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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Alleria-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Basilissa Royal WarriorsAlleria-EU591.9Not updated
2Dirtygirky vom Blute des DrachenAlleria-EU590.6Not updated
3Isdochegal Pugnas RacheAlleria-EU589.9Not updated
3Esiram AscensionAlleria-EU589.9Not updated
5Capernias PatheticAlleria-EU589.8Not updated
6Êxo AscensionAlleria-EU589.5Not updated
6Taziela Pugnas RacheAlleria-EU589.5Not updated
6Jaizeara Licht des MorgensAlleria-EU589.5Not updated
9Skylien PatheticAlleria-EU589.1Not updated
10Moq Royal WarriorsAlleria-EU588.8Not updated
10Sêyko Beyond DisputeAlleria-EU588.8Not updated
12Tsunamì AscensionAlleria-EU588.6Not updated
12Sarife AscensionAlleria-EU588.6Not updated
14Thâlûs Skill is NaturalAlleria-EU588.4Not updated
14Laoshi Royal WarriorsAlleria-EU588.4Not updated
14Droshbar GanzMieseSchlägertruppeAlleria-EU588.4Not updated
17Moonrise AscensionAlleria-EU588.3Not updated
17Mízuho PatheticAlleria-EU588.3Not updated
17Bst AscensionAlleria-EU588.3Not updated
17Patríus PatheticAlleria-EU588.3Not updated
21Koori AscensionAlleria-EU588.2Not updated
21Armalion AscensionAlleria-EU588.2Not updated
23Slicks RejectedAlleria-EU588.0Not updated
23Axzimona Last LegendsAlleria-EU588.0Not updated
23Lunaris Verteidiger AzerothsAlleria-EU588.0Not updated
23Venomina Royal WarriorsAlleria-EU588.0Not updated
23Endagon Skill is NaturalAlleria-EU588.0Not updated
23Nolonae All Night LongAlleria-EU588.0Not updated
23Nême Royal WarriorsAlleria-EU588.0Not updated
30Flash AscensionAlleria-EU587.9Not updated
30Shamydeluxe RejectedAlleria-EU587.9Not updated
30Kritarra Licht des MorgensAlleria-EU587.9Not updated
30Iretaya AscensionAlleria-EU587.9Not updated
30Dia AscensionAlleria-EU587.9Not updated
30Wu AscensionAlleria-EU587.9Not updated
30Arrowii AscensionAlleria-EU587.9Not updated
30Ragbart AscensionAlleria-EU587.9Not updated
30Tifâ AscensionAlleria-EU587.9Not updated
39Khazia Skill is NaturalAlleria-EU587.6Not updated
39Vocado Last LegendsAlleria-EU587.6Not updated
39Gruselfussel Royal WarriorsAlleria-EU587.6Not updated
39Sall Licht des MorgensAlleria-EU587.6Not updated
39Fiorin  Alleria-EU587.6Not updated
44Muntok Pugnas RacheAlleria-EU587.5Not updated
44Lacoi AscensionAlleria-EU587.5Not updated
44Arystin Pugnas RacheAlleria-EU587.5Not updated
44Schokokêks AscensionAlleria-EU587.5Not updated
44Jotschi AscensionAlleria-EU587.5Not updated
44Shyløvâ Licht des MorgensAlleria-EU587.5Not updated
44Eichenstamm SentryAlleria-EU587.5Not updated
44Emélý PATRATORAlleria-EU587.5Not updated
44Avalonar AscensionAlleria-EU587.5Not updated
44Krelek Pugnas RacheAlleria-EU587.5Not updated
54Nuwà Pugnas RacheAlleria-EU587.4Not updated
55Sherk  Alleria-EU587.2Not updated
55Tamî AscensionAlleria-EU587.2Not updated
55Bravaran Licht des MorgensAlleria-EU587.2Not updated
55Danielst Pugnas RacheAlleria-EU587.2Not updated
59Rôshka Pugnas RacheAlleria-EU587.1Not updated
59Steini Pugnas RacheAlleria-EU587.1Not updated
59Kashîa Licht des MorgensAlleria-EU587.1Not updated
59Witzbold Pugnas RacheAlleria-EU587.1Not updated
59Vernys Licht des MorgensAlleria-EU587.1Not updated
59Assâssin AscensionAlleria-EU587.1Not updated
59Yevo CharonAlleria-EU587.1Not updated
59Bahazer AscensionAlleria-EU587.1Not updated
59Baltrâm Beyond DisputeAlleria-EU587.1Not updated
59Djari AscensionAlleria-EU587.1Not updated
59Néme Royal WarriorsAlleria-EU587.1Not updated
59Soot Madig und VerfaultAlleria-EU587.1Not updated
59Cephalantera AscensionAlleria-EU587.1Not updated
59Cptschnitzel AscensionAlleria-EU587.1Not updated
59Kirito AscensionAlleria-EU587.1Not updated
74Erdenfeuer Rise UpAlleria-EU587.0Not updated
75Yîmo Licht des MorgensAlleria-EU586.9Not updated
75Balisana Die eiserne GardeAlleria-EU586.9Not updated
75Disaria Last LegendsAlleria-EU586.9Not updated
78Calenya vom Blute des DrachenAlleria-EU586.8Not updated
78Deân AscensionAlleria-EU586.8Not updated
78Zethar PatheticAlleria-EU586.8Not updated
78Anaisé PatheticAlleria-EU586.8Not updated
78Shino AscensionAlleria-EU586.8Not updated
78Episcopus Wipen inklusiveAlleria-EU586.8Not updated
78Schimbow Licht des MorgensAlleria-EU586.8Not updated
85Vjmaster Licht des MorgensAlleria-EU586.7Not updated
85Yîmwîngtsun Wipen inklusiveAlleria-EU586.7Not updated
85Tícxy RejectedAlleria-EU586.7Not updated
85Finey SentryAlleria-EU586.7Not updated
85Xarp PatheticAlleria-EU586.7Not updated
85Kátha Licht des MorgensAlleria-EU586.7Not updated
85Lisande Rise UpAlleria-EU586.7Not updated
85Râgaz Licht des MorgensAlleria-EU586.7Not updated
85Krimbold Licht des MorgensAlleria-EU586.7Not updated
85Tiru Licht des MorgensAlleria-EU586.7Not updated
95Joemania Blood OmenAlleria-EU586.6Not updated
95Fastforward Pugnas RacheAlleria-EU586.6Not updated
97Cijoo Royal WarriorsAlleria-EU586.4Not updated
97Xarchen GanzMieseSchlägertruppeAlleria-EU586.4Not updated
97Törtchön Wipen inklusiveAlleria-EU586.4Not updated
97Geppo Royal WarriorsAlleria-EU586.4Not updated

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