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Thrall-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Naelran The SelectedThrall-US585.5
2Laegon The SelectedThrall-US585.4
3Tundér The SelectedThrall-US584.6
4Faelar The SelectedThrall-US584.1
5Lamiai The SelectedThrall-US583.8
6Talpa The SelectedThrall-US583.7
7Bejah The SelectedThrall-US583.2
8Krulos The SelectedThrall-US578.4
9Neomorphy The SelectedThrall-US574.3
10Suzaka The SelectedThrall-US573.4
11Teodoro The SelectedThrall-US570.9
12Naelorn The SelectedThrall-US570.3
13Naelror The SelectedThrall-US564.0
14Kamadin The SelectedThrall-US562.5
15Naelana The SelectedThrall-US557.5
15Pockets The SelectedThrall-US557.5Not updated
17Jinora The SelectedThrall-US556.9
18Kenzie The SelectedThrall-US556.7
19Arghelan The SelectedThrall-US555.7
20Warkai The SelectedThrall-US555.0Not updated
21Finten The SelectedThrall-US548.4
22Dorà The SelectedThrall-US546.1
23Exhale The SelectedThrall-US545.3Not updated
24Kanddee The SelectedThrall-US540.2Not updated
25Andim The SelectedThrall-US539.9
26Zalf The SelectedThrall-US539.0Not updated
27Bringdarain The SelectedThrall-US538.9Not updated
28Shouloh The SelectedThrall-US538.7Not updated
29Naelren The SelectedThrall-US537.9
30Haterader The SelectedThrall-US535.5
31Survivormann The SelectedThrall-US532.7Not updated
32Naele The SelectedThrall-US531.1
33Fizzlebuem The SelectedThrall-US529.3
34Naelraan The SelectedThrall-US528.5
35Demonised The SelectedThrall-US528.2
36Handofdog The SelectedThrall-US528.1Not updated
37Tacari The SelectedThrall-US528.0Not updated
38Oakin The SelectedThrall-US522.4
39Barnnes The SelectedThrall-US522.1
40Windani The SelectedThrall-US521.4
41Kinser The SelectedThrall-US520.9
42Sendran The SelectedThrall-US519.9Not updated
43Reyice The SelectedThrall-US516.7Not updated
44Naelne The SelectedThrall-US515.8Not updated
45Kyia The SelectedThrall-US514.1Not updated
46Raxacorico The SelectedThrall-US509.3Not updated
47Melmö The SelectedThrall-US509.2
48Naeltard The SelectedThrall-US508.7Not updated
49Naelvia The SelectedThrall-US507.8Not updated
50Àrphaxad The SelectedThrall-US507.6Not updated
51Neoh The SelectedThrall-US507.1Not updated
52Lycanna The SelectedThrall-US505.6Not updated
53Brolly The SelectedThrall-US505.5
54Tagshunter The SelectedThrall-US504.4Not updated
55Brokengrace The SelectedThrall-US503.4
56Yabusame The SelectedThrall-US502.9
57Disavow The SelectedThrall-US502.4Not updated
58Galiarana The SelectedThrall-US500.3
59Washeu The SelectedThrall-US496.8
60Mlgbromaster The SelectedThrall-US496.2Not updated
61Svt The SelectedThrall-US496.0Not updated
62Finton The SelectedThrall-US495.0Not updated
62Sako The SelectedThrall-US495.0Not updated
64Shinsengumi The SelectedThrall-US494.9
65Badrach The SelectedThrall-US491.9Not updated
66Legretta The SelectedThrall-US491.7Not updated
66Polin The SelectedThrall-US491.7Not updated
68Rodolph The SelectedThrall-US490.6
69Tagorvisa The SelectedThrall-US490.1Not updated
70Datheth The SelectedThrall-US489.2Not updated
71Acerbik The SelectedThrall-US488.2Not updated
72Legendarius The SelectedThrall-US487.5
73Diwillon The SelectedThrall-US487.3
73Alco The SelectedThrall-US487.3
75Themap The SelectedThrall-US486.6Not updated
76Bankher The SelectedThrall-US485.1
77Ooburn The SelectedThrall-US483.9Not updated
78Minimagician The SelectedThrall-US483.7
79Design The SelectedThrall-US482.8Not updated
80Kotera The SelectedThrall-US481.6Not updated
81Funkasaurus The SelectedThrall-US480.1Not updated
82Cfive The SelectedThrall-US476.1Not updated
83Tigerrose The SelectedThrall-US473.8Not updated
84Kyanion The SelectedThrall-US470.5
85Laosa The SelectedThrall-US466.8
86Tedibear The SelectedThrall-US461.5Not updated
87Vandesdelca The SelectedThrall-US456.1Not updated
88Yuefei The SelectedThrall-US452.8
89Lionplex The SelectedThrall-US445.1Not updated
90Vashya The SelectedThrall-US440.8Not updated
91Bababoomboom The SelectedThrall-US436.5Not updated
92Pengwynodoom The SelectedThrall-US425.4Not updated
93Dysposable The SelectedThrall-US406.9Not updated
94Chupacabro The SelectedThrall-US398.6Not updated
95Tamazula The SelectedThrall-US397.1Not updated
96Broly The SelectedThrall-US390.2Not updated
97Emilson The SelectedThrall-US390.0Not updated
98Clocktime The SelectedThrall-US389.7Not updated
99Inphamy The SelectedThrall-US389.3Not updated
100Greenbeem The SelectedThrall-US388.0Not updated

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