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Al'Akir-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Ynr DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU576.9
2Sallina DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU575.7
3Dana DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU575.3
4Zarela DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU574.8
5Brika DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU574.0
6Nomet DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU573.6
6Lovjiika DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU573.6
8Grebloto DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU572.7
8Mssmit DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU572.7
10Treebeard DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU572.6
11Atilabg DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU572.4
11Dips DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU572.4
13Dkinsane DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU572.1
14Zloba DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU571.9
15Aksiniq DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU571.8
16Andarielo DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU571.7
17Lyulin DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU570.9
18Sattana DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU570.4
19Atentator DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU569.9
19Lugia DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU569.9
21Tooxicc DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU569.3
22Kamel DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU569.2
23Sevmar DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU568.2Not updated
24Upsurd DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU567.9Not updated
25Izvinqvai DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU567.2
26Catanna DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU567.0
26Gadabg DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU567.0Not updated
26Tampliery DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU567.0Not updated
29Shishkoto DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU566.4
30Disha DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU566.0
31Samathi DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU564.0
32Deatherka DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU563.6
33Icegurl DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU563.4
34Ramsan DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU562.9
35Bowfurion DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU562.0
35Prozerpina DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU562.0
37Hospital DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU561.9
38Biocide DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU561.7
38Rakanoth DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU561.7
40Sindrome DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU561.5
41Bgdeathblast DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU560.7Not updated
42Kofaa DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU559.7Not updated
43Fuman DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU559.6
44Solomir DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU559.0
45Yakakaka DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU558.9
46Hellbg DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU558.8Not updated
47Milicer DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU558.4
48Summera DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU558.2
49Larisiq DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU557.2
50Monkche DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU556.7
51Masselements DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU556.2
52Sitala DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU556.1
52Marcheto DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU556.1
54Biscuiti DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU555.3
55Strashnata DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU554.8
56Turbopriest DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU553.7
57Bashdamajana DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU553.3Not updated
57Carllos DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU553.3
59Fonzii DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU553.1
60Sekirata DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU552.8
61Ghazzi DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU552.7
62Tilane DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU551.9Not updated
62Kifla DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU551.9
64Omahum DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU551.8
65Dubba DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU550.4
66Arthist DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU550.2
67Banichka DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU549.3
68Samoleta DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU549.1
69Noy DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU549.0
70Psyhopat DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU548.9
71Sablezub DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU548.8
72Naskaev DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU548.7Not updated
73Sema DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU547.0
74Raijín DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU546.6
75Kalataa DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU546.3
76Exhaustedd DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU545.1
76Goldito DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU545.1
78Zuldubba DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU544.8
79Mussashi DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU543.8
80Undercut DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU543.5
81Inspecttor DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU543.0
81Sindròme DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU543.0
83Chichomitko DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU542.9Not updated
84Mellkor DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU542.6Not updated
85Kronuss DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU542.5
86Diavolaa DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU541.9
87Moloch DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU541.2
87Jenami DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU541.2
89Bobsho DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU540.7
89Supercop DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU540.7
91Nurallen DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU540.4
92Psihea DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU539.7
93Tzarkiro DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU539.5Not updated
93Braìnsick DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU539.5
95Iener DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU539.2
96Padarina DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU538.8
96Kafu DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU538.8
98Moneky DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU538.0
99Sheldoncho DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU537.9Not updated
100Jather DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU537.8

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