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Akama-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Anto  Akama-US588.7
2Eisei Hello Kitty ClubAkama-US586.7
3Assargency  Akama-US586.6
4Munchausen SanityAkama-US586.4
4Aurongodx Hello Kitty ClubAkama-US586.4
6Tibarn Midnight IllusionAkama-US585.9
6Dizastrous SanityAkama-US585.9
6Relax  Akama-US585.9
9Brewmis Midnight IllusionAkama-US585.6
10Azurà Midnight IllusionAkama-US585.5
10Tristanya SanityAkama-US585.5
12Rytndaface Rainbow Team AlphaAkama-US585.2
13Rouk Hello Kitty ClubAkama-US585.1
13Growlin Hello Kitty ClubAkama-US585.1
15Acidrokz Hello Kitty ClubAkama-US584.9
16Anii Hello Kitty ClubAkama-US584.6
17Searchlights Midnight IllusionAkama-US584.3
17Drafty Vulgar Display of PowerAkama-US584.3
17Rubicante Damage IncAkama-US584.3Not updated
17Kirok Hello Kitty ClubAkama-US584.3
21Heph SanityAkama-US584.1
21Thaneroland Simple MechanicsAkama-US584.1
21Whitebooty Midnight IllusionAkama-US584.1
24Shroombadger SanityAkama-US583.8
25Primetime Damage IncAkama-US583.6
25Wørmwøød SanityAkama-US583.6
27Chibihex SanityAkama-US583.5
28Geb PhenomAkama-US583.4
29Falir Hello Kitty ClubAkama-US583.1
30Grendels  Akama-US582.9
30Mx ChupathingyAkama-US582.9
32Felra Hello Kitty ClubAkama-US582.8
33Octane  Akama-US582.6
34Jkhan WarpathAkama-US582.5
35Rapidshaft  Akama-US582.3Not updated
35Rabblebad WorldEaterAkama-US582.3
37Droidz PhenomAkama-US582.1
38Idiotfrmbhnd Hello Kitty ClubAkama-US581.9
39Socalskillz Hello Kitty ClubAkama-US581.8
40Cobrasauce WarpathAkama-US581.7
41Cobrabauce PhenomAkama-US581.6
42Ankoki Hello Kitty ClubAkama-US581.5
43Swý Damage IncAkama-US581.2
43Sorraa  Akama-US581.2
45Qwickdraw SanityAkama-US581.1
45Arydennya Hello Kitty ClubAkama-US581.1
47Devilgrandma WarpathAkama-US580.8
47Bredadegho Catalina Wine MixerAkama-US580.8
49Gamòra Hello Kitty ClubAkama-US580.7
49Khaoimon Midnight IllusionAkama-US580.7
51Doogru  Akama-US580.6
52Magallo PhenomAkama-US580.3Not updated
53Jaydilla Hello Kitty ClubAkama-US580.2
54Themonnk Midnight IllusionAkama-US580.1
54Irritate  Akama-US580.1
56Empithy Hello Kitty ClubAkama-US580.0
57Hammondeggs SanityAkama-US579.9Not updated
57Smacklepuffs WorldEaterAkama-US579.9
59Maldrec WorldEaterAkama-US579.8
60Dagonpacdad Simple MechanicsAkama-US579.5
61Fearoftdark WarpathAkama-US579.1Not updated
61Renée  Akama-US579.1Not updated
61Dionisiis Life SentenceAkama-US579.1
61Pie PhenomAkama-US579.1Not updated
61Janeä PhenomAkama-US579.1Not updated
66Bladedruid WorldEaterAkama-US578.9
66Stazya Vulgar Display of PowerAkama-US578.9
68Jut Hello Kitty ClubAkama-US578.6
69Beercans Damage IncAkama-US578.3
70Zogle PhenomAkama-US578.0Not updated
71Trespasser PhenomAkama-US577.9
71Zedonia Midnight IllusionAkama-US577.9
73Tortass Damage IncAkama-US577.7
74Korlach Life SentenceAkama-US577.5
75Mordronus Life SentenceAkama-US577.4
75Cellidorn Damage IncAkama-US577.4
77Iluvyou WorldEaterAkama-US577.3
77Dannykin PhenomAkama-US577.3
77Agustas WorldEaterAkama-US577.3
80Indignation  Akama-US577.2Not updated
81Socal Hello Kitty ClubAkama-US577.1
81Xamren  Akama-US577.1
83Emz PhenomAkama-US576.9
84Grouch SynergyAkama-US576.8Not updated
84Taurenswag  Akama-US576.8Not updated
86Dupe Hello Kitty ClubAkama-US576.7
86Thewarriior WarpathAkama-US576.7
88Teliah Midnight IllusionAkama-US576.6Not updated
89Phattshammy Hello Kitty ClubAkama-US576.4
90Ulizek RestlessAkama-US576.3
91Wakawakawoo  Akama-US575.9
91Auru ChupathingyAkama-US575.9
91Monicatj Hello Kitty ClubAkama-US575.9
94Akiza Life SentenceAkama-US575.8
94Kor Life SentenceAkama-US575.8
96Proc Body Massage MachineAkama-US575.7
97Duckett WorldEaterAkama-US575.6
98Zeguzzi  Akama-US575.5
98Sassyfrass Vulgar Display of PowerAkama-US575.5
100Garrote Critical MassAkama-US575.4

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