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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Antonidas-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Bob No FuryAntonidas-US593.8Not updated
2Speed PureAntonidas-US591.2Not updated
3Crutons  Antonidas-US590.2Not updated
4Magzs PureAntonidas-US589.0Not updated
4Zaxx PureAntonidas-US589.0Not updated
6Alakazoo PureAntonidas-US588.6Not updated
7Rizzlishdude No FuryAntonidas-US588.4Not updated
8Nardale PureAntonidas-US588.3Not updated
8Celeste PureAntonidas-US588.3Not updated
8Digitalol PureAntonidas-US588.3Not updated
8Phoenix PureAntonidas-US588.3Not updated
12Saza  Antonidas-US588.2Not updated
12Purge PureAntonidas-US588.2Not updated
12Flintflossy PureAntonidas-US588.2Not updated
12Revanchism  Antonidas-US588.2Not updated
12Kalistaa PureAntonidas-US588.2Not updated
17Tumsy PureAntonidas-US587.9Not updated
17Vainsouly  Antonidas-US587.9Not updated
17Peachblossom PureAntonidas-US587.9Not updated
17Däuntless No FuryAntonidas-US587.9Not updated
17Eatmysheep  Antonidas-US587.9Not updated
22Kurpow PureAntonidas-US587.8Not updated
23Shadarharan  Antonidas-US587.6Not updated
24Cathrin PureAntonidas-US587.5Not updated
24Vandret PureAntonidas-US587.5Not updated
24Kyn No FuryAntonidas-US587.5Not updated
24Lucidity No FuryAntonidas-US587.5Not updated
24Pannaxx PureAntonidas-US587.5Not updated
24Malise PureAntonidas-US587.5Not updated
30Flashe No FuryAntonidas-US587.1Not updated
30Nexxynex No FuryAntonidas-US587.1Not updated
30Kwonzie No FuryAntonidas-US587.1Not updated
30Adok  Antonidas-US587.1Not updated
30Strawberrie PureAntonidas-US587.1Not updated
35Darroon PureAntonidas-US586.8Not updated
36Dfectiv  Antonidas-US586.7Not updated
36Procadellic No FuryAntonidas-US586.7Not updated
36Relyen No FuryAntonidas-US586.7Not updated
39Sipe No FuryAntonidas-US586.4Not updated
39Näilo  Antonidas-US586.4Not updated
41Razzukyo PureAntonidas-US586.3Not updated
41Wildshöt The DictatorsAntonidas-US586.3Not updated
41Lockdinplace No FuryAntonidas-US586.3Not updated
41Xtsunami No FuryAntonidas-US586.3Not updated
41Palanarr No FuryAntonidas-US586.3Not updated
46Bellisaria FablesAntonidas-US586.2Not updated
46Toffys No FuryAntonidas-US586.2Not updated
48Deicidè No FuryAntonidas-US585.9Not updated
48Knami  Antonidas-US585.9Not updated
48Shammbulance FablesAntonidas-US585.9Not updated
48Amorose  Antonidas-US585.9Not updated
52Vanthiene No FuryAntonidas-US585.8Not updated
53Iuffy  Antonidas-US585.6Not updated
53Bluedarts FablesAntonidas-US585.6Not updated
53Imagica No FuryAntonidas-US585.6Not updated
56Kataara FablesAntonidas-US585.5Not updated
56Cegs  Antonidas-US585.5Not updated
56Tieglin AftermâthAntonidas-US585.5Not updated
56Ailind  Antonidas-US585.5Not updated
56Tailynasura  Antonidas-US585.5Not updated
56Sithtracker No FuryAntonidas-US585.5Not updated
62Laceration No FuryAntonidas-US585.2Not updated
62Justthetip The DictatorsAntonidas-US585.2Not updated
62Vakmorr No FuryAntonidas-US585.2Not updated
62Scyr The DictatorsAntonidas-US585.2Not updated
66Ashel FablesAntonidas-US585.1Not updated
66Dezatz No FuryAntonidas-US585.1Not updated
68Waldrab  Antonidas-US585.0Not updated
69Gabool  Antonidas-US584.9Not updated
70Sliceoflife FablesAntonidas-US584.8Not updated
70Jeshuo No FuryAntonidas-US584.8Not updated
72Superpuff PureAntonidas-US584.6Not updated
73Itsgoindown The DictatorsAntonidas-US584.5Not updated
73Wolfren FablesAntonidas-US584.5Not updated
73Fizzer No FuryAntonidas-US584.5Not updated
76Lyton Belligerent FuryAntonidas-US584.4Not updated
77Givemetefoo No FuryAntonidas-US584.2Not updated
77Ezayzol  Antonidas-US584.2Not updated
79Mecasses The DictatorsAntonidas-US584.1Not updated
79Thoriñ No DramaAntonidas-US584.1Not updated
79Krogtrog The DictatorsAntonidas-US584.1Not updated
79Tonsicus Knights of NiAntonidas-US584.1Not updated
83Thefèélz No FuryAntonidas-US583.7Not updated
83Krackel The Relentless FewAntonidas-US583.7Not updated
83Cyrka  Antonidas-US583.7Not updated
86Cyrca  Antonidas-US583.6Not updated
87Kodampbt New ReignAntonidas-US583.3Not updated
88Bastila UnionAntonidas-US583.2Not updated
88Terezi No FuryAntonidas-US583.2Not updated
88Staerk  Antonidas-US583.2Not updated
88Formhound AftermâthAntonidas-US583.2Not updated
92Edreese The DictatorsAntonidas-US582.9Not updated
93Yüzu FablesAntonidas-US582.8Not updated
93Ironsepi FablesAntonidas-US582.8Not updated
95Bededsune No FuryAntonidas-US582.7Not updated
96Moriancomur Dark Souls EliteAntonidas-US582.6Not updated
96Capò  Antonidas-US582.6Not updated
98Popper The Brethren CourtAntonidas-US582.5Not updated
98Leê No FuryAntonidas-US582.5Not updated
100Ixodiusixi FablesAntonidas-US582.4Not updated

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