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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Spirestone-TW ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1羊加熊 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW578.4
2天草四郎時貞 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW557.7
3Iamk Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW555.9
4帶頭仔 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW554.2
5Totgth Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW554.1
6流行綠綠 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW550.6Not updated
7冰拿鐵的幸福 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW549.4
8Theodore Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW544.4Not updated
8碌爺 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW544.4Not updated
10樹上一條蟲 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW537.3Not updated
11Gungo Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW536.4Not updated
12娜庫露露 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW536.1
13看更 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW533.4Not updated
14皇翼星天 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW533.2
15布丁泡芙 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW530.4
15羅將神水姬 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW530.4Not updated
17絲蒂法妮 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW527.9Not updated
18蕾絲內褲 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW526.3
19智花鮮果汁 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW525.2
20嗜惡之箱 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW524.7
21特洛亞斯 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW523.2Not updated
22鬼漸愁 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW522.3Not updated
23不知火幻庵 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW522.1
24莉姆露露 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW521.2
24亞卡 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW521.2Not updated
26夢話 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW517.8Not updated
27逆十字勳章 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW516.5Not updated
28牛德熊 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW514.1
29Sindorei Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW513.4Not updated
30毘沙門天 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW512.2Not updated
31翹家貓 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW510.9Not updated
32米爾頓 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW505.0Not updated
33涼月雪 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW497.7Not updated
34咪咪真不賴 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW495.3
35墊腳刺要害 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW494.9
36Saviera Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW493.7Not updated
37冰霸王 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW492.9
38Samba Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW492.1Not updated
39Smallgg Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW491.9Not updated
40Plasticizer Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW489.5Not updated
41魅惑浪漫 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW489.4Not updated
42黑天了 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW488.9
43布丁卡布奇諾 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW488.6
44就是汎汎 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW487.1Not updated
45狄諾 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW484.2Not updated
46不含螢光劑 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW484.0Not updated
47Arogue Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW483.0
48Kobato Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW481.6Not updated
49賽薇雅菈 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW481.4Not updated
50Gustavus Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW478.8Not updated
51Pseudomonas Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW475.3
52破碎的禁斷者 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW474.4Not updated
53獸魔玩手槍 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW473.6Not updated
54裸體滾丁床 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW469.7Not updated
55Kurth Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW467.9Not updated
56小小菲 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW465.6Not updated
57絲蔓兒 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW465.2Not updated
58Burth Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW462.7Not updated
59Zurth Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW457.7Not updated
60日月星耀 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW450.6Not updated
61老闆水餃三顆 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW443.9Not updated
62彌德加特 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW439.9Not updated
63冷沫 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW437.3Not updated
64微笑的風 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW430.3Not updated
65破碎的交響曲 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW426.6
66紫焰之秋 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW405.2Not updated
67神棍教父 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW399.9Not updated
68瞬意殺 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW399.8Not updated
69暴力戰神 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW399.3Not updated
70賽亞迪克 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW398.2Not updated
70一日千死 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW398.2Not updated
72勝負師 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW397.8Not updated
73令頁主 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW397.4Not updated
74Beargrylls Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW396.6Not updated
75Tungsten Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW394.8Not updated
75完美髮絲 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW394.8Not updated
75鳴鏑 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW394.8Not updated
78宅男廢主廚 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW392.7Not updated
79Letto Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW392.1Not updated
79花渡 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW392.1Not updated
81先飛子 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW391.7Not updated
82林友德 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW391.4Not updated
83餐桌 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW391.1Not updated
84米娜祖華域芝 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW390.4Not updated
85Tuner Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW390.2Not updated
86冷熾 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW389.9Not updated
86塔爾塔洛斯 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW389.9Not updated
88破碎的鎮魂歌 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW389.6Not updated
89生存偽天使 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW389.4Not updated
90Ternence Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW389.3Not updated
91我愛一條材 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW388.8Not updated
92Normanosborn Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW388.1Not updated
93圣歧視 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW387.8Not updated
94鍊罪 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW387.0Not updated
94Annada Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW387.0Not updated
96Bigjohn Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW386.4Not updated
97孤獨獨孤 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW386.1Not updated
98重機戰士阿果 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW385.8Not updated
98法那恩 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW385.8Not updated
100香草微風 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW385.4Not updated

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