated
75Zortize ImmersiveArygos-US577.1
75Cadaverman Circle of TitansArygos-US577.1
75Dùne VindicationArygos-US577.1
78Moreidis  Arygos-US576.9
79Cereion VindicationArygos-US576.8
79Brahnjarn  Arygos-US576.8Not updated
81Serenya Circle of TitansArygos-US576.7
82Greenavier Onyx TwilightArygos-US576.5
82Krunkadile AmbivalenceArygos-US576.5Not updated
82Maîsy ImmersiveArygos-US576.5
85Dancerz Circle of TitansArygos-US576.4
85Paigeia  Arygos-US576.4Not updated
85Desteflock Circle of TitansArygos-US576.4
85Boomtastic  Arygos-US576.4
89Ennead LifebloodArygos-US576.3
89Supernothing ImmersiveArygos-US576.3
91Bledwarf Fresh Baked PunsArygos-US576.2Not updated
91Elizarr Odins ValhallaArygos-US576.2
91Armysuxx Hack the PlanetArygos-US576.2
94Sensualheals ImmersiveArygos-US576.1
94Kevman XanijhArygos-US576.1
94Razzah VindicationArygos-US576.1
97Mauja Fresh Baked PunsArygos-US576.0
98Serenitey LifebloodArygos-US575.9
98Aulisa AmbivalenceArygos-US575.9
98Kilimanjaro Knights TemplarArygos-US575.9

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