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Darkspear-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Abssolute Friend ZoneDarkspear-US589.1
2Footsz Friend ZoneDarkspear-US588.3
2Rêflexz Friend ZoneDarkspear-US588.3
2Shadowsightz Friend ZoneDarkspear-US588.3
5Selbink Friend ZoneDarkspear-US588.2
5Shhá Friend ZoneDarkspear-US588.2
5Purple Friend ZoneDarkspear-US588.2
5Powersofpáin Friend ZoneDarkspear-US588.2
5Smoogypawz Friend ZoneDarkspear-US588.2
10Contrivex Friend ZoneDarkspear-US587.9
10Wilky Friend ZoneDarkspear-US587.9
10Glorels Friend ZoneDarkspear-US587.9
13Eycel Friend ZoneDarkspear-US587.5
13Taalon Friend ZoneDarkspear-US587.5
13Chuckwagön Friend ZoneDarkspear-US587.5
13Nokty Friend ZoneDarkspear-US587.5
13Fossil Friend ZoneDarkspear-US587.5
18Kalepal Friend ZoneDarkspear-US587.4
19Israphael Friend ZoneDarkspear-US587.1
20Torne Friend ZoneDarkspear-US586.8
21Dontès Friend ZoneDarkspear-US586.7
22Bairdy Friend ZoneDarkspear-US586.1
22Stomination Friend ZoneDarkspear-US586.1
24Mmbbqsauce Friend ZoneDarkspear-US585.9
25Scratch Friend ZoneDarkspear-US585.3
26Zodd Friend ZoneDarkspear-US585.2
27Totalchai Friend ZoneDarkspear-US584.6
28Mileysmiley Friend ZoneDarkspear-US584.1
28Raspberries Friend ZoneDarkspear-US584.1
30Cäÿdén Friend ZoneDarkspear-US582.8
31Wîlky Friend ZoneDarkspear-US582.4
31Cäÿdêñ Friend ZoneDarkspear-US582.4
33Iglet Friend ZoneDarkspear-US581.2
34Repxtc Friend ZoneDarkspear-US580.7
35Totalitarîan Friend ZoneDarkspear-US580.2
35Mmbbqdots Friend ZoneDarkspear-US580.2
37Powersòfpain Friend ZoneDarkspear-US579.5Not updated
38Shadplay Friend ZoneDarkspear-US578.9
39Wílky Friend ZoneDarkspear-US577.9
40Smashgordonn Friend ZoneDarkspear-US577.1
41Amabar Friend ZoneDarkspear-US576.8Not updated
42Smileymiley Friend ZoneDarkspear-US576.6
43Darketh Friend ZoneDarkspear-US575.6Not updated
43Yumisara Friend ZoneDarkspear-US575.6
45 Friend ZoneDarkspear-US575.3
45Aesri Friend ZoneDarkspear-US575.3
47Tessmyn Friend ZoneDarkspear-US574.5
48Binkard Friend ZoneDarkspear-US573.7
49Mattybaby Friend ZoneDarkspear-US573.5Not updated
50Rhyás Friend ZoneDarkspear-US573.4
51Sko Friend ZoneDarkspear-US573.1
52Stawp Friend ZoneDarkspear-US572.5
53Smoogapooga Friend ZoneDarkspear-US571.9
54Rêflêxz Friend ZoneDarkspear-US571.2
55Mcsngglswrth Friend ZoneDarkspear-US571.1
56Chämpiøn Friend ZoneDarkspear-US571.0
57Pändamønium Friend ZoneDarkspear-US569.5
58Çäÿdëñ Friend ZoneDarkspear-US569.1
58Smoogatooga Friend ZoneDarkspear-US569.1
60Maxemas Friend ZoneDarkspear-US568.1
61Spens Friend ZoneDarkspear-US567.7
62Mmbbq Friend ZoneDarkspear-US567.4
63Alinity Friend ZoneDarkspear-US567.3
64Sihlen Friend ZoneDarkspear-US567.1Not updated
65Aleusha Friend ZoneDarkspear-US565.9
66Ténix Friend ZoneDarkspear-US564.9
67Campasaurus Friend ZoneDarkspear-US564.4
68Vera Friend ZoneDarkspear-US562.7
69Benihimey Friend ZoneDarkspear-US562.1
70Totallite Friend ZoneDarkspear-US561.7
71Voltlongshot Friend ZoneDarkspear-US559.5
72Papeto Friend ZoneDarkspear-US559.2Not updated
73Towncamper Friend ZoneDarkspear-US557.1Not updated
74Gdtop Friend ZoneDarkspear-US551.9
74Raiyyn Friend ZoneDarkspear-US551.9
76Cammiebell Friend ZoneDarkspear-US551.2Not updated
76Lilsuccubi Friend ZoneDarkspear-US551.2
78Virulençe Friend ZoneDarkspear-US550.3
79Areliux Friend ZoneDarkspear-US550.0
79Daktwo Friend ZoneDarkspear-US550.0
79Optivice Friend ZoneDarkspear-US550.0
79Avai Friend ZoneDarkspear-US550.0
79Reptixs Friend ZoneDarkspear-US550.0
79Reamø Friend ZoneDarkspear-US550.0
79Eviian Friend ZoneDarkspear-US550.0
79Wrecktanglé Friend ZoneDarkspear-US550.0
87Aerowyn Friend ZoneDarkspear-US549.5
88Deftouch Friend ZoneDarkspear-US548.2
88Spacekitten Friend ZoneDarkspear-US548.2
90Treebearboom Friend ZoneDarkspear-US547.3
91Lardattack Friend ZoneDarkspear-US546.6Not updated
92Gunivere Friend ZoneDarkspear-US546.5
93Laughshield Friend ZoneDarkspear-US544.3Not updated
94Sulks Friend ZoneDarkspear-US544.1
95Draxaris Friend ZoneDarkspear-US544.0
96Sequence Friend ZoneDarkspear-US543.1
97Gladiatorigi Friend ZoneDarkspear-US543.0
98Brutallmpact Friend ZoneDarkspear-US542.8Not updated
99Vertality Friend ZoneDarkspear-US542.4Not updated
100Dontes Friend ZoneDarkspear-US542.3Not updated

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