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Aggramar-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Hitandrun E X O D U SAggramar-EU589.0
2Krennick The Obsidian OrderAggramar-EU588.2
3Opachey E X O D U SAggramar-EU587.9
3Ariå The Obsidian OrderAggramar-EU587.9
5Braincursed E X O D U SAggramar-EU587.5
6Baltoo E X O D U SAggramar-EU587.4
7Zarki E X O D U SAggramar-EU587.1
7Marsisuplani E X O D U SAggramar-EU587.1
7Blackwrath E X O D U SAggramar-EU587.1
7Legato The Obsidian OrderAggramar-EU587.1
11Millecollin E X O D U SAggramar-EU586.8
12Sunti The Obsidian OrderAggramar-EU586.7
12Greyowl E X O D U SAggramar-EU586.7
14Boozie The Obsidian OrderAggramar-EU586.4
14Ayuumu The Obsidian OrderAggramar-EU586.4
14Sedai The Obsidian OrderAggramar-EU586.4
14Trèma E X O D U SAggramar-EU586.4
14Chilywok E X O D U SAggramar-EU586.4
19Gonron InsanityAggramar-EU586.3
19Jeycé E X O D U SAggramar-EU586.3
19Shom The Obsidian OrderAggramar-EU586.3
22Turmnut E X O D U SAggramar-EU586.2
23Deedee E X O D U SAggramar-EU586.1
24Thrallion E X O D U SAggramar-EU586.0
25Bolen E X O D U SAggramar-EU585.9
26Ghostflower E X O D U SAggramar-EU585.8
27Scrubcoffee E X O D U SAggramar-EU585.6
27Chaya The Obsidian OrderAggramar-EU585.6
27Scaar VIS HONORAggramar-EU585.6
30Javaman InsanityAggramar-EU585.2
30Suarge E X O D U SAggramar-EU585.2
32Pidel InsanityAggramar-EU585.1
32Sangor The Obsidian OrderAggramar-EU585.1
34Morpheosbad VIS HONORAggramar-EU585.0
34Eutomos VIS HONORAggramar-EU585.0
34Sprów The ExodusAggramar-EU585.0
37Ryad InsanityAggramar-EU584.9
37Kufke Blood EquinoxAggramar-EU584.9
37Sniffu InsanityAggramar-EU584.9
40Eladór The ExodusAggramar-EU584.7
41Charlie VIS HONORAggramar-EU584.5
41Seico WogacoAggramar-EU584.5
41Hairytotems E X O D U SAggramar-EU584.5
41Tripod E X O D U SAggramar-EU584.5
45Gerusama VIS HONORAggramar-EU584.4
45Grozak E X O D U SAggramar-EU584.4
45Nevalus InsanityAggramar-EU584.4
45Gálin VIS HONORAggramar-EU584.4
49Drittz Blood EquinoxAggramar-EU584.3
50Madvest The ExodusAggramar-EU584.2
51Yuansu InsanityAggramar-EU584.1
51Varglave InsanityAggramar-EU584.1
51Lowman E X O D U SAggramar-EU584.1
51Xabok E X O D U SAggramar-EU584.1
55Två InsanityAggramar-EU584.0
56Baxon WogacoAggramar-EU583.8
56Dktruman WogacoAggramar-EU583.8
56Etiníxa Blood EquinoxAggramar-EU583.8
59Wárchief Blood EquinoxAggramar-EU583.7
59Glero The Obsidian OrderAggramar-EU583.7
61Dringol The ExodusAggramar-EU583.6
61Insame E X O D U SAggramar-EU583.6
63Angelamerkél InsanityAggramar-EU583.4
63Madmiké The ExodusAggramar-EU583.4
65Gladalia The ExodusAggramar-EU583.3
65Fízzybomb The ExodusAggramar-EU583.3
65Voidshift Blood EquinoxAggramar-EU583.3
68Eexe WogacoAggramar-EU583.2
68Anoth The ExodusAggramar-EU583.2
70Harbinger The Obsidian OrderAggramar-EU583.1
70Shaunomac WogacoAggramar-EU583.1
72Mokhtar E X O D U SAggramar-EU583.0
72Shámróck Blood EquinoxAggramar-EU583.0
74Dracarys E X O D U SAggramar-EU582.9
74Crossbow The Obsidian OrderAggramar-EU582.9
74Raxx Blood EquinoxAggramar-EU582.9
77Sju InsanityAggramar-EU582.8
78Behexen The Obsidian OrderAggramar-EU582.7
78Cryptlords E X O D U SAggramar-EU582.7
80Dragaan Warseeker TribeAggramar-EU582.6
81Bienie Auditor Fortuna JuvatAggramar-EU582.5
81Hudara Auditor Fortuna JuvatAggramar-EU582.5
83Chikage VIS HONORAggramar-EU582.4
83Wilwarindëa Wyrm SlayersAggramar-EU582.4
85Chi WogacoAggramar-EU582.3
86Dakloh The ExodusAggramar-EU582.2
87Tusani WogacoAggramar-EU582.0
87Int E X O D U SAggramar-EU582.0
87Traven E X O D U SAggramar-EU582.0
87Sarayal F R E DAggramar-EU582.0
87Lexustheone Soldiers of AzerothAggramar-EU582.0
87Noeska Auditor Fortuna JuvatAggramar-EU582.0
93Eskara Auditor Fortuna JuvatAggramar-EU581.7
93Heffenbel Auditor Fortuna JuvatAggramar-EU581.7
93Chalzoria The Obsidian OrderAggramar-EU581.7
93Syrakul WogacoAggramar-EU581.7
97Burningbrian InsanityAggramar-EU581.6
97Apekatt Auditor Fortuna JuvatAggramar-EU581.6
97Olivía The Obsidian OrderAggramar-EU581.6
100Ente The Obsidian OrderAggramar-EU581.5

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