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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Magtheridon-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Sarky WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US589.9
2Smashyymagus WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US589.5
3Invection WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US589.0
3Zorop WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US589.0
5Rawxd WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US588.9
6Sarkasmos WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US588.7
7Trueslam WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US588.6
8Killmour WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US588.3
9Kryzite WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US588.2
9Arold WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US588.2
9Supps WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US588.2
12Kisstehbaby WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US587.9
12Brozooka WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US587.9
12Zaphikel WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US587.9
12Skullflower WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US587.9
12Botty WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US587.9
12Drye WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US587.9
18Cebel WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US587.6
19Tankerman WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US587.5
19Ties WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US587.5
19Levictus WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US587.5Not updated
19Nnub WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US587.5Not updated
19Burfday WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US587.5
19Donnut WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US587.5Not updated
19Hecachire WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US587.5
19Sipep WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US587.5
27Brmz WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US587.2
28Akaro WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US587.1
29Bozo WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US586.8
30Arieal WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US586.4Not updated
30Txbeast WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US586.4
32Boucanes WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US586.0
33Smashyyshgj WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US585.8
34Ashkore WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US585.6Not updated
34Bismack WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US585.6
36Trackpad WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US585.4
37Babykiss WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US585.2Not updated
37Rowi WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US585.2
39Ashsunday WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US585.1Not updated
40Dinklagedad WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US584.9
41Dadysgiantpp WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US584.0
42Stommped WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US583.4Not updated
43Acideyeliner WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US582.9
44Famousone WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US582.4Not updated
45Azem WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US581.7
46Akoozorb WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US581.2
47Kisstehpanda WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US581.1
48Termag WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US580.6
49Catarik WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US580.5Not updated
49Lenessia WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US580.5
51Skullflowers WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US580.3
52Pochiena WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US579.9
53Tabbiizhott WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US579.7
54Dryeqtpie WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US579.1
55Italyslock WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US577.7Not updated
56Watongoon WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US576.5Not updated
57Renlol WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US576.1Not updated
58Brooks WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US575.5Not updated
59Shiftmour WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US575.3
59Bvrfdaycake WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US575.3
61Toodlefroops WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US574.9
62Jackjr WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US574.7
63Vassago WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US574.4Not updated
64Narij WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US573.9
65Ruseman WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US573.7
66Brozookajr WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US573.5
67Labeast WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US573.4
68Zaratewl WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US572.4
69Rowii WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US571.7Not updated
70Chad WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US569.6Not updated
71Hecaire WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US569.2
72Kookiepuss WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US568.5Not updated
73Prometheium WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US567.5
74Sevverencee WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US566.7Not updated
75Jetjaguarex WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US564.5Not updated
76Tummytime WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US563.5Not updated
77Gábrielle WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US562.9Not updated
78Joneser WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US562.8
79Wadatah WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US562.4
79Thegoatxgoat WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US562.4Not updated
81Mistwenner WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US562.0
82Pixshot WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US561.4
83Tiez WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US561.2Not updated
84Verrine WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US561.1Not updated
85Zafikel WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US560.7
86Ivankov WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US560.2
87Poonzer WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US559.8
88Spitzmaus WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US558.9Not updated
89Herpadurpes WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US558.3Not updated
90Guddagudda WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US557.4
90Jetjr WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US557.4
92Moniz WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US557.1
93Phrequency WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US556.9Not updated
94Rainiday WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US555.8
95Conflux WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US554.7Not updated
96Zoropaz WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US554.4Not updated
97Papalock WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US554.1
98Zaratul WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US553.4
99Yira WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US552.9Not updated
100Kvetch WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US552.0Not updated

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