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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Argent Dawn-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Seyumi LightArgent Dawn-EU590.2Not updated
2Ixzo NexusArgent Dawn-EU590.0Not updated
3Aevanna Hardcore Fishing GuildArgent Dawn-EU589.6Not updated
4Lync CrusadeArgent Dawn-EU589.2
4Azerial Total ControlArgent Dawn-EU589.2
4Merich Steel LegionArgent Dawn-EU589.2Not updated
4Creek The ChosenArgent Dawn-EU589.2
8Atric The ChosenArgent Dawn-EU588.8
8Xawee Infinitum PraeliumArgent Dawn-EU588.8
10Áshira Strangulation PointArgent Dawn-EU588.4Not updated
10Lysall House Of The FallenArgent Dawn-EU588.4Not updated
12Arangast LightArgent Dawn-EU588.3Not updated
12Gestalt InnovationArgent Dawn-EU588.3
12Sínj Infinitum PraeliumArgent Dawn-EU588.3Not updated
15Pwnance Infinitum PraeliumArgent Dawn-EU588.0
15Energade StormguardArgent Dawn-EU588.0
15Indagosa LightArgent Dawn-EU588.0Not updated
15Fenerio The ChosenArgent Dawn-EU588.0
15Wholywholy Infinitum PraeliumArgent Dawn-EU588.0
20Yridaa GSR GamingArgent Dawn-EU587.9Not updated
20Agrudon Total ControlArgent Dawn-EU587.9
20Raegon Infinitum PraeliumArgent Dawn-EU587.9
20Maximus LightArgent Dawn-EU587.9Not updated
20Cazul Drop In The OceanArgent Dawn-EU587.9Not updated
25Grugol CrusadeArgent Dawn-EU587.6
25Vintessa Orb of SoulsArgent Dawn-EU587.6
25Aesirae MistfallArgent Dawn-EU587.6
28Marlean Strangulation PointArgent Dawn-EU587.5Not updated
28Xën Strangulation PointArgent Dawn-EU587.5Not updated
28Fraphy Infinitum PraeliumArgent Dawn-EU587.5
28Alirien CrusadeArgent Dawn-EU587.5
28Zennach Legion of LemmingsArgent Dawn-EU587.5
28Pawco CrusadeArgent Dawn-EU587.5
28Headmistress Total ControlArgent Dawn-EU587.5
28Pavelow InnovationArgent Dawn-EU587.5
36Altronia Infernal WrathArgent Dawn-EU587.4Not updated
37Légeñdàry  Argent Dawn-EU587.2Not updated
37Narsila MistfallArgent Dawn-EU587.2
39Saintfrost RagnarökArgent Dawn-EU587.1Not updated
39Damanzea NexusArgent Dawn-EU587.1Not updated
39Valaani LightArgent Dawn-EU587.1Not updated
39Icarus LightArgent Dawn-EU587.1Not updated
39Lomion The ShadowstalkersArgent Dawn-EU587.1
39Kiayra MistfallArgent Dawn-EU587.1
39Madshark Orb of SoulsArgent Dawn-EU587.1
39Begil KatlaArgent Dawn-EU587.1Not updated
39Nagual The ChosenArgent Dawn-EU587.1
39Evildestiny CrusadeArgent Dawn-EU587.1
39Chínaya Strangulation PointArgent Dawn-EU587.1Not updated
39Sternritter Infinitum PraeliumArgent Dawn-EU587.1
39Staltar Infinitum PraeliumArgent Dawn-EU587.1
52Emonela GSR GamingArgent Dawn-EU587.0Not updated
52Neutronic Here Be MonstersArgent Dawn-EU587.0
52Alicorn Strangulation PointArgent Dawn-EU587.0Not updated
55Lambért Total ControlArgent Dawn-EU586.9
56Shunned Strangulation PointArgent Dawn-EU586.8Not updated
56Athariel The ChosenArgent Dawn-EU586.8
56Zootz The Wyld HuntArgent Dawn-EU586.8Not updated
56Saelarah LightArgent Dawn-EU586.8Not updated
56Gandogar LightArgent Dawn-EU586.8Not updated
56Redictor Infinitum PraeliumArgent Dawn-EU586.8
62Rudaman The ChosenArgent Dawn-EU586.7
62Aletia InnovationArgent Dawn-EU586.7
62Rembrand CrusadeArgent Dawn-EU586.7
62Demonatríx InnovationArgent Dawn-EU586.7
62Enoran Steel LegionArgent Dawn-EU586.7Not updated
62Snabelad The ChosenArgent Dawn-EU586.7
62Isalith CrusadeArgent Dawn-EU586.7
62Onenightshot CrusadeArgent Dawn-EU586.7
62ßuddah The ShadowstalkersArgent Dawn-EU586.7
62Arjana The Wyld HuntArgent Dawn-EU586.7Not updated
62Ythor Total ControlArgent Dawn-EU586.7
73Imnotamage CrusadeArgent Dawn-EU586.5
73Voeux Salty TearsArgent Dawn-EU586.5
75Slayd Infinitum PraeliumArgent Dawn-EU586.4
75Exxacus MistfallArgent Dawn-EU586.4
75Deano The UndecidedArgent Dawn-EU586.4
75Shaktur Total ControlArgent Dawn-EU586.4
75Kegnus CrusadeArgent Dawn-EU586.4
75Sharazhad LightArgent Dawn-EU586.4Not updated
75Conine Orb of SoulsArgent Dawn-EU586.4
75Spiritualist MistfallArgent Dawn-EU586.4
75Nhiklaus The UndecidedArgent Dawn-EU586.4
75Phryxus The UndecidedArgent Dawn-EU586.4Not updated
75Valdimira NexusArgent Dawn-EU586.4Not updated
75Wratan Orb of SoulsArgent Dawn-EU586.4
75Chaoticz Total ControlArgent Dawn-EU586.4
75Frapi  Argent Dawn-EU586.4Not updated
75ßøzsmåñlorð  Argent Dawn-EU586.4Not updated
90Zeinab KatlaArgent Dawn-EU586.3Not updated
90Rimaara EterniumArgent Dawn-EU586.3
90Whîteknight MistfallArgent Dawn-EU586.3
90Lacerators Steel LegionArgent Dawn-EU586.3Not updated
90Mandrith RagnarökArgent Dawn-EU586.3Not updated
90Ponó The UndecidedArgent Dawn-EU586.3
90Dampy House Of The FallenArgent Dawn-EU586.3Not updated
90Reyafaer Strangulation PointArgent Dawn-EU586.3Not updated
90Liralea House Of The FallenArgent Dawn-EU586.3Not updated
90Shilmerinn The UndecidedArgent Dawn-EU586.3
90Vivian The ShadowstalkersArgent Dawn-EU586.3

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