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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Aggramar-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Swiftimpulse ExpiationAggramar-US590.8Not updated
2Mhordeeb ExpiationAggramar-US589.6Not updated
3Cohibashammy ExpiationAggramar-US589.1Not updated
3Alaidia The EnclaveAggramar-US589.1Not updated
5Pineapplexp  Aggramar-US588.8Not updated
5Biubiu My Lifes Getting BetterAggramar-US588.8Not updated
5Orwell The EnclaveAggramar-US588.8Not updated
5Pändemon Morbid AngelsAggramar-US588.8Not updated
9Cereb ExpiationAggramar-US588.7Not updated
10Monkiful ExpiationAggramar-US588.2Not updated
11Deladrin ExpiationAggramar-US587.9Not updated
11Zwoop The EnclaveAggramar-US587.9Not updated
11Carlosh Morbid AngelsAggramar-US587.9Not updated
11Kyruel ExpiationAggramar-US587.9Not updated
15Pandalf The EnclaveAggramar-US587.6Not updated
15Nyssaele The ButchersAggramar-US587.6Not updated
17Hilljack The EnclaveAggramar-US587.5Not updated
17Pheline Chaos UnisonAggramar-US587.5Not updated
19Crystallyn ExpiationAggramar-US587.4Not updated
20Procz The RemnantAggramar-US587.2Not updated
21Freaknstein Exiled IncAggramar-US587.1Not updated
21Expire The EnclaveAggramar-US587.1Not updated
21Coulomb ExpiationAggramar-US587.1Not updated
21Stacii ExpiationAggramar-US587.1Not updated
21Orisvae The RemnantAggramar-US587.1Not updated
26Bluemeenie ExpiationAggramar-US586.8Not updated
27Jiffypop The RemnantAggramar-US586.7Not updated
27Hawk ExpiationAggramar-US586.7Not updated
27Brøøk Morbid AngelsAggramar-US586.7Not updated
30Bondhamlet ExpiationAggramar-US586.6Not updated
31Mugutu The EnclaveAggramar-US586.4Not updated
31Mileysmash The RemnantAggramar-US586.4Not updated
33Salden Chaos UnisonAggramar-US586.3Not updated
33Evangelìon The EnclaveAggramar-US586.3Not updated
33Basanda The EnclaveAggramar-US586.3Not updated
33Deuxcapri Chaos UnisonAggramar-US586.3Not updated
33Shintorg ExpiationAggramar-US586.3Not updated
33Ashwalker CovetousAggramar-US586.3Not updated
33Quincunx The EnclaveAggramar-US586.3Not updated
33Cheetos ExpiationAggramar-US586.3Not updated
41Impatiance The EnclaveAggramar-US586.1Not updated
42Muleface The RemnantAggramar-US586.0Not updated
42Cebrelas  Aggramar-US586.0Not updated
44Shadowvenom CovetousAggramar-US585.9Not updated
44Royalette ExpiationAggramar-US585.9Not updated
44Lefei ExpiationAggramar-US585.9Not updated
47Millos The EnclaveAggramar-US585.8Not updated
48Xinjun Exiled IncAggramar-US585.7Not updated
48Northrnlight  Aggramar-US585.7Not updated
50Kaelyndraice The RemnantAggramar-US585.6Not updated
50Bearmug The RemnantAggramar-US585.6Not updated
50Phanes The ButchersAggramar-US585.6Not updated
50Bloodgaze The ButchersAggramar-US585.6Not updated
50Ghazban The RemnantAggramar-US585.6Not updated
55Massdet ExpiationAggramar-US585.4Not updated
56Kamah CovetousAggramar-US585.3Not updated
57Moonbrew The ButchersAggramar-US585.2Not updated
57Bociphus The RemnantAggramar-US585.2Not updated
57Dmetrius ExpiationAggramar-US585.2Not updated
57Farjin CovetousAggramar-US585.2Not updated
61Sophiira The ButchersAggramar-US585.1Not updated
61Carcosa The RemnantAggramar-US585.1Not updated
61Jahzel ExpiationAggramar-US585.1Not updated
64Aleexxus ExpiationAggramar-US585.0Not updated
64Yukizawa EterniumAggramar-US585.0Not updated
66Thorne Exiled IncAggramar-US584.9Not updated
66Mytone The RemnantAggramar-US584.9Not updated
66Omegastout EterniumAggramar-US584.9Not updated
66Cabowabo The RemnantAggramar-US584.9Not updated
66Scythesoul ExpiationAggramar-US584.9Not updated
71Facerollbro  Aggramar-US584.8Not updated
71Ellyndria ExpiationAggramar-US584.8Not updated
71Dagmagi ExpiationAggramar-US584.8Not updated
74Mightywid CovetousAggramar-US584.6Not updated
74Kartan  Aggramar-US584.6Not updated
74Windleaf The ButchersAggramar-US584.6Not updated
74Shónuff The RemnantAggramar-US584.6Not updated
78Mutfico Exiled IncAggramar-US584.5Not updated
78Dantiné The RemnantAggramar-US584.5Not updated
80Anathemas Exiled IncAggramar-US584.4Not updated
80Prîde ExpiationAggramar-US584.4Not updated
82Elacca The ButchersAggramar-US584.2Not updated
83Askiastout  Aggramar-US584.1Not updated
83Ninjapro WhackDonaldsAggramar-US584.1Not updated
85Kalimyst  Aggramar-US584.0Not updated
86Zemo The RemnantAggramar-US583.9Not updated
86Junharit  Aggramar-US583.9Not updated
88Hunchy The RemnantAggramar-US583.8Not updated
88Deelit ExpiationAggramar-US583.8Not updated
90Tulas The ButchersAggramar-US583.7Not updated
90Khyra CovetousAggramar-US583.7Not updated
92Frigasaur FoederatiAggramar-US583.6Not updated
92Halleck The ButchersAggramar-US583.6Not updated
92Harshkiller The EnclaveAggramar-US583.6Not updated
92Aurä Exiled IncAggramar-US583.6Not updated
96Baw Exiled IncAggramar-US583.5Not updated
97Laurabeth  Aggramar-US583.4Not updated
98Varkzert My Lifes Getting BetterAggramar-US583.3Not updated
99Peaksmasher The RemnantAggramar-US583.2Not updated
99Rumzy Nothing FancyAggramar-US583.2Not updated

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