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Arthas-TW ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1無敵的風姿 Sabre DanceArthas-TW563.7
2裝甲牛頭炮 Sabre DanceArthas-TW563.2
3春與楓 Sabre DanceArthas-TW554.6
4射醉你 Sabre DanceArthas-TW554.3
5阿萊城姑娘 Sabre DanceArthas-TW550.8
6雜碎貓 Sabre DanceArthas-TW545.9
7俢羅 Sabre DanceArthas-TW544.4
8一腳踢裂 Sabre DanceArthas-TW542.5Not updated
9瘋狂斬殺者 Sabre DanceArthas-TW542.3Not updated
10絕對權力 Sabre DanceArthas-TW542.1Not updated
11Evbone Sabre DanceArthas-TW540.7Not updated
12韓德爾 Sabre DanceArthas-TW539.0
13不要刺我 Sabre DanceArthas-TW538.8Not updated
14奈奈糖 Sabre DanceArthas-TW537.2
15時間軸 Sabre DanceArthas-TW535.9Not updated
16無黨派人士 Sabre DanceArthas-TW534.8
17嘉琳彩月 Sabre DanceArthas-TW530.5
18無聊玩法師 Sabre DanceArthas-TW530.1
19鬼若丸 Sabre DanceArthas-TW529.6
20我爸好帥 Sabre DanceArthas-TW529.1
21嘉羚祭月 Sabre DanceArthas-TW528.6
22哥子是個傳說 Sabre DanceArthas-TW525.1
23牧師喵 Sabre DanceArthas-TW523.8Not updated
24扁扁二號 Sabre DanceArthas-TW523.7Not updated
25滿滿爾爾 Sabre DanceArthas-TW518.9Not updated
26鎚頭 Sabre DanceArthas-TW517.9Not updated
27月灼 Sabre DanceArthas-TW515.3Not updated
28薩摩喵 Sabre DanceArthas-TW514.1Not updated
29波波要第一 Sabre DanceArthas-TW513.1Not updated
30白木的高中生 Sabre DanceArthas-TW511.7Not updated
31無敵元 Sabre DanceArthas-TW505.9Not updated
32臸命魅影 Sabre DanceArthas-TW505.4Not updated
33阿港 Sabre DanceArthas-TW505.0Not updated
34瘦巴巴元元 Sabre DanceArthas-TW504.7Not updated
35天空的祝福 Sabre DanceArthas-TW501.6Not updated
36不語戰士 Sabre DanceArthas-TW496.7Not updated
37阮星竹 Sabre DanceArthas-TW494.9Not updated
38帥喔爆 Sabre DanceArthas-TW491.8Not updated
39超級小狼狗 Sabre DanceArthas-TW490.7Not updated
40Sica Sabre DanceArthas-TW490.2Not updated
41撼天小薩 Sabre DanceArthas-TW488.8Not updated
42流雲化雨 Sabre DanceArthas-TW484.1Not updated
43桀驁魍魎 Sabre DanceArthas-TW482.9Not updated
44肆仔 Sabre DanceArthas-TW482.3Not updated
45彈底低喔 Sabre DanceArthas-TW480.6Not updated
46Theforsaken Sabre DanceArthas-TW480.5Not updated
47Dontmarryme Sabre DanceArthas-TW478.1Not updated
48白翼 Sabre DanceArthas-TW471.6Not updated
49凱樂哥 Sabre DanceArthas-TW466.8Not updated
50Snymm Sabre DanceArthas-TW465.8Not updated
51奇米里幾亞 Sabre DanceArthas-TW465.1Not updated
52Cstcst Sabre DanceArthas-TW463.9Not updated
52飛夜 Sabre DanceArthas-TW463.9
54Haplesmonkey Sabre DanceArthas-TW461.7Not updated
55瘋狂的妞 Sabre DanceArthas-TW459.9Not updated
56嘛咪嘛咪哄術 Sabre DanceArthas-TW454.8Not updated
57冷色熔岩 Sabre DanceArthas-TW436.0Not updated
58固樂借 Sabre DanceArthas-TW434.3Not updated
59燄霜 Sabre DanceArthas-TW431.1Not updated
60凱特星光 Sabre DanceArthas-TW429.5Not updated
61Youngfellow Sabre DanceArthas-TW427.6Not updated
62妹姒 Sabre DanceArthas-TW420.9Not updated
63翻個墻 Sabre DanceArthas-TW402.6Not updated
63蘭文 Sabre DanceArthas-TW402.6Not updated
65小嫩盜 Sabre DanceArthas-TW402.0Not updated
66複鑄之刃 Sabre DanceArthas-TW401.3Not updated
67Shadowskille Sabre DanceArthas-TW399.0Not updated
68漆黑夜晚 Sabre DanceArthas-TW398.6Not updated
69雷動九霄 Sabre DanceArthas-TW397.8Not updated
69兽本善良 Sabre DanceArthas-TW397.8Not updated
71火炎狐 Sabre DanceArthas-TW396.6Not updated
72号絕 Sabre DanceArthas-TW395.6Not updated
73那一射的溫柔 Sabre DanceArthas-TW395.3Not updated
74Ercc Sabre DanceArthas-TW394.9Not updated
75治療加好我 Sabre DanceArthas-TW394.6Not updated
76剔墳尼 Sabre DanceArthas-TW394.3Not updated
77嘴角不屑 Sabre DanceArthas-TW394.2Not updated
78低端薩滿 Sabre DanceArthas-TW394.1Not updated
79小嫩威 Sabre DanceArthas-TW393.7Not updated
80地憨 Sabre DanceArthas-TW393.5Not updated
81黑煉 Sabre DanceArthas-TW393.3Not updated
81焚心儀火 Sabre DanceArthas-TW393.3Not updated
83吾乃仙也 Sabre DanceArthas-TW393.2Not updated
83晚睡 Sabre DanceArthas-TW393.2Not updated
85鐵霸仕 Sabre DanceArthas-TW393.1Not updated
86元素风暴 Sabre DanceArthas-TW392.6Not updated
87Bloodtheory Sabre DanceArthas-TW391.8Not updated
87暗夜之殇 Sabre DanceArthas-TW391.8Not updated
89樹谷 Sabre DanceArthas-TW391.7Not updated
90下夕下景 Sabre DanceArthas-TW391.6Not updated
91美頌鹿雷夢 Sabre DanceArthas-TW391.4Not updated
91熯燒的胸毛 Sabre DanceArthas-TW391.4Not updated
93魔高一丈 Sabre DanceArthas-TW390.9Not updated
93肉肉騎士 Sabre DanceArthas-TW390.9Not updated
93滅絕法師 Sabre DanceArthas-TW390.9Not updated
93元素掌控者 Sabre DanceArthas-TW390.9Not updated
97索倫王 Sabre DanceArthas-TW390.5Not updated
98小黑炭 Sabre DanceArthas-TW390.3Not updated
99花嚒草嚒踩嚒 Sabre DanceArthas-TW390.1Not updated
99翻滾吧阿才哥 Sabre DanceArthas-TW390.1Not updated

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