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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Blackmoore-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Nawakione Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU592.6
2Darkstone Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU589.9
3Bestshadoweu Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU589.6
4Tngg Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU589.4Not updated
4Fenrís Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU589.4
6Kêntaka Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU589.2
6Rcg Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU589.2
8Galapo Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU589.1
8Vatrasx Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU589.1
10Rústy Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU589.0
11Helltwo Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU588.8
12Nawakitwo Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU588.6
12Quiley Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU588.6
14Valescà Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU588.3
14Kelineyâ Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU588.3
14Bijouzz Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU588.3
17Nalira Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU588.2
17Ractor Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU588.2
17Sartura Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU588.2
20Fourtyfourty Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU588.0
20Enthaupter Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU588.0
20Irujâ Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU588.0
23Zerokir Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU587.9
23Jurâ Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU587.9
23Ulumuulu Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU587.9
23Mega Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU587.9
23Lessing Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU587.9
23Debic Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU587.9
23Worfoids Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU587.9
30Fenpriest Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU587.6
31Stillhawk Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU587.5
31Miru Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU587.5
31Abraxis Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU587.5
31Hellraiser Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU587.5
31Driox Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU587.5
31Alandria Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU587.5
31Gamatatsu Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU587.5
31Venêno Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU587.5
31Sîsariash Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU587.5
40Hänkmoody Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU587.1
40Lessibow Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU587.1
40Ithrial Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU587.1
43Fenmage Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU586.8
43Klene Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU586.8
43Sertan Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU586.8
46Maevitasium Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU586.7
47Auren Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU586.4
47Unbreâk Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU586.4
47Sabbeltasche Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU586.4
47Kelilol Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU586.4
47Attentionhoe Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU586.4
52Mattes Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU586.3
53Titanski Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU586.1
54Stuárt Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU586.0
54Kelimanjaro Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU586.0
56Ranghar Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU585.9
56Supersäms Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU585.9
56Abraxas Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU585.9
59Racat Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU585.5
60Rockcityboy Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU585.2
61Ayxlee Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU585.0
62Sîsarîash Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU584.6
63Nazuqi Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU584.4
64Stilltank Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU584.3
65Lessilock Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU583.8
66Insidedemon Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU583.6
66Aeed Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU583.6
68Noobshadow Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU583.5
68Nìshâ Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU583.5
70Leouf Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU583.4
70Glorey Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU583.4
72Squeezle Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU583.3
72Miruq Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU583.3
74Arýanâ Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU583.2
75Stilldeath Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU582.8
76Unbréàk Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU582.7
77Sergeferlich Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU582.3
78Yoshiô Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU582.0
79Imagirly Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU581.7
80Bowstu Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU581.5
80Slushki Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU581.5
82Bóxxs Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU581.1
83Bijouz Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU580.6
83Mirulol Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU580.6
85Bijouzx Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU580.1
86Tyloria Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU579.9
86Luiz Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU579.9Not updated
88Quileytwo Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU579.6
89Aed Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU579.5
90Adelà Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU579.3
91Supersâms Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU578.9
92Nawakishaman Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU578.6
93Hardclass Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU578.1
94Bowhoe Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU578.0
94Milaxi Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU578.0
96Dilyna Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU577.9
97Nexilia Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU577.7
98Andoil Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU577.6
98Biijou Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU577.6
100Kheno Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU577.3

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