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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Draenor-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Grulthrek The OriginDraenor-EU588.4Not updated
2Artemisia The OriginDraenor-EU587.9Not updated
3Tíath The OriginDraenor-EU587.1Not updated
4Theevildead The OriginDraenor-EU586.7Not updated
5Amezea The OriginDraenor-EU586.4Not updated
6Réalíst The OriginDraenor-EU586.2Not updated
7Zéthron The OriginDraenor-EU586.0Not updated
8Hulluko The OriginDraenor-EU585.8Not updated
8Döbs The OriginDraenor-EU585.8Not updated
10Zulee The OriginDraenor-EU585.6Not updated
11Dragonsrage The OriginDraenor-EU585.4Not updated
12Flexius The OriginDraenor-EU585.3Not updated
13Izataur The OriginDraenor-EU585.1Not updated
13Iteza The OriginDraenor-EU585.1Not updated
15Apexarcher The OriginDraenor-EU585.0Not updated
16Frannyb The OriginDraenor-EU584.8Not updated
17Bobafettish The OriginDraenor-EU584.4Not updated
18Omac The OriginDraenor-EU584.0Not updated
18Tiamek The OriginDraenor-EU584.0Not updated
20Manamie The OriginDraenor-EU583.7Not updated
21Kerath The OriginDraenor-EU582.8Not updated
22Ábbe The OriginDraenor-EU582.2Not updated
23Sollara The OriginDraenor-EU580.0Not updated
24Arioni The OriginDraenor-EU579.7Not updated
25Pureloanage The OriginDraenor-EU577.4Not updated
26Namais The OriginDraenor-EU577.3Not updated
27Macaroona The OriginDraenor-EU577.0Not updated
28Psyel The OriginDraenor-EU576.1Not updated
29Senjun The OriginDraenor-EU575.5Not updated
30Ellifar The OriginDraenor-EU575.4Not updated
31Poseidón The OriginDraenor-EU574.8Not updated
32Sayda The OriginDraenor-EU570.6Not updated
33Bullshatner The OriginDraenor-EU570.3Not updated
34Hólyterror The OriginDraenor-EU569.4Not updated
35Liebra The OriginDraenor-EU568.3Not updated
36Zijos The OriginDraenor-EU567.8Not updated
37Izawynd The OriginDraenor-EU567.4Not updated
38Gameofbones The OriginDraenor-EU567.3Not updated
39Zhil The OriginDraenor-EU566.4Not updated
40Åpex The OriginDraenor-EU566.3Not updated
41Ottavo The OriginDraenor-EU565.1Not updated
42Aerlia The OriginDraenor-EU564.6Not updated
43Ailanda The OriginDraenor-EU562.5Not updated
44Hulluh The OriginDraenor-EU561.5Not updated
45Hullul The OriginDraenor-EU557.3Not updated
46Murami The OriginDraenor-EU556.6Not updated
47Hullun The OriginDraenor-EU554.7Not updated
48Aroloth The OriginDraenor-EU553.9Not updated
49Ápëx The OriginDraenor-EU552.6Not updated
50Hullus The OriginDraenor-EU552.2Not updated
51Izavialli The OriginDraenor-EU548.7Not updated
52Phoenixpaw The OriginDraenor-EU548.5Not updated
53Frostwallker The OriginDraenor-EU547.9Not updated
54Oxusk The OriginDraenor-EU547.6Not updated
55Dracaryz The OriginDraenor-EU547.0Not updated
56Hullua The OriginDraenor-EU546.5Not updated
57Phynex The OriginDraenor-EU546.4Not updated
58Sollera The OriginDraenor-EU545.5Not updated
59Golém The OriginDraenor-EU543.0Not updated
60Noitron The OriginDraenor-EU542.0Not updated
61Izarella The OriginDraenor-EU537.5Not updated
62Chinonen The OriginDraenor-EU537.4Not updated
63Conón The OriginDraenor-EU537.3Not updated
64Drágonpaw The OriginDraenor-EU537.2Not updated
65Avoni The OriginDraenor-EU535.6Not updated
65Diedtrying The OriginDraenor-EU535.6Not updated
67Mistbreaker The OriginDraenor-EU535.0Not updated
67Longhungwang The OriginDraenor-EU535.0Not updated
67Tigrin The OriginDraenor-EU535.0Not updated
70Franníe The OriginDraenor-EU534.9Not updated
71Izaele The OriginDraenor-EU532.4Not updated
72Ápéxí The OriginDraenor-EU532.3Not updated
73Kalyan The OriginDraenor-EU531.7Not updated
73Inëm The OriginDraenor-EU531.7Not updated
75Blanchfleur The OriginDraenor-EU530.0Not updated
76Idí The OriginDraenor-EU529.7Not updated
77Izaliu The OriginDraenor-EU529.4Not updated
78Florreke The OriginDraenor-EU529.3Not updated
79Hullui The OriginDraenor-EU521.2Not updated
80Arkillo The OriginDraenor-EU520.2Not updated
81Soruzi The OriginDraenor-EU519.4Not updated
82Saintwalker The OriginDraenor-EU519.3Not updated
83Grysha The OriginDraenor-EU516.0Not updated
84Kamikorosu The OriginDraenor-EU515.1Not updated
85Aylía The OriginDraenor-EU514.4Not updated
86Yunx The OriginDraenor-EU511.5Not updated
87Grút The OriginDraenor-EU511.3Not updated
88Pótátó The OriginDraenor-EU509.4Not updated
89Nagard The OriginDraenor-EU508.3Not updated
90Nitehunter The OriginDraenor-EU505.4Not updated
91Ápéx The OriginDraenor-EU505.1Not updated
92Gishka The OriginDraenor-EU504.9Not updated
93Gokra The OriginDraenor-EU502.6Not updated
94Damagrokaz The OriginDraenor-EU502.0Not updated
95Naylak The OriginDraenor-EU501.7Not updated
96Âpéx The OriginDraenor-EU499.4Not updated
97Omgitsxavoz The OriginDraenor-EU496.4Not updated
98Nickori The OriginDraenor-EU493.3Not updated
99Tilash The OriginDraenor-EU491.9Not updated
100Aneara The OriginDraenor-EU483.7Not updated

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