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Ravencrest-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Vrabacy Loot FTWRavencrest-EU577.5
2Knirkz Loot FTWRavencrest-EU560.8
3Xnarc Loot FTWRavencrest-EU552.1
4Aisha Loot FTWRavencrest-EU550.2Not updated
5Rabs Loot FTWRavencrest-EU547.7
6Stacy Loot FTWRavencrest-EU542.0
7Gimmedaball Loot FTWRavencrest-EU539.5
8Bethany Loot FTWRavencrest-EU538.9Not updated
9Devilkíng Loot FTWRavencrest-EU538.8
10Ayssa Loot FTWRavencrest-EU538.6Not updated
10Rabsmum Loot FTWRavencrest-EU538.6
12Tapzoras Loot FTWRavencrest-EU533.8
13Kathryn Loot FTWRavencrest-EU528.8Not updated
14Bloth Loot FTWRavencrest-EU528.7
14Dollie Loot FTWRavencrest-EU528.7Not updated
16Cyosis Loot FTWRavencrest-EU527.1
17Nazrm Loot FTWRavencrest-EU525.1Not updated
18Lony Loot FTWRavencrest-EU523.5
19Nyantik Loot FTWRavencrest-EU515.2
20Arthey Loot FTWRavencrest-EU512.5
21Aýven Loot FTWRavencrest-EU511.6Not updated
22Trig Loot FTWRavencrest-EU510.6Not updated
23Lhs Loot FTWRavencrest-EU510.4Not updated
24Feidan Loot FTWRavencrest-EU508.4
25Cykon Loot FTWRavencrest-EU507.4Not updated
26Dragør Loot FTWRavencrest-EU503.5
27Durwen Loot FTWRavencrest-EU501.3
27Nynna Loot FTWRavencrest-EU501.3
29Redzr Loot FTWRavencrest-EU498.7Not updated
30Kiwi Loot FTWRavencrest-EU498.3
31Zarvok Loot FTWRavencrest-EU488.9Not updated
32Halb Loot FTWRavencrest-EU488.4Not updated
33Feidina Loot FTWRavencrest-EU487.1
34Ciraxx Loot FTWRavencrest-EU485.3
35Furylapin Loot FTWRavencrest-EU483.5Not updated
36Prostii Loot FTWRavencrest-EU483.0
36Chasy Loot FTWRavencrest-EU483.0
38Nerzlol Loot FTWRavencrest-EU481.5Not updated
39Cirrax Loot FTWRavencrest-EU479.6Not updated
40Alienne Loot FTWRavencrest-EU478.7Not updated
41Aleoj Loot FTWRavencrest-EU475.2Not updated
42Colesta Loot FTWRavencrest-EU474.3Not updated
43Prostil Loot FTWRavencrest-EU474.2Not updated
44Bumblebëe Loot FTWRavencrest-EU473.6Not updated
45Colesa Loot FTWRavencrest-EU472.2Not updated
46Llenko Loot FTWRavencrest-EU469.1
47Cleavezter Loot FTWRavencrest-EU468.8Not updated
48Korgos Loot FTWRavencrest-EU468.6
49Brewlee Loot FTWRavencrest-EU467.0
50Djira Loot FTWRavencrest-EU463.5Not updated
51Evdokiya Loot FTWRavencrest-EU459.4Not updated
52Sophisticate Loot FTWRavencrest-EU451.9Not updated
53Procelle Loot FTWRavencrest-EU443.9Not updated
54Gurgelmos Loot FTWRavencrest-EU435.9
55Leetkitty Loot FTWRavencrest-EU431.6Not updated
56Sniperlapin Loot FTWRavencrest-EU424.1Not updated
57Anthølogy Loot FTWRavencrest-EU410.3Not updated
58Talz Loot FTWRavencrest-EU409.1Not updated
58Ravengarr Loot FTWRavencrest-EU409.1
60Rantik Loot FTWRavencrest-EU407.5Not updated
61Ravengar Loot FTWRavencrest-EU407.3Not updated
62Sakurar Loot FTWRavencrest-EU407.2Not updated
62Corre Loot FTWRavencrest-EU407.2Not updated
64Kazziim Loot FTWRavencrest-EU406.1Not updated
65Korgzilla Loot FTWRavencrest-EU404.7Not updated
66Hinamori Loot FTWRavencrest-EU402.6Not updated
67Tsantakias Loot FTWRavencrest-EU402.2Not updated
68Alphnis Loot FTWRavencrest-EU401.4Not updated
69Sakui Loot FTWRavencrest-EU399.7Not updated
70Yàchiru Loot FTWRavencrest-EU396.6Not updated
71Hippythehopp Loot FTWRavencrest-EU395.8Not updated
72Smellysocks Loot FTWRavencrest-EU395.0Not updated
73Djuka Loot FTWRavencrest-EU394.2Not updated
74Chikurako Loot FTWRavencrest-EU392.9Not updated
75Vitleopard Loot FTWRavencrest-EU392.1Not updated
76Saskurako Loot FTWRavencrest-EU391.9Not updated
77Svartiè Loot FTWRavencrest-EU391.1Not updated
78Arpmusprime Loot FTWRavencrest-EU390.2Not updated
79Angryflubba Loot FTWRavencrest-EU389.3Not updated
80Djuro Loot FTWRavencrest-EU389.2Not updated
81Sevka Loot FTWRavencrest-EU388.9Not updated
82Nevera Loot FTWRavencrest-EU388.4Not updated
83Colene Loot FTWRavencrest-EU388.0Not updated
84Sakuraeo Loot FTWRavencrest-EU387.5Not updated
85Bubblehswin Loot FTWRavencrest-EU387.3Not updated
86Worgosa Loot FTWRavencrest-EU386.6Not updated
87Jumbosausage Loot FTWRavencrest-EU385.7Not updated
88Underage Loot FTWRavencrest-EU385.0
89Furballapin Loot FTWRavencrest-EU384.6Not updated
90Ravngar Loot FTWRavencrest-EU383.0Not updated
91Sneakylapin Loot FTWRavencrest-EU382.1Not updated
92Coleta Loot FTWRavencrest-EU381.7Not updated
93Elendel Loot FTWRavencrest-EU381.3Not updated
94Colestina Loot FTWRavencrest-EU380.9Not updated
95Tätsuki Loot FTWRavencrest-EU380.8Not updated
95Zànnáh Loot FTWRavencrest-EU380.8Not updated
97Rantanplan Loot FTWRavencrest-EU379.5Not updated
98Slåpåkjefski Loot FTWRavencrest-EU379.1Not updated
99Tylia Loot FTWRavencrest-EU378.7Not updated
100Kheldan Loot FTWRavencrest-EU377.9Not updated

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