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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Arak-arahm-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Darhul Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU589.0Not updated
2Nyzia Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU587.9Not updated
2Boulé Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU587.9Not updated
2Blork Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU587.9Not updated
2Xîu Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU587.9Not updated
6Sliva Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU587.5Not updated
6Draghnela Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU587.5Not updated
6Pëwpew Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU587.5Not updated
9Kornoth Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU587.1Not updated
9Kaylin Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU587.1Not updated
9Nefita Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU587.1Not updated
12Cålintz Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU586.8Not updated
13Rhogar Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU586.7Not updated
14Aodh Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU586.4Not updated
14Dollydun Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU586.4Not updated
14Atøg Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU586.4Not updated
17Mintia Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU586.1Not updated
18Elmaxo Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU586.0Not updated
19Silline Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU585.9Not updated
20Acira Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU585.6Not updated
21Elwëneï Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU585.3Not updated
22Rauros Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU585.2Not updated
23Krolm Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU584.9Not updated
24Blörk Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU584.4Not updated
25Meigetsu Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU583.9Not updated
26Stàbs Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU583.3Not updated
27Hollyskyy Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU582.1Not updated
28Strellson Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU581.7Not updated
29Leweak Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU581.6Not updated
30Noiam Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU581.4Not updated
31Lâën Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU580.9Not updated
32Dïngø Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU580.3Not updated
33Kzool Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU580.1Not updated
34Nellmixx Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU579.7Not updated
35Titas Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU578.1Not updated
36Solfalia Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU577.9Not updated
37Wxrlust Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU577.7Not updated
38Shads Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU577.2Not updated
39Slykouille Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU576.5Not updated
40Acirà Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU575.5Not updated
41Mouïk Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU575.2Not updated
42Høtwings Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU575.0Not updated
43Hypertruite Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU574.4Not updated
44Pacushee Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU573.6Not updated
45Pacushe Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU572.7Not updated
46Teliad Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU572.1Not updated
47Metronix Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU571.8Not updated
48Sécotine Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU570.6Not updated
49Gangrainete Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU570.1Not updated
50Tods Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU568.5Not updated
51Sweetdreamz Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU567.5Not updated
52Slyka Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU567.1Not updated
52Makiavelikke Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU567.1Not updated
54Wargrom Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU566.3Not updated
55Divinsky Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU563.1Not updated
56Niepce Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU562.9Not updated
57Lyaah Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU561.9Not updated
58Shadowlust Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU560.9Not updated
58Momomorue Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU560.9Not updated
60Uinen Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU560.7Not updated
60Furysky Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU560.7Not updated
60Kamatø Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU560.7Not updated
63Lightog Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU560.6Not updated
64Slivasquared Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU559.9Not updated
65Vïcérale Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU558.2Not updated
66Wayara Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU558.0Not updated
67Coonnardo Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU557.7Not updated
68Wranglers Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU555.7Not updated
69Ëlliwane Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU554.0Not updated
70Neîthas Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU552.8Not updated
71Down Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU552.1Not updated
72Adrestia Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU550.9Not updated
72Atonique Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU550.9Not updated
74Crygane Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU550.0Not updated
74Souaïna Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU550.0Not updated
76Darkatog Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU549.9Not updated
77Calÿpsó Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU548.4Not updated
78Pacu Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU548.3Not updated
79Draghnok Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU547.7Not updated
80Jackouye Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU547.4Not updated
81Stabs Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU544.0Not updated
82Beadie Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU543.9Not updated
83Myd Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU542.8Not updated
84Meelvek Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU542.6Not updated
85Frostbones Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU541.1Not updated
86Salanear Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU540.5Not updated
86Canaillou Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU540.5Not updated
88Fearkin Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU539.3Not updated
88Johnlerouge Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU539.3Not updated
90Zaeliyah Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU538.6Not updated
91Kamako Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU537.3Not updated
92Avils Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU536.8Not updated
93Gul Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU536.2Not updated
94Peabody Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU534.9Not updated
95Boulétos Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU533.5Not updated
96Pacushette Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU533.4Not updated
97Silmareen Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU533.1Not updated
98Dryoden Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU531.6Not updated
99Conane Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU531.2Not updated
100Nirriti Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU531.1Not updated

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