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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Arthas-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Sorrowayne M I CArthas-US589.1
2Neyzut M I CArthas-US589.0
2Letgo M I CArthas-US589.0
2Simplecow M I CArthas-US589.0
2Doflamingozz M I CArthas-US589.0
6Yumage M I CArthas-US588.8
7Sweetly M I CArthas-US588.6
8Grigiometro M I CArthas-US588.3
8Unknowhunter M I CArthas-US588.3
10Mushily M I CArthas-US588.2
10Frostmeteor M I CArthas-US588.2Not updated
10Ginshen M I CArthas-US588.2Not updated
13Thrúd M I CArthas-US587.9
13Junqing M I CArthas-US587.9Not updated
13Heavenstyle M I CArthas-US587.9Not updated
13Top M I CArthas-US587.9
17Wildholycat M I CArthas-US587.5Not updated
17Ke M I CArthas-US587.5Not updated
17Babyswiss M I CArthas-US587.5
17Shuaixiaojun M I CArthas-US587.5Not updated
17Deepmèmory M I CArthas-US587.5Not updated
22Durantk M I CArthas-US587.4Not updated
23Wslayerism M I CArthas-US587.1Not updated
24Paradots M I CArthas-US586.8Not updated
25Peterogue M I CArthas-US586.4Not updated
25Ciaos M I CArthas-US586.4Not updated
27Zhonghuang M I CArthas-US586.3Not updated
28Woodoomon M I CArthas-US586.0Not updated
28Fishsworld M I CArthas-US586.0Not updated
28Otce M I CArthas-US586.0Not updated
31Deepcm M I CArthas-US585.8
32Limulcl M I CArthas-US585.7Not updated
33Vinivixi M I CArthas-US585.5Not updated
34Apmbillion M I CArthas-US585.2Not updated
35Luxferre M I CArthas-US585.0Not updated
36Simplelock M I CArthas-US584.8Not updated
37Wildfantasia M I CArthas-US584.6
38Sagedudu M I CArthas-US584.5
38Simpleknight M I CArthas-US584.5Not updated
38Supercellryo M I CArthas-US584.5Not updated
41Simpleshaman M I CArthas-US584.4Not updated
41Youmuyoula M I CArthas-US584.4Not updated
43Mumu M I CArthas-US584.0Not updated
44Sageyaya M I CArthas-US583.8Not updated
45Emeraldancer M I CArthas-US583.5
46Shuaijunjun M I CArthas-US583.2Not updated
47Locksucks M I CArthas-US583.1
48Overkillone M I CArthas-US582.0Not updated
49Devilpully M I CArthas-US581.9Not updated
50Cathesia M I CArthas-US581.0Not updated
51Cchuehue M I CArthas-US580.3Not updated
52Bluemelon M I CArthas-US580.1Not updated
53Deepcici M I CArthas-US579.6
54Barbebutenol M I CArthas-US579.5Not updated
55Shadomancer M I CArthas-US577.9Not updated
55Xiaozhii M I CArthas-US577.9Not updated
57Yaesakura M I CArthas-US577.2Not updated
58Bruin M I CArthas-US576.6Not updated
59Asuka M I CArthas-US576.3
60Tpog M I CArthas-US575.6Not updated
61Arrowsinger M I CArthas-US575.3Not updated
62Superholy M I CArthas-US574.7Not updated
63Bilibili M I CArthas-US574.5Not updated
64Stickzi M I CArthas-US574.1
65Roguejunjun M I CArthas-US572.7Not updated
66Tynibaby M I CArthas-US572.1Not updated
67Mengcici M I CArthas-US571.4Not updated
68Xiaosaoniu M I CArthas-US570.8Not updated
69Loveyao M I CArthas-US568.8Not updated
70Simplek M I CArthas-US568.4Not updated
71Enzhu M I CArthas-US566.1Not updated
72Sweet M I CArthas-US565.3Not updated
73Êver M I CArthas-US564.5Not updated
74Chewinggum M I CArthas-US563.6Not updated
75Simplenvcow M I CArthas-US563.2Not updated
76Simplethug M I CArthas-US562.9Not updated
77Yaomogauchaw M I CArthas-US562.6Not updated
77Unknowlock M I CArthas-US562.6Not updated
79Unknowman M I CArthas-US562.4Not updated
80Simplel M I CArthas-US561.2Not updated
81Pvp M I CArthas-US560.1Not updated
82Missland M I CArthas-US559.8Not updated
83Yorkchung M I CArthas-US559.6Not updated
84Darkmond M I CArthas-US558.5Not updated
85Lolipop M I CArthas-US557.8Not updated
86Shengunxz M I CArthas-US557.7
87Misakasan M I CArthas-US557.1Not updated
88Kelcl M I CArthas-US555.6Not updated
89Pamsfo M I CArthas-US554.7Not updated
90Moomoojun M I CArthas-US554.5Not updated
91Ggsimida M I CArthas-US554.4Not updated
92Crystaldrop M I CArthas-US554.1Not updated
93Simpledruid M I CArthas-US553.1Not updated
94Harder M I CArthas-US552.8Not updated
95Simplenight M I CArthas-US552.5Not updated
96Pigbajie M I CArthas-US552.4
97Haluyuki M I CArthas-US551.2Not updated
98Qiaozz M I CArthas-US550.6Not updated
99Devilvictory M I CArthas-US550.0
99Tianshen M I CArthas-US550.0Not updated

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