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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Misha-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Brickles Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US568.1Not updated
2Zhaetos Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US563.2
3Àura Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US561.9Not updated
4Cindol Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US553.2Not updated
5Guzzler Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US551.3Not updated
6Navras Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US545.7Not updated
7Perish Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US544.1Not updated
8Polecorner Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US543.9Not updated
9Bloodylock Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US543.1Not updated
10ßuck Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US541.5Not updated
11Anthron Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US540.7Not updated
12Odinfire Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US538.3Not updated
13Kinnick Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US536.2Not updated
14Paincakez Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US531.9Not updated
15Bareclaw Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US530.0Not updated
16Vivisect Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US528.2Not updated
17Doraidi Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US527.3Not updated
17Kaseyrieback Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US527.3Not updated
19Bloodyhood Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US526.5Not updated
20Kalumi Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US525.3Not updated
21Phroze Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US520.3Not updated
22Googled Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US520.0Not updated
23Aetareaven Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US516.5Not updated
24Solidice Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US515.7Not updated
25Teamocil Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US514.7Not updated
26Snakeplisskn Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US512.1Not updated
26Pandafoochi Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US512.1Not updated
28Flintsy Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US511.7Not updated
29Neilna Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US510.8Not updated
30Fluffyheals Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US509.9Not updated
31Másk Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US509.1Not updated
32Karhu Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US507.7Not updated
33Bellarosa Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US506.7Not updated
34Kalexus Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US505.3Not updated
35Remmon Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US501.8Not updated
36Jonmcclane Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US498.0Not updated
37Bellaluzz Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US497.7Not updated
37Bellamonk Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US497.7Not updated
39Khaaleesi Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US497.1Not updated
40Lincolnhawk Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US496.7Not updated
41Saintz Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US495.2Not updated
41Odinshammer Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US495.2Not updated
43Jadephire Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US494.7Not updated
44Seether Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US492.4Not updated
45Luckyhit Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US491.9Not updated
46Scrotar Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US491.2Not updated
47Belladiabla Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US490.1Not updated
48Fortebella Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US489.6Not updated
49Summabish Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US489.2Not updated
50Lulling Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US489.1Not updated
51Chamms Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US487.7Not updated
52Isquared Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US486.1Not updated
53Bellademonia Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US483.5Not updated
54Executiee Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US483.4Not updated
55Rainingmist Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US483.1Not updated
56Hugemeat Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US482.9Not updated
57Fistakuffs Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US480.5Not updated
58Kalight Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US480.0Not updated
59Masquerader Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US478.6Not updated
60ßooty Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US478.2Not updated
61Hyperactive Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US477.6Not updated
61Invisah Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US477.6Not updated
63Dunnhammer Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US476.1Not updated
64Amannara Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US473.5Not updated
65Midgetized Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US472.2Not updated
66Raininglight Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US471.0Not updated
67Hairyngrumpy Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US466.3Not updated
68Greenwillow Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US464.3Not updated
69Másqueráder Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US463.6Not updated
70Raiñ Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US460.6Not updated
71Erinys Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US458.3Not updated
71Honcho Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US458.3Not updated
73Shadowphire Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US445.7Not updated
74Underdogg Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US426.4Not updated
75Sacko Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US416.1Not updated
76Stalsar Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US403.9Not updated
77Kheldian Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US403.5Not updated
78Ætherstorm Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US403.0Not updated
79Arcfire Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US399.4Not updated
80Atreyù Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US398.1Not updated
80Discord Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US398.1Not updated
82Elysium Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US395.4Not updated
83Hayze Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US393.9Not updated
84Helos Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US392.7Not updated
85Andarys Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US392.1Not updated
86Dejá Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US386.7Not updated
87Saphyre Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US383.1Not updated
88Ancestral Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US382.9Not updated
89Nullify Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US381.4Not updated
90Incognita Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US380.7Not updated
91Lêgîôñ Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US380.1Not updated
92Bubblepwnage Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US377.9Not updated
93Icubed Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US377.5Not updated
94Åmaterasu Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US372.6Not updated
95Havók Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US371.5Not updated
96Fizzler Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US366.0Not updated
97Refrain Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US365.9Not updated
98Inches Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US363.2Not updated
99Tyrannt Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US362.4Not updated
100Iye Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US361.8Not updated

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