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Al'Akir-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Newsom ApexAl'Akir-EU589.4
2Tsyn ApexAl'Akir-EU589.0
3Narisia ApexAl'Akir-EU588.7
4Winternite ApexAl'Akir-EU588.6
5Sigvard ApexAl'Akir-EU588.3
5Fedlol FaithlessAl'Akir-EU588.3
7Faceache ApexAl'Akir-EU588.2
7Ironhydé RevenantAl'Akir-EU588.2
7Shivator ApexAl'Akir-EU588.2
7Ghòóst ApexAl'Akir-EU588.2
7Wespentänzer ApexAl'Akir-EU588.2
7Tamodred ApexAl'Akir-EU588.2
13Djembasaur ApexAl'Akir-EU587.9
13Bízar ApexAl'Akir-EU587.9
13Shifts CrimsonAl'Akir-EU587.9
13Getwellsoon CrimsonAl'Akir-EU587.9
13Zirinah ApexAl'Akir-EU587.9
13Mollymorfin ApexAl'Akir-EU587.9
13Erilyn CrimsonAl'Akir-EU587.9
20Predictable ApexAl'Akir-EU587.5
20Welt ApexAl'Akir-EU587.5
20Vesri CrimsonAl'Akir-EU587.5
23Nikthas CrimsonAl'Akir-EU587.2
24Ðevils ApexAl'Akir-EU587.1
24Detine ApexAl'Akir-EU587.1
24Wtfbbqnoob CrimsonAl'Akir-EU587.1
24Nhum Friends w benefitsAl'Akir-EU587.1
24Cyruk Friends w benefitsAl'Akir-EU587.1
24Tiktac CrimsonAl'Akir-EU587.1
24Blackdumb CrimsonAl'Akir-EU587.1
24Kozmoe ApexAl'Akir-EU587.1
24Starsurgery CrimsonAl'Akir-EU587.1
33Havoc ApexAl'Akir-EU586.9
34Gorgreal V v VAl'Akir-EU586.8
34Smokielol Laid BackAl'Akir-EU586.8
34Illithiss CrimsonAl'Akir-EU586.8
37Fartitude Local TalentAl'Akir-EU586.7
38Landoo CrimsonAl'Akir-EU586.6
39Pulsarine CrimsonAl'Akir-EU586.5
39Twizzlers ApexAl'Akir-EU586.5
41Sagíttaríus FaithlessAl'Akir-EU586.3
41Lamliet ApexAl'Akir-EU586.3
41Lidocaine FaithlessAl'Akir-EU586.3
44Obelodalìx ApexAl'Akir-EU586.1
45Makinami CrimsonAl'Akir-EU586.0
45Mxtealv V v VAl'Akir-EU586.0
45Mmhon CrimsonAl'Akir-EU586.0
45Ynr FaithlessAl'Akir-EU586.0
49Wildspeaker CrimsonAl'Akir-EU585.9
49Brika DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU585.9
49Tackleboar Local TalentAl'Akir-EU585.9
49Enslaver Laid BackAl'Akir-EU585.9
53Slasla FaithlessAl'Akir-EU585.8
53Záykz Toxic WasteAl'Akir-EU585.8
55Infierno FaithlessAl'Akir-EU585.6
55Évon V v VAl'Akir-EU585.6
55Cart ApexAl'Akir-EU585.6
55Ravengaar ApexAl'Akir-EU585.6
59Exiqh V v VAl'Akir-EU585.5
59Snoopdizzle Friends w benefitsAl'Akir-EU585.5
59Swweetty AtieshAl'Akir-EU585.5
59Claudiá PrestigeAl'Akir-EU585.5
63Merlay V v VAl'Akir-EU585.4
64Kolovoz CrimsonAl'Akir-EU585.3
64Miasol Local TalentAl'Akir-EU585.3
66Xstería CrimsonAl'Akir-EU585.2
66Nimor RevenantAl'Akir-EU585.2
68Chupacabrahz CrimsonAl'Akir-EU585.1
68Estmë Echo of AgesAl'Akir-EU585.1
68Lexcool Local TalentAl'Akir-EU585.1
71Archfrenzy  Al'Akir-EU585.0
71Floar ApexAl'Akir-EU585.0
71Racito HalcyonAl'Akir-EU585.0Not updated
71Prk Friends w benefitsAl'Akir-EU585.0
71Pht V v VAl'Akir-EU585.0
76Viqoolio ApexAl'Akir-EU584.9
76Crazyloco Toxic WasteAl'Akir-EU584.9
76Sõps KalevlasedAl'Akir-EU584.9
76Viveca ApexAl'Akir-EU584.9
76Resh CrimsonAl'Akir-EU584.9
76Ireliana AtieshAl'Akir-EU584.9
82Sensen IONAl'Akir-EU584.7
82Grésh V v VAl'Akir-EU584.7
82Chinadoll CrimsonAl'Akir-EU584.7
82Frøkenbandit RevenantAl'Akir-EU584.7
82Rudeness Echo of AgesAl'Akir-EU584.7
82Rugdo Local TalentAl'Akir-EU584.7
88Anadia Local TalentAl'Akir-EU584.5
88Drakkainen ApexAl'Akir-EU584.5
88Python KalevlasedAl'Akir-EU584.5
91Miragetank Dark GhostsAl'Akir-EU584.4
91Soupdragon RevenantAl'Akir-EU584.4
93Jarnis GifuAl'Akir-EU584.3
94Missmelina PrestigeAl'Akir-EU584.2
94Lenaro AtieshAl'Akir-EU584.2
94Malacrux Toxic WasteAl'Akir-EU584.2
97Vås PrestigeAl'Akir-EU584.1
97Rullon V v VAl'Akir-EU584.1
97Kanja V v VAl'Akir-EU584.1
97Skatarí V v VAl'Akir-EU584.1

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