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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Aegwynn-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Thynnus RocKs of AegwynnAegwynn-EU590.8Not updated
2Schwatter BlackwoodAegwynn-EU590.4Not updated
3Tóuché EODEMAegwynn-EU590.2Not updated
4Russow Bleed it outAegwynn-EU589.6Not updated
4Yuvelle ÐisturbiaAegwynn-EU589.6Not updated
6Velyra In flagrantìAegwynn-EU589.1Not updated
6Impy Wipe OutAegwynn-EU589.1Not updated
6Ýucatan DagordacilAegwynn-EU589.1Not updated
9Dariko RocKs of AegwynnAegwynn-EU588.8Not updated
9Loloverhunt ÎnsaneAegwynn-EU588.8Not updated
9Gilfea Pelvic ThrustAegwynn-EU588.8Not updated
9Tinglicious ResilientAegwynn-EU588.8Not updated
9Sebosan Last ExileAegwynn-EU588.8Not updated
9Stilk MadboysAegwynn-EU588.8Not updated
9Olymer Wings of YsondreAegwynn-EU588.8Not updated
9Nantoomay Eternal ConfederacyAegwynn-EU588.8Not updated
9Crisiscore EODEMAegwynn-EU588.8Not updated
18Yoshìmitsu ResilientAegwynn-EU588.7Not updated
18Pâlîmpâ Eternal ConfederacyAegwynn-EU588.7Not updated
18Orwyn Error Thirty SevenAegwynn-EU588.7Not updated
18Yezariea EODEMAegwynn-EU588.7Not updated
22Nilenja LetalisAegwynn-EU588.6Not updated
22Meiyó Pelvic ThrustAegwynn-EU588.6Not updated
22Hellowner EODEMAegwynn-EU588.6Not updated
25Bämchikáwá Wipe OutAegwynn-EU588.4Not updated
25Fermia Bleed it outAegwynn-EU588.4Not updated
25Varón Wings of YsondreAegwynn-EU588.4Not updated
25Marut Bleed it outAegwynn-EU588.4Not updated
25Tincabell Wings of YsondreAegwynn-EU588.4Not updated
25Elnordecay ResilientAegwynn-EU588.4Not updated
25Mailight RocKs of AegwynnAegwynn-EU588.4Not updated
25Xelophyne KillerHasenAegwynn-EU588.4Not updated
33Seragorn Foedus UltorisAegwynn-EU588.3Not updated
33Dakarru ResilientAegwynn-EU588.3Not updated
33Vendred ÎnsaneAegwynn-EU588.3Not updated
33Sílvêr ÎnsaneAegwynn-EU588.3Not updated
33Mettwin EODEMAegwynn-EU588.3Not updated
33Sólstafir Pelvic ThrustAegwynn-EU588.3Not updated
33Nywen Last InstanceAegwynn-EU588.3Not updated
33Cucusa ResilientAegwynn-EU588.3Not updated
33Enol StickyAegwynn-EU588.3Not updated
33Haze ResilientAegwynn-EU588.3Not updated
43Skizer go for goldAegwynn-EU588.2Not updated
43Dîamânt Siquest Parcèm ParabelumAegwynn-EU588.2Not updated
43Nenokyo CyneticAegwynn-EU588.2Not updated
43Elnor ResilientAegwynn-EU588.2Not updated
47Kaetty Pelvic ThrustAegwynn-EU588.0Not updated
47Dominathor U CANT PWN USAegwynn-EU588.0Not updated
47Protektos BlackwoodAegwynn-EU588.0Not updated
47Björge Communitas AureaAegwynn-EU588.0Not updated
47Brechet eXioAegwynn-EU588.0Not updated
47Yalyra ResilientAegwynn-EU588.0Not updated
47Stulty NoxAegwynn-EU588.0Not updated
47Jareed CynarAegwynn-EU588.0Not updated
47Twentyseven ÎnsaneAegwynn-EU588.0Not updated
47Sweetsun KonquestAegwynn-EU588.0Not updated
57Fizzyy MadboysAegwynn-EU587.9Not updated
57Gadgêt ÎnsaneAegwynn-EU587.9Not updated
57Røøach EODEMAegwynn-EU587.9Not updated
57Pascalino BlackwoodAegwynn-EU587.9Not updated
57Jaýdee ÎnsaneAegwynn-EU587.9Not updated
57Paratrooper Bleed it outAegwynn-EU587.9Not updated
57Hoquz  Aegwynn-EU587.9Not updated
57Sêphî Dark GuardiansAegwynn-EU587.9Not updated
57Stôrmbrînger EODEMAegwynn-EU587.9Not updated
57Nashy In flagrantìAegwynn-EU587.9Not updated
57Fünününühh AdeptAegwynn-EU587.9Not updated
57Cylix ResilientAegwynn-EU587.9Not updated
57Raines ResilientAegwynn-EU587.9Not updated
57Naleman In flagrantìAegwynn-EU587.9Not updated
57Êlenor EODEMAegwynn-EU587.9Not updated
57Baerserkar EODEMAegwynn-EU587.9Not updated
57Xuxlo EODEMAegwynn-EU587.9Not updated
57Hocuz ResilientAegwynn-EU587.9Not updated
57Salvathor BreathTakìngAegwynn-EU587.9Not updated
57Kuú In flagrantìAegwynn-EU587.9Not updated
57Tollifant  Aegwynn-EU587.9Not updated
57Nebelchen Bleed it outAegwynn-EU587.9Not updated
57Netamio EODEMAegwynn-EU587.9Not updated
57Neruun Dark GuardiansAegwynn-EU587.9Not updated
57Ricster In flagrantìAegwynn-EU587.9Not updated
57Rashx ÎnsaneAegwynn-EU587.9Not updated
57Thafuq ÎnsaneAegwynn-EU587.9Not updated
57Calrea ResilientAegwynn-EU587.9Not updated
57Atésch Wipe OutAegwynn-EU587.9Not updated
57Slowbarba Wipe OutAegwynn-EU587.9Not updated
57Blacklife MadboysAegwynn-EU587.9Not updated
57Nêtrus ÎnsaneAegwynn-EU587.9Not updated
89Jaryaya Eternal ConfederacyAegwynn-EU587.8Not updated
90Sèbbohr In flagrantìAegwynn-EU587.6Not updated
90Jolokiá Last InstanceAegwynn-EU587.6Not updated
90Lurica KillerHasenAegwynn-EU587.6Not updated
90Tronka KonquestAegwynn-EU587.6Not updated
90Kilidra Pelvic ThrustAegwynn-EU587.6Not updated
90Gundâlf ÐisturbiaAegwynn-EU587.6Not updated
90Aewareborn pandoras boxAegwynn-EU587.6Not updated
97Liayah raisedAegwynn-EU587.5Not updated
97Nadise ResilientAegwynn-EU587.5Not updated
97Wurzelhopser EODEMAegwynn-EU587.5Not updated
97Nyctea EODEMAegwynn-EU587.5Not updated

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