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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Arygos-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Illusíons PurityArygos-EU590.4Not updated
2Kaesli RisingArygos-EU590.1Not updated
3Armanilol RisingArygos-EU589.4Not updated
4Fátality RisingArygos-EU589.1Not updated
5Denion RisingArygos-EU589.0Not updated
6Stunt Cârpe NôctemArygos-EU588.4Not updated
6Darthjudge PurityArygos-EU588.4Not updated
8Yoon RisingArygos-EU588.3Not updated
8Klamsi RisingArygos-EU588.3Not updated
8Kaldur BreakpointArygos-EU588.3Not updated
11Alunja RisingArygos-EU588.2Not updated
11Híggíns  Arygos-EU588.2Not updated
11Chanél RisingArygos-EU588.2Not updated
14Stribbe noxaArygos-EU588.0Not updated
14Aliban Orden des LichtsArygos-EU588.0Not updated
14Mirona PurityArygos-EU588.0Not updated
14Nimativ mYstixHeRosArygos-EU588.0Not updated
18Mâhsú RisingArygos-EU587.9Not updated
18Zumteufél RisingArygos-EU587.9Not updated
18Starfarmer  Arygos-EU587.9Not updated
18Cazadôra nakamaArygos-EU587.9Not updated
18Eulomoot RisingArygos-EU587.9Not updated
18Kerberøs RisingArygos-EU587.9Not updated
18Mortîus RisingArygos-EU587.9Not updated
18Strammewaden RisingArygos-EU587.9Not updated
18Gréénspring  Arygos-EU587.9Not updated
18Nonjee  Arygos-EU587.9Not updated
18Atmozfearz  Arygos-EU587.9Not updated
18Anduîn RisingArygos-EU587.9Not updated
30Ladiera PurityArygos-EU587.6Not updated
30Belfalah nakamaArygos-EU587.6Not updated
30Yuoko Cârpe NôctemArygos-EU587.6Not updated
33Käseküchlein RisingArygos-EU587.5Not updated
33Panøramix Cârpe NôctemArygos-EU587.5Not updated
33Kyoshí RisíngArygos-EU587.5Not updated
33Yuán ElitepoebelArygos-EU587.5Not updated
33Kugluck  Arygos-EU587.5Not updated
33Daisho RisingArygos-EU587.5Not updated
39Emmadotson Cârpe NôctemArygos-EU587.2Not updated
39Linnea nakamaArygos-EU587.2Not updated
39Mâd PurityArygos-EU587.2Not updated
39Hellcat The CrowsArygos-EU587.2Not updated
43Zahras BreakpointArygos-EU587.1Not updated
43Yûî Orden des LichtsArygos-EU587.1Not updated
43Stormsn  Arygos-EU587.1Not updated
43Kikuko Cârpe NôctemArygos-EU587.1Not updated
43Lêyêndâ BreakpointArygos-EU587.1Not updated
43Boní  Arygos-EU587.1Not updated
43Zneedlwootz RisingArygos-EU587.1Not updated
50Cheruna BreakpointArygos-EU586.8Not updated
50Pumblum BreakpointArygos-EU586.8Not updated
50Croy PurityArygos-EU586.8Not updated
50Syma Cârpe NôctemArygos-EU586.8Not updated
54Andûin RisíngArygos-EU586.7Not updated
54Idria Cârpe NôctemArygos-EU586.7Not updated
54Soulquêen Orden des LichtsArygos-EU586.7Not updated
54Tallandugly RisingArygos-EU586.7Not updated
54Strïp BreakpointArygos-EU586.7Not updated
54Cypher Cârpe NôctemArygos-EU586.7Not updated
60Tailee RisingArygos-EU586.4Not updated
60Jeroboam Feder und SchwertArygos-EU586.4Not updated
60Bôndal The CrowsArygos-EU586.4Not updated
60 nakamaArygos-EU586.4Not updated
64Moonwitch mYstixHeRosArygos-EU586.3Not updated
64Ümmi Orden des LichtsArygos-EU586.3Not updated
64Cryptoz AnastariArygos-EU586.3Not updated
64Kaøtik Cârpe NôctemArygos-EU586.3Not updated
64Teemo Invictus XVArygos-EU586.3Not updated
64Efanías Feder und SchwertArygos-EU586.3Not updated
64Phienx RisingArygos-EU586.3Not updated
64Smettbo BreakpointArygos-EU586.3Not updated
72Valtén BreakpointArygos-EU586.2Not updated
73Neriphos RisingArygos-EU586.0Not updated
73Eaks RisingArygos-EU586.0Not updated
73Steffine Dark HorizonArygos-EU586.0Not updated
73Ðøtîçlølzðç nakamaArygos-EU586.0Not updated
73Actionbart  Arygos-EU586.0Not updated
73Quìì Cârpe NôctemArygos-EU586.0Not updated
79Unicon PurityArygos-EU585.9Not updated
79Stormyo Feder und SchwertArygos-EU585.9Not updated
79Elaisa RisingArygos-EU585.9Not updated
79Starmage Dark HorizonArygos-EU585.9Not updated
79Ritzos PurityArygos-EU585.9Not updated
79Hayase RisingArygos-EU585.9Not updated
79Thea Cârpe NôctemArygos-EU585.9Not updated
79Knaller Invictus XVArygos-EU585.9Not updated
79Immortalia RisingArygos-EU585.9Not updated
88Neustart sNuArygos-EU585.6Not updated
88Hybra RisingArygos-EU585.6Not updated
88Oldthalion PurityArygos-EU585.6Not updated
88Hybrith PurityArygos-EU585.6Not updated
88Thedaywalke mYstixHeRosArygos-EU585.6Not updated
88Skaraba nakamaArygos-EU585.6Not updated
88Cøffeê PurityArygos-EU585.6Not updated
95Alunej RisingArygos-EU585.5Not updated
95Vektronx ARASArygos-EU585.5Not updated
95Lisira RisingArygos-EU585.5Not updated
95Tødylicious noxaArygos-EU585.5Not updated
99Geroi Dark HorizonArygos-EU585.4Not updated
100Vâlâskjâlf PurityArygos-EU585.2Not updated

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