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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Antonidas-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Râzzêr I am MurløcAntonidas-EU591.1Not updated
2Askardi UnintendedAntonidas-EU591.0Not updated
3Kalheira YpsiloNAntonidas-EU590.8Not updated
3Rendall UnintendedAntonidas-EU590.8Not updated
5Raidin Organized ChaosAntonidas-EU590.6Not updated
6Ziá Organized ChaosAntonidas-EU590.4Not updated
7Kisaya Das Wahre TribunalAntonidas-EU590.2Not updated
7Unityxray Defender of the CrowAntonidas-EU590.2Not updated
7Avacertus CyborgAntonidas-EU590.2Not updated
10Cathee Northern SkyAntonidas-EU589.9Not updated
10Jadên DejaVuAntonidas-EU589.9Not updated
10Børtek Mementõ moriAntonidas-EU589.9Not updated
10Salarama CyborgAntonidas-EU589.9Not updated
10Incertus CyborgAntonidas-EU589.9Not updated
10Linnawen Organized ChaosAntonidas-EU589.9Not updated
10Nefriti Jetzt schlägts DreizehnAntonidas-EU589.9Not updated
17Soulslayér CorruptedAntonidas-EU589.8Not updated
18Jidrax JadedrachenAntonidas-EU589.6Not updated
18Syneo HuntersAntonidas-EU589.6Not updated
20Inocencia DropKickAntonidas-EU589.5Not updated
20Tìggy CyborgAntonidas-EU589.5Not updated
20Bluédévil Defender of the CrowAntonidas-EU589.5Not updated
20Kelandil Northern SkyAntonidas-EU589.5Not updated
24Seepferd NovumAntonidas-EU589.2Not updated
24Oedan OptimaAntonidas-EU589.2Not updated
24Maxxôr HavocAntonidas-EU589.2Not updated
24Bøod Mementõ moriAntonidas-EU589.2Not updated
24Bialdil ist gestörtAntonidas-EU589.2Not updated
24Swad OptimaAntonidas-EU589.2Not updated
24Édí Mementõ moriAntonidas-EU589.2Not updated
24Ignorance Ave LetumAntonidas-EU589.2Not updated
24Salamandro BellonierAntonidas-EU589.2Not updated
24Sumire Ring of ElementsAntonidas-EU589.2Not updated
24Schwalbê Eos AuroraAntonidas-EU589.2Not updated
35Waross Jetzt schlägts DreizehnAntonidas-EU589.1Not updated
35Clawofnature Legion des PhoenixAntonidas-EU589.1Not updated
35Jûstîcex OptimaAntonidas-EU589.1Not updated
35Turbolown CorruptedAntonidas-EU589.1Not updated
35Mcroft Organized ChaosAntonidas-EU589.1Not updated
35Nivenja Unleash the BeastAntonidas-EU589.1Not updated
35Mastarogue Ad ActaAntonidas-EU589.1Not updated
35Killaron Das Wahre TribunalAntonidas-EU589.1Not updated
35Rhakun Rising StormAntonidas-EU589.1Not updated
35Morigane UnintendedAntonidas-EU589.1Not updated
45Nariê CorruptedAntonidas-EU589.0Not updated
45Nefertenia Defender of the CrowAntonidas-EU589.0Not updated
45Plüschie  Antonidas-EU589.0Not updated
45Môkke OptimaAntonidas-EU589.0Not updated
45Madoom CorruptedAntonidas-EU589.0Not updated
50Míghtymolly ist gestörtAntonidas-EU588.8Not updated
50Pandahero Defender of the CrowAntonidas-EU588.8Not updated
50Pruedencé Project InsanityAntonidas-EU588.8Not updated
50Thán Eos AuroraAntonidas-EU588.8Not updated
50Ghostsurge is over ninethousandAntonidas-EU588.8Not updated
50Drágómir Northern SkyAntonidas-EU588.8Not updated
50Firemân CorruptedAntonidas-EU588.8Not updated
50Slashbashoar DejaVuAntonidas-EU588.8Not updated
50Diraen The ApocalypseAntonidas-EU588.8Not updated
50Dìme HavocAntonidas-EU588.8Not updated
50Vikíng  Antonidas-EU588.8Not updated
50Frostproof EnterpainmentAntonidas-EU588.8Not updated
50Starlyn ValanyaAntonidas-EU588.8Not updated
50Alysie Loaded DiceAntonidas-EU588.8Not updated
50Àthena Eos AuroraAntonidas-EU588.8Not updated
50Elapower CorruptedAntonidas-EU588.8Not updated
50Vetoh OptimaAntonidas-EU588.8Not updated
50Dòómlòórd I am MurløcAntonidas-EU588.8Not updated
50Kasilia IllustrisAntonidas-EU588.8Not updated
50Abugoron YpsiloNAntonidas-EU588.8Not updated
70Tamiro CyborgAntonidas-EU588.7Not updated
70Raine UnintendedAntonidas-EU588.7Not updated
70Nomera HavocAntonidas-EU588.7Not updated
73Kylaine Defender of the CrowAntonidas-EU588.6Not updated
73Burma HuntersAntonidas-EU588.6Not updated
73Meffo Lordaerons RevengeAntonidas-EU588.6Not updated
73Daísy UnintendedAntonidas-EU588.6Not updated
73Shenjing CorruptedAntonidas-EU588.6Not updated
73Rin CyborgAntonidas-EU588.6Not updated
79Shaeva înpanîcAntonidas-EU588.4Not updated
79Sevvii Tiger RebelsAntonidas-EU588.4Not updated
79Galakus Eos AuroraAntonidas-EU588.4Not updated
79Skalmeja I am MurløcAntonidas-EU588.4Not updated
79Dayta Goettlicher PaktAntonidas-EU588.4Not updated
79Crudelîtas YpsiloNAntonidas-EU588.4Not updated
79Nemistry I like turtlesAntonidas-EU588.4Not updated
79Lakuja Lordaerons RevengeAntonidas-EU588.4Not updated
79Nephon CyborgAntonidas-EU588.4Not updated
79Lilbangrico Ghost DragonsAntonidas-EU588.4Not updated
79Radial KingsfallAntonidas-EU588.4Not updated
79Xbaumfäller DevilishDaftAntonidas-EU588.4Not updated
79Hellgard Tiger RebelsAntonidas-EU588.4Not updated
79Ephytes YpsiloNAntonidas-EU588.4Not updated
79Gozzini Ad ActaAntonidas-EU588.4Not updated
79Duncaen ist gestörtAntonidas-EU588.4Not updated
95Oxzy DropKickAntonidas-EU588.3Not updated
95Schauschau Northern SkyAntonidas-EU588.3Not updated
95Cryozdk Northern SkyAntonidas-EU588.3Not updated
95Buc Ad ActaAntonidas-EU588.3Not updated
95Pflicker Northern SkyAntonidas-EU588.3Not updated
95Hefo Project InsanityAntonidas-EU588.3Not updated

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