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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Draenor-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Vlajin Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU588.0Not updated
1Sweetem Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU588.0Not updated
3Kanrethad Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU585.9Not updated
4Hìshanu Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU585.2Not updated
5Bombapriest Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU584.6Not updated
6Humster Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU584.2Not updated
7Malorn Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU583.4Not updated
8Mcboom Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU583.1Not updated
9Mystguided Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU582.8Not updated
9Psyniide Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU582.8Not updated
9Glitterangel Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU582.8Not updated
12Séphtís Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU582.3Not updated
13Thricecubed Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU580.3Not updated
13Odyssei Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU580.3Not updated
15Oblivilock Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU579.8Not updated
16Topdollar Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU579.4Not updated
17Keba Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU578.6Not updated
18Swéetem Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU578.1Not updated
19Novatrix Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU576.7Not updated
19Zpey Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU576.7Not updated
21Hollowpoints Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU576.6Not updated
22Popsnöre Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU576.3Not updated
23Mnahi Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU575.8Not updated
24Exzhal Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU575.7Not updated
24Omgitsiraq Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU575.7Not updated
24Scotchi Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU575.7Not updated
27Ðoøm Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU575.5Not updated
27Olyverr Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU575.5Not updated
29Faelynia Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU574.8Not updated
30Rugaz Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU574.7Not updated
31Nightstreak Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU574.6Not updated
32Martira Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU574.4Not updated
33Pèwpewpew Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU574.2Not updated
34Vybzing Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU573.7Not updated
34Minispark Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU573.7Not updated
36Zeriina Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU573.6Not updated
37Symbiot Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU573.0Not updated
38Insidejob Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU572.7Not updated
38Åubyn Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU572.7Not updated
40Manabearpig Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU572.6Not updated
41Glitterwings Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU572.5Not updated
42Glitterfairy Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU572.3Not updated
42Tuzeg Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU572.3Not updated
44Élunos Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU572.2Not updated
45Moens Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU572.1Not updated
46Patoxss Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU571.9Not updated
46Dalkari Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU571.9Not updated
46Tenkhen Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU571.9Not updated
49Fhrida Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU571.3Not updated
50Aeztro Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU571.1Not updated
50Spawnworks Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU571.1Not updated
52Devy Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU570.9Not updated
53Vitlök Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU570.3Not updated
53Ðoomßoom Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU570.3Not updated
55Mashinka Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU570.0Not updated
56Duranten Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU569.9Not updated
57Varrw Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU568.9Not updated
58Waendur Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU567.8Not updated
59Ælfwynn Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU567.6Not updated
60Lionei Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU567.4Not updated
60Karstenkk Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU567.4Not updated
62Blæst Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU567.1Not updated
63Chillydoom Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU566.5Not updated
64Bombamonk Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU565.9Not updated
65Milkstôrm Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU564.5Not updated
66Ðoomarrow Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU563.9Not updated
66Falcònsoul Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU563.9Not updated
68Naujalis Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU563.7Not updated
69Raynet Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU563.3Not updated
70Shadowdeath Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU563.1Not updated
71Dezun Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU562.7Not updated
72Aareon Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU562.1Not updated
72Tautologi Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU562.1Not updated
74Shirif Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU561.7Not updated
75Ðivinedoom Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU561.1Not updated
76Rangikumatsu Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU560.9Not updated
77Yovelmao Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU560.3Not updated
78Minató Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU559.8Not updated
79Tapiarider Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU559.0Not updated
80Varrq Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU558.7Not updated
81Gallius Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU558.4Not updated
82Coedan Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU557.7Not updated
83Cloudey Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU556.5Not updated
83Glittersiren Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU556.5Not updated
85Devineblade Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU556.2Not updated
86Varrc Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU555.1Not updated
87Muppism Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU554.8Not updated
88Hyphy Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU554.7Not updated
89Yesmamyes Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU553.3Not updated
90Jumppwon Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU552.2Not updated
91Underyourbed Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU551.9Not updated
92Firefighter Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU551.7Not updated
93Bróxigár Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU551.1Not updated
94Tabyta Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU551.0Not updated
95Ahrelia Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU550.3Not updated
96Kalandria Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU550.1Not updated
97Chillynuts Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU550.0Not updated
97Domir Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU550.0Not updated
97Niiall Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU550.0Not updated
97Theonlydkk Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU550.0Not updated

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