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Arathor-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Lunartwerk NocuousArathor-US587.1
2Huggle NocuousArathor-US586.7
3Nokster NocuousArathor-US586.4
4Vixit NocuousArathor-US586.3
4Alyiana NocuousArathor-US586.3
6Zheykul NocuousArathor-US586.0
7Acidarrow NocuousArathor-US585.9
8Worddk NocuousArathor-US585.6
9Saleemsinai Midnight MaraudersArathor-US585.5
9Bahjina NocuousArathor-US585.5
11Necrosìs Baddies IncArathor-US585.3
12Orcpox Baddies IncArathor-US585.2
13Kowdachii LogicalArathor-US583.7
14York Midnight MaraudersArathor-US583.6
15Clawle Bad KarmaArathor-US583.3
16Saury Bad KarmaArathor-US583.2
17Màili Bad KarmaArathor-US583.1
18Cyclop Midnight MaraudersArathor-US582.9
19Rammza NocuousArathor-US582.4
19Borra Baddies IncArathor-US582.4
19Hunthor Baddies IncArathor-US582.4
19Convyr Bad KarmaArathor-US582.4
23Senergy Might and MagicArathor-US582.3
24Berdine Midnight MaraudersArathor-US582.0
24Mackloc Midnight MaraudersArathor-US582.0
26Mcfurry Bad KarmaArathor-US581.8
27Mariothejust Crux of HumanityArathor-US581.6
28Niahm Crux of HumanityArathor-US581.5
29Bmdwarlock One hundred proofArathor-US581.2
30Arli NocuousArathor-US581.1
31Trennin Bad KarmaArathor-US580.8
32Darrimedes Crux of HumanityArathor-US580.7
32Babezila Baddies IncArathor-US580.7
32Campari Bad KarmaArathor-US580.7
32Phög Baddies IncArathor-US580.7
32Cyanara Expect No MercyArathor-US580.7
37Magebloods Midnight MaraudersArathor-US580.4
37Veeks Baddies IncArathor-US580.4
39Wiskerz TreasonArathor-US580.2
40Kurze Midnight MaraudersArathor-US580.0
41Xinkin Midnight MaraudersArathor-US579.8
42Blackdojo NocuousArathor-US579.7
43Ametz Baddies IncArathor-US579.5
43Boozinitup Midnight MaraudersArathor-US579.5
43Japhrimel Bad KarmaArathor-US579.5
46Lamort Undead Poets SocietyArathor-US579.4
47Dumbmage One hundred proofArathor-US579.3
48Undeadcraft Core ThreeArathor-US579.2
49Rookery Midnight MaraudersArathor-US579.1
50Thråxx TreasonArathor-US579.0
51Kinlu Midnight MaraudersArathor-US578.9
51Sanmick Midnight MaraudersArathor-US578.9
51Semondor TreasonArathor-US578.9
54Pêrrin Baddies IncArathor-US578.8
55Lyycann Crux of HumanityArathor-US578.5
56Tumbleweed Crux of HumanityArathor-US578.3
56Apoc Midnight MaraudersArathor-US578.3
56Snowsnow TreasonArathor-US578.3
59Tylithus The Iron LegionArathor-US578.1
59Firedealer Crux of HumanityArathor-US578.1
61Gnayami Crux of HumanityArathor-US577.9Not updated
61Acupuncher Baddies IncArathor-US577.9
63Gøose Baddies IncArathor-US577.7
63Kaifory AscentArathor-US577.7
63Visonea TreasonArathor-US577.7
66Symphany GambitArathor-US577.6
67Joepal TreasonArathor-US577.4
68Bartron TreasonArathor-US577.2
69Catmandu TreasonArathor-US576.9
70Exia TreasonArathor-US576.8
71Arenateam The Iron LegionArathor-US576.6
72Kinra Midnight MaraudersArathor-US576.5
72Lanni Crux of HumanityArathor-US576.5
72Moadib Baddies IncArathor-US576.5
75Mellachion Crux of HumanityArathor-US576.4
76Ryosoma TreasonArathor-US576.1
77Fereldin  Arathor-US576.0
78Harharr Unleashed ContendersArathor-US575.9
78Cazodor NocuousArathor-US575.9
80Ganthor FRIENDS UNITEDArathor-US575.8
81Griggylloon Might and MagicArathor-US575.1
81Dottee TreasonArathor-US575.1
81Ploppy Crux of HumanityArathor-US575.1Not updated
84Chuknoris GambitArathor-US575.0
85Lazario TreasonArathor-US574.9
85Skorpethos Kingdom of LightArathor-US574.9
85Armbar Crux of HumanityArathor-US574.9
85Kedzen Mystic DragonsArathor-US574.9
85Floydfan Baddies IncArathor-US574.9
85Chetuhan NocuousArathor-US574.9
85Captadorable FRIENDS UNITEDArathor-US574.9
85Kiniyos Mystic DragonsArathor-US574.9
93Atatoharo Duct Tape ForceArathor-US574.7Not updated
93Acit The Iron LegionArathor-US574.7
95Catonica TreasonArathor-US574.6
95Mariadots Crux of HumanityArathor-US574.6
95Wintersweet Midnight MaraudersArathor-US574.6
95Paindya Core ThreeArathor-US574.6
99Babeshot Baddies IncArathor-US574.5
99Deadeyetrey We Kick Your DarnassusArathor-US574.5

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