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Anub'arak-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Aideen FFAnub'arak-EU547.7Not updated
2Skooby FFAnub'arak-EU532.5Not updated
3Cerea FFAnub'arak-EU529.7Not updated
4Etheriâ FFAnub'arak-EU529.6Not updated
5Saqui FFAnub'arak-EU525.8Not updated
6Hicker FFAnub'arak-EU524.6Not updated
7Gertrudä FFAnub'arak-EU523.8Not updated
8Laurine FFAnub'arak-EU520.1Not updated
9Montellx FFAnub'arak-EU515.6Not updated
10Nanowasser FFAnub'arak-EU515.5Not updated
11Torololo FFAnub'arak-EU514.3Not updated
12Piethree FFAnub'arak-EU513.1Not updated
13Serious FFAnub'arak-EU510.4Not updated
14Obilie FFAnub'arak-EU510.1Not updated
15Sorajâ FFAnub'arak-EU509.6Not updated
16Franzschranz FFAnub'arak-EU509.1Not updated
17Franzlaiser FFAnub'arak-EU507.0Not updated
18Franzeder FFAnub'arak-EU506.6Not updated
19Nukyo FFAnub'arak-EU503.7Not updated
20Broli FFAnub'arak-EU503.5Not updated
21Broda FFAnub'arak-EU503.4Not updated
22Shaggi FFAnub'arak-EU503.1Not updated
23Seri FFAnub'arak-EU501.2Not updated
24Mojocore FFAnub'arak-EU501.1Not updated
25Benafflock FFAnub'arak-EU499.9Not updated
25Rubbiboi FFAnub'arak-EU499.9Not updated
27Ludacris FFAnub'arak-EU499.6Not updated
28Shakurr FFAnub'arak-EU498.6Not updated
29Nxxo FFAnub'arak-EU496.7Not updated
29Bulwarg FFAnub'arak-EU496.7Not updated
31Kasuka FFAnub'arak-EU494.1Not updated
32Antagonist FFAnub'arak-EU493.5Not updated
33Traxter FFAnub'arak-EU491.5Not updated
34Zaaku FFAnub'arak-EU490.5Not updated
35Lindalia FFAnub'arak-EU490.2Not updated
36Hullä FFAnub'arak-EU488.0Not updated
37Lederfranz FFAnub'arak-EU484.8Not updated
38Fertil FFAnub'arak-EU483.9Not updated
39Franzlleder FFAnub'arak-EU483.5Not updated
40Merokano FFAnub'arak-EU483.0Not updated
41Schranzfranz FFAnub'arak-EU482.9Not updated
42Vij FFAnub'arak-EU482.6Not updated
43Ederfranz FFAnub'arak-EU481.5Not updated
44Toorcyo FFAnub'arak-EU481.1Not updated
45Tranyth FFAnub'arak-EU480.5Not updated
46Rubinski FFAnub'arak-EU479.8Not updated
47Bobak FFAnub'arak-EU476.2Not updated
48Nexa FFAnub'arak-EU472.8Not updated
49Cralthuzath FFAnub'arak-EU471.9Not updated
50Skaosbob FFAnub'arak-EU469.0Not updated
51Shôxx FFAnub'arak-EU467.1Not updated
52Ratungga FFAnub'arak-EU458.8Not updated
53Laiserfranz FFAnub'arak-EU444.1
54Newky FFAnub'arak-EU416.7Not updated
55Schamhansen FFAnub'arak-EU391.6Not updated
56Hochexekutor FFAnub'arak-EU384.6Not updated
57Barrett FFAnub'arak-EU381.1Not updated
58Yosephine FFAnub'arak-EU380.5Not updated
59Franzleder FFAnub'arak-EU377.9Not updated
60Nananabatmon FFAnub'arak-EU374.9Not updated
61Capped FFAnub'arak-EU374.6Not updated
62Fuuh FFAnub'arak-EU374.3Not updated
63Shou FFAnub'arak-EU372.0Not updated
64Iggenhcs FFAnub'arak-EU369.1Not updated
65Ohsnap FFAnub'arak-EU367.7Not updated
66Hoxberg FFAnub'arak-EU359.8Not updated
67Abbakuz FFAnub'arak-EU359.4Not updated
68Kemosabi FFAnub'arak-EU357.4Not updated
69Hox FFAnub'arak-EU356.7Not updated
70Hoxington FFAnub'arak-EU354.6Not updated
71Mosby FFAnub'arak-EU351.8Not updated
72Flint FFAnub'arak-EU340.1Not updated
73Kizzaru FFAnub'arak-EU334.7Not updated
74Bäbäbä FFAnub'arak-EU327.9Not updated
75Chepri FFAnub'arak-EU64.1Not updated
76Shagoh FFAnub'arak-EU31.3Not updated
76Spârrx FFAnub'arak-EU31.3Not updated
78Hib FFAnub'arak-EU0.0Not updated
78Drixsen FFAnub'arak-EU0.0Not updated

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