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Arthas-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Exer RazziaArthas-US581.8
2Kewato AdelanteArthas-US581.1
3Simplecow M I CArthas-US580.6
3Sweetly M I CArthas-US580.6
5Mushily M I CArthas-US580.3
5Layonhooves Lusting on TrashArthas-US580.3
5Nighthurts M I CArthas-US580.3
8Rahrair UnhumanArthas-US580.2
8Letgo M I CArthas-US580.2
8Sholdice StaticArthas-US580.2
8Siccarii StaticArthas-US580.2
8Zefi RazziaArthas-US580.2
13Brenga RazziaArthas-US579.9
13Fladort RazziaArthas-US579.9
13Magykx RazziaArthas-US579.9
13Brutall StaticArthas-US579.9
13Nathreizm Lusting on TrashArthas-US579.9
13Urtag Lusting on TrashArthas-US579.9
13Mazaltov ClarityArthas-US579.9
13Strugglebear StaticArthas-US579.9
13Unknowhunter M I CArthas-US579.9
22Perfectguns RazziaArthas-US579.5
22Top M I CArthas-US579.5
22Molice Si Vis Pacem Para BellumArthas-US579.5
22Draye StaticArthas-US579.5
22Nisi Si Vis Pacem Para BellumArthas-US579.5
22Tentonaxe StaticArthas-US579.5
22Legendury Si Vis Pacem Para BellumArthas-US579.5
22Wazze Lusting on TrashArthas-US579.5
22Nytcort Lusting on TrashArthas-US579.5
22Narroww StaticArthas-US579.5
22Pràjna RazziaArthas-US579.5
22Zardock RazziaArthas-US579.5
22Astarôth RazziaArthas-US579.5
22Tyralis RazziaArthas-US579.5
22Jlumz RazziaArthas-US579.5
22Sups RazziaArthas-US579.5
22Frostmeteor M I CArthas-US579.5
22Lufia RazziaArthas-US579.5
22Wazzu ClarityArthas-US579.5
41Halistraa StaticArthas-US579.1
41Heáladin SuspectArthas-US579.1
41Shotsfired Lusting on TrashArthas-US579.1
41Dotsfired Lusting on TrashArthas-US579.1
41Shinerr Lusting on TrashArthas-US579.1
41Crono ClarityArthas-US579.1
41Kavena ClarityArthas-US579.1
41Beeftwinkie StaticArthas-US579.1
41Bayll StaticArthas-US579.1
41Tokudred AdelanteArthas-US579.1
41Aleanor RazziaArthas-US579.1
41Iamscott Si Vis Pacem Para BellumArthas-US579.1
41Heavenstyle M I CArthas-US579.1
41Wildholycat M I CArthas-US579.1
41Hitmonsham Si Vis Pacem Para BellumArthas-US579.1
41Pikacow M I CArthas-US579.1
57Zigzaggez AdelanteArthas-US579.0
58Jtshape RazziaArthas-US578.8
58Jinkad ClarityArthas-US578.8
58Frozênsoul Si Vis Pacem Para BellumArthas-US578.8
58Trickz StaticArthas-US578.8
58Tüshaz RazziaArthas-US578.8
58Clancey Lusting on TrashArthas-US578.8
58Ketsuki StaticArthas-US578.8
58Phalaer ClarityArthas-US578.8
58Chugnoris Lusting on TrashArthas-US578.8
58Primalfears Lusting on TrashArthas-US578.8
58Durantk M I CArthas-US578.8
58Fredzz RazziaArthas-US578.8
58Deepmèmory M I CArthas-US578.8
58Edjy RazziaArthas-US578.8
72Taterz StaticArthas-US578.7
72Paradots M I CArthas-US578.7
72Shadomancer M I CArthas-US578.7
72Tsubàkí AdelanteArthas-US578.7
72Tepex StaticArthas-US578.7
72Khaiman Lusting on TrashArthas-US578.7
72Caddyshackk ClarityArthas-US578.7
72Tpog M I CArthas-US578.7
72Teagor AdelanteArthas-US578.7
72Ezyflo Si Vis Pacem Para BellumArthas-US578.7
72Thrúd M I CArthas-US578.7
83Mandzi MyrmidonsArthas-US578.6
83Lomankha AdelanteArthas-US578.6
83Soméone Lusting on TrashArthas-US578.6
86Tigue AdelanteArthas-US578.4
86Ciaos M I CArthas-US578.4
86Authentikz StaticArthas-US578.4
86Elektrical Si Vis Pacem Para BellumArthas-US578.4
86Superpudd StaticArthas-US578.4
86Babyswiss M I CArthas-US578.4
86Akarò RazziaArthas-US578.4
86Gabbynator RazziaArthas-US578.4
86Tushaz RazziaArthas-US578.4
86Raxyus RazziaArthas-US578.4
86Danifay StaticArthas-US578.4
86Hastera StaticArthas-US578.4
86Azrol Marshmallow CupcakesArthas-US578.4
86Oshirisu ClarityArthas-US578.4
86Setsun StaticArthas-US578.4

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