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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Arathi-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Jolechasseur  Arathi-EU589.2Not updated
2Lepetitange Skill LoadingArathi-EU586.2Not updated
3Worgesia  Arathi-EU585.2Not updated
4Arazal Skill LoadingArathi-EU585.0Not updated
5Patis Psykø FøundatiønArathi-EU584.8Not updated
6Aténna Faucheurs d AmesArathi-EU584.7Not updated
7Kapella Trÿ AgainArathi-EU584.5Not updated
8Lachachoune  Arathi-EU584.4Not updated
8Lyuzaka  Arathi-EU584.4Not updated
8Aarenïr Skill LoadingArathi-EU584.4Not updated
11Impercept Phalanges de LunedargentArathi-EU583.5Not updated
12Darkhard Væ victisArathi-EU583.3Not updated
13Lofftar Skill LoadingArathi-EU583.2Not updated
14Døll Nain de JardinArathi-EU583.1Not updated
15Mørloc PhoeniXiaArathi-EU582.4Not updated
16Kênpâchï PhoeniXiaArathi-EU582.2Not updated
17Darskìn Nain de JardinArathi-EU581.9Not updated
18Frazir Skill LoadingArathi-EU581.6Not updated
19Nhendi Skill LoadingArathi-EU581.1Not updated
20Ðgenerationx Skill LoadingArathi-EU580.7Not updated
21Spykose LA VENGEANCEArathi-EU580.6Not updated
21Elfirus Trÿ AgainArathi-EU580.6Not updated
23Minisundee  Arathi-EU580.4Not updated
24Décapote  Arathi-EU579.9Not updated
25Sibyleal Skill LoadingArathi-EU579.8Not updated
26Incøønnu Skill LoadingArathi-EU579.4Not updated
27Olalian Skill LoadingArathi-EU578.9Not updated
27Perrus Breath Of DeathArathi-EU578.9Not updated
29Shorinine PhoeniXiaArathi-EU578.2Not updated
29Deerg Trÿ AgainArathi-EU578.2Not updated
31Dragønwar NeophyxArathi-EU578.1Not updated
31Löuve Faucheurs d AmesArathi-EU578.1Not updated
33Peterpens  Arathi-EU577.9Not updated
34Vasavoire LA VENGEANCEArathi-EU577.8Not updated
35Haraud Breath Of DeathArathi-EU577.7Not updated
36Drekzar  Arathi-EU577.6Not updated
37Kronic Skill LoadingArathi-EU577.4Not updated
37Øulala PhoeniXiaArathi-EU577.4Not updated
39Fegman kickbackArathi-EU577.3Not updated
40Kumkat  Arathi-EU577.2Not updated
41Jetdoté Phalanges de LunedargentArathi-EU577.1Not updated
42Bosstwity Phalanges de LunedargentArathi-EU577.0Not updated
43Fudak  Arathi-EU576.8Not updated
44Jolchaman Phalanges de LunedargentArathi-EU576.4Not updated
45Mùgen HordofwarArathi-EU576.3Not updated
45Ðocc Trÿ AgainArathi-EU576.3Not updated
45Spokky LA VENGEANCEArathi-EU576.3Not updated
45Kartez AzerothiansArathi-EU576.3Not updated
49Piosou  Arathi-EU576.2Not updated
49Zozow Skill LoadingArathi-EU576.2Not updated
51Stradija LA VENGEANCEArathi-EU576.1Not updated
52Nazgurt Skill LoadingArathi-EU576.0Not updated
53Kunny NoStressArathi-EU575.9Not updated
53Volmortis OurøbørøsArathi-EU575.9Not updated
55Alzyr Skill LoadingArathi-EU575.3Not updated
56Heywa  Arathi-EU575.2Not updated
56Tutéfémal  Arathi-EU575.2Not updated
56Ria kickbackArathi-EU575.2Not updated
59Darkdok Phalanges de LunedargentArathi-EU575.1Not updated
59Naewø  Arathi-EU575.1Not updated
61Lïnae Skill LoadingArathi-EU574.9Not updated
62Caldozorus Trÿ AgainArathi-EU574.8Not updated
63Ertâce Phalanges de LunedargentArathi-EU574.7Not updated
63Hernando PhoeniXiaArathi-EU574.7Not updated
65Athanagor Death SpiritArathi-EU574.6Not updated
65Panolero Phalanges de LunedargentArathi-EU574.6Not updated
67Thiamath PhoeniXiaArathi-EU574.4Not updated
68Toyzz LA VENGEANCEArathi-EU574.3Not updated
68Sebbas Trÿ AgainArathi-EU574.3Not updated
70Jolemoine Phalanges de LunedargentArathi-EU574.1Not updated
71Gpomal PøisønArathi-EU573.9Not updated
71Georgel The ChampionsArathi-EU573.9Not updated
71Taylør Trÿ AgainArathi-EU573.9Not updated
71Necrø PhoeniXiaArathi-EU573.9Not updated
75Loyii LA VENGEANCEArathi-EU573.7Not updated
76Lallaya Les Petits ScarabéesArathi-EU573.6Not updated
77Jandow Trÿ AgainArathi-EU573.4Not updated
77Simbaded Phalanges de LunedargentArathi-EU573.4Not updated
77Yallana  Arathi-EU573.4Not updated
80Betbeder Trÿ AgainArathi-EU573.3Not updated
80Poulmankar  Arathi-EU573.3Not updated
80Nayita Phalanges de LunedargentArathi-EU573.3Not updated
83Arkâësia Breath Of DeathArathi-EU573.2Not updated
83Sapristoche catwomanArathi-EU573.2Not updated
83Grimnars Breath Of DeathArathi-EU573.2Not updated
86Elfane  Arathi-EU573.1Not updated
86Littledragon BrikabroKArathi-EU573.1Not updated
86Weedfresh  Arathi-EU573.1Not updated
86Hagarare The ChampionsArathi-EU573.1Not updated
90Nobodynette Skill LoadingArathi-EU572.9Not updated
90Jøl Phalanges de LunedargentArathi-EU572.9Not updated
90Caera Phalanges de LunedargentArathi-EU572.9Not updated
90Voodkkaa Prophétie du ChaosArathi-EU572.9Not updated
94Insänity  Arathi-EU572.7Not updated
95Brandoncha  Arathi-EU572.6Not updated
95Emêraldas les déchusArathi-EU572.6Not updated
97Vivarium PhoeniXiaArathi-EU572.5Not updated
97Valena Breath Of DeathArathi-EU572.5Not updated
97Letichevelu Trÿ AgainArathi-EU572.5Not updated
97Siyä PhoeniXiaArathi-EU572.5Not updated

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