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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Abssolute Friend ZoneDarkspear-US593.8Not updated
1Stab SummitIllidan-US593.8Not updated
1Jazzduck AngryIllidan-US593.8Not updated
1Acidskeets  Illidan-US593.8Not updated
1Lirchy Death JestersStormrage-US593.8Not updated
1Tigerladyirl MidwinterSargeras-US593.8Not updated
1Bob No FuryAntonidas-US593.8Not updated
1Infallible IndestructibleKel'Thuzad-US593.8Not updated
1Krakken War FrontFrostmane-US593.8Not updated
1Fenixstryk FateFrostmourne-US593.8Not updated
11Ringtone Vox RadixKorgath-US593.4Not updated
12Drakar Fluffy UnicornsThaurissan-US593.0Not updated
12Brewce ClarityArthas-US593.0Not updated
12Krón Chain ReactionArea 52-US593.0Not updated
15Shirato DNOgamingKil'jaeden-US592.6Not updated
15Lilzuljin Fail SquadLightninghoof-US592.6Not updated
17Mushin AjantisSaurfang-US592.2Not updated
17Drunkz Capital VicesEredar-US592.2Not updated
17Trecktor  Kil'jaeden-US592.2Not updated
17Daerio MightZul'jin-US592.2Not updated
17Varo Against All AuthorityAzralon-US592.2Not updated
17Mochizuki Guild of ElitesMisha-US592.2Not updated
17Aurelius Capax InfinitiKil'jaeden-US592.2Not updated
17Tohr MightZul'jin-US592.2Not updated
17Sleight Blood LegionIllidan-US592.2Not updated
26Crysil Toca do GoblinAzralon-US592.0Not updated
26Metalbear Raiding RainbowsIllidan-US592.0Not updated
26Sigrün SummitBleeding Hollow-US592.0Not updated
26Crusifier DivideZul'jin-US592.0Not updated
26Demonicblade Forgotten AspectsHyjal-US592.0Not updated
26Unknwndrubio Raiding RainbowsIllidan-US592.0Not updated
26Ooberbandaid VexGorefiend-US592.0Not updated
26Fergus Nocturnal LunacyStormrage-US592.0Not updated
34Michaelfox Immortal DreamFrostmourne-US591.9Not updated
34Banakk Stage ClearKil'jaeden-US591.9Not updated
34Strugglebear StaticArthas-US591.9Not updated
34Brf MyrmidonsTol Barad-US591.9Not updated
34Fite ResurrectedSargeras-US591.9Not updated
34Kaowa MidwinterSargeras-US591.9Not updated
34Gladys vodkaStormrage-US591.9Not updated
34Donkehpunch Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US591.9Not updated
34Dejavou VicesKel'Thuzad-US591.9Not updated
43Abusedgoat AscensionBarthilas-US591.8Not updated
43Chuckles AscensionBarthilas-US591.8Not updated
45Atalex Royal MilitiaKel'Thuzad-US591.6Not updated
45Annatâr CrossfireThrall-US591.6Not updated
45Blugatti  Illidan-US591.6Not updated
45Rageshot Zodiac BravesSargeras-US591.6Not updated
49Yukiox Capax InfinitiKil'jaeden-US591.5Not updated
49Calade Lusting on TrashArthas-US591.5Not updated
49Silk The War Tusk ClanFrostwolf-US591.5Not updated
49Jermac Eternal LifeMannoroth-US591.5Not updated
49Jerícho MetroStormrage-US591.5Not updated
49Roulette FictionFrostmourne-US591.5Not updated
49Charliepie FrenzyFrostmourne-US591.5Not updated
49Lodikrad WarforgedMoon Guard-US591.5Not updated
49Mindstrike ScornArea 52-US591.5Not updated
49Darklego FocusThunderlord-US591.5Not updated
49Talent PathogenLightbringer-US591.5Not updated
49Korgot MyrmidonsTol Barad-US591.5Not updated
49Slyced Armored JusticeHellscream-US591.5Not updated
62Aggrolol Fluffy UnicornsThaurissan-US591.4Not updated
62Bound UnionUldum-US591.4Not updated
62Pussnboot Before The FallStormrage-US591.4Not updated
65Speed PureAntonidas-US591.2Not updated
65Taldek AvailedAnvilmar-US591.2Not updated
65Khamasutra Holding The LineDrakkari-US591.2Not updated
65Kýnd RecklessSkullcrusher-US591.2Not updated
69Sneakyjuu Far Beyond InsanityStormrage-US591.1Not updated
69Vladkin  Skullcrusher-US591.1Not updated
69Størmkeeper EndGameAzralon-US591.1Not updated
69Kumamicro ExaltedRunetotem-US591.1Not updated
69Nifel CaReBeaR CluBVelen-US591.1Not updated
69Somyungai SagaSilvermoon-US591.1Not updated
69Sellitto Big CritsSen'jin-US591.1Not updated
69Voelva Midnight SanctuaryStormrage-US591.1Not updated
69Fath ScornArea 52-US591.1Not updated
69Elijáh Blood FistEarthen Ring-US591.1Not updated
69Levn Divine WindProudmoore-US591.1Not updated
80Amabarix  Zul'jin-US591.0Not updated
80Skz WICKED SICKAzralon-US591.0Not updated
80Romine Blood FuryAzralon-US591.0Not updated
80Strobe EnigmaSaurfang-US591.0Not updated
80Alamina ShøwtimeStormrage-US591.0Not updated
80Tiatha ReprieveNagrand-US591.0Not updated
80Nouway WICKED SICKAzralon-US591.0Not updated
80Keres RiotSargeras-US591.0Not updated
80Dawna Whisperwind ElevenWhisperwind-US591.0Not updated
89Lynd Last WordNer'zhul-US590.8Not updated
89Arcanjokill Anjos do ApocalipseGallywix-US590.8Not updated
89Evjumba  Illidan-US590.8Not updated
89Keyley ReforgedThunderlord-US590.8Not updated
89Forsakenpeon Morior InvictusCho'gall-US590.8Not updated
89Hamboigaz Soft EnrageBlackrock-US590.8Not updated
89Rykar Digital AddictionShadow Council-US590.8Not updated
89Instantwolf Bon WeirDarkspear-US590.8Not updated
89Azulao AvalonNemesis-US590.8Not updated
89Swiftimpulse ExpiationAggramar-US590.8Not updated
89Shockaroo FormidableFrostwolf-US590.8Not updated
89Abrar Love me harderGorefiend-US590.8Not updated

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