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Deathwing-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Idomin Dark GuardDeathwing-EU569.1
2Flexxinno Dark GuardDeathwing-EU568.8
3Nastrond Dark GuardDeathwing-EU568.3
4Chani Dark GuardDeathwing-EU562.8Not updated
5Solesurvivor Dark GuardDeathwing-EU562.2Not updated
6Nuncio Dark GuardDeathwing-EU560.3Not updated
7Sketchy Dark GuardDeathwing-EU558.6
8Ariana Dark GuardDeathwing-EU558.5
9Pariah Dark GuardDeathwing-EU557.9
10Saru Dark GuardDeathwing-EU552.2
11Cabal Dark GuardDeathwing-EU549.9Not updated
12Goblinno Dark GuardDeathwing-EU549.1
13Dottalot Dark GuardDeathwing-EU548.3
14Libera Dark GuardDeathwing-EU546.4Not updated
15Subbie Dark GuardDeathwing-EU545.9
16Vasilisa Dark GuardDeathwing-EU542.7
17Tyken Dark GuardDeathwing-EU540.7
17Pâx Dark GuardDeathwing-EU540.7Not updated
19Endless Dark GuardDeathwing-EU539.2Not updated
20Dranea Dark GuardDeathwing-EU538.9Not updated
21Kafir Dark GuardDeathwing-EU535.3Not updated
22Gulpern Dark GuardDeathwing-EU533.9Not updated
23Dressler Dark GuardDeathwing-EU533.5
24Pitou Dark GuardDeathwing-EU530.5Not updated
25Scru Dark GuardDeathwing-EU530.4
26Rohg Dark GuardDeathwing-EU530.1Not updated
27Gonzola Dark GuardDeathwing-EU529.8Not updated
28Paxii Dark GuardDeathwing-EU529.3Not updated
29Stompy Dark GuardDeathwing-EU529.1Not updated
30Vizza Dark GuardDeathwing-EU528.0Not updated
31Echouche Dark GuardDeathwing-EU527.9Not updated
32Shaoflexx Dark GuardDeathwing-EU527.5Not updated
33Vailo Dark GuardDeathwing-EU527.2
34Líghtbringér Dark GuardDeathwing-EU526.1Not updated
35Zallu Dark GuardDeathwing-EU524.9Not updated
36Helkiaon Dark GuardDeathwing-EU524.5Not updated
37Draktul Dark GuardDeathwing-EU524.1Not updated
38Clára Dark GuardDeathwing-EU523.0Not updated
39Girugamesshu Dark GuardDeathwing-EU522.8
40Shunpo Dark GuardDeathwing-EU521.4Not updated
41Verres Dark GuardDeathwing-EU519.5Not updated
42Ippotis Dark GuardDeathwing-EU519.1Not updated
43Cressida Dark GuardDeathwing-EU519.0Not updated
43Ronnav Dark GuardDeathwing-EU519.0Not updated
45Kharzug Dark GuardDeathwing-EU518.6Not updated
46Malaki Dark GuardDeathwing-EU518.0Not updated
47Elicere Dark GuardDeathwing-EU517.8Not updated
47Evulma Dark GuardDeathwing-EU517.8Not updated
49Jayded Dark GuardDeathwing-EU515.6Not updated
50Trian Dark GuardDeathwing-EU514.8Not updated
51Gansu Dark GuardDeathwing-EU514.5Not updated
52Elandria Dark GuardDeathwing-EU514.4Not updated
53Chunlizang Dark GuardDeathwing-EU513.9Not updated
54Schietman Dark GuardDeathwing-EU512.6Not updated
55Venjin Dark GuardDeathwing-EU511.9Not updated
56Mivea Dark GuardDeathwing-EU510.1Not updated
57Pheobe Dark GuardDeathwing-EU507.6Not updated
57Realsteel Dark GuardDeathwing-EU507.6Not updated
59Raptorus Dark GuardDeathwing-EU507.5Not updated
60Dorogna Dark GuardDeathwing-EU506.5Not updated
61Chewie Dark GuardDeathwing-EU506.4Not updated
62Dównpor Dark GuardDeathwing-EU506.2Not updated
63Ryack Dark GuardDeathwing-EU506.0Not updated
64Derzul Dark GuardDeathwing-EU505.1Not updated
65Morder Dark GuardDeathwing-EU502.2
66Mysticle Dark GuardDeathwing-EU501.1Not updated
67Marzel Dark GuardDeathwing-EU500.5Not updated
68Araris Dark GuardDeathwing-EU499.6Not updated
68Sparco Dark GuardDeathwing-EU499.6Not updated
70Flexximus Dark GuardDeathwing-EU498.1Not updated
71Pestdöd Dark GuardDeathwing-EU497.9Not updated
72Aphira Dark GuardDeathwing-EU496.4Not updated
73Jindex Dark GuardDeathwing-EU496.2Not updated
74Archantus Dark GuardDeathwing-EU494.9Not updated
75Banksys Dark GuardDeathwing-EU493.1Not updated
76Kiras Dark GuardDeathwing-EU491.5Not updated
77Beefcurry Dark GuardDeathwing-EU488.7Not updated
78Daerith Dark GuardDeathwing-EU484.1Not updated
79Mithrill Dark GuardDeathwing-EU483.4Not updated
80Kalliades Dark GuardDeathwing-EU483.0Not updated
81Nektarije Dark GuardDeathwing-EU482.6Not updated
82Furyfist Dark GuardDeathwing-EU482.3Not updated
82Clinkz Dark GuardDeathwing-EU482.3Not updated
82Zanzil Dark GuardDeathwing-EU482.3Not updated
85Cerina Dark GuardDeathwing-EU482.1
86Thiir Dark GuardDeathwing-EU481.9Not updated
87Bubbleanddie Dark GuardDeathwing-EU480.4Not updated
87Aegu Dark GuardDeathwing-EU480.4Not updated
89Parag Dark GuardDeathwing-EU480.0Not updated
90Juvía Dark GuardDeathwing-EU479.2Not updated
91Velexis Dark GuardDeathwing-EU479.1Not updated
92Jaided Dark GuardDeathwing-EU478.2Not updated
93Ilex Dark GuardDeathwing-EU477.9Not updated
94Phydra Dark GuardDeathwing-EU477.5Not updated
95Davros Dark GuardDeathwing-EU472.9Not updated
96Darkside Dark GuardDeathwing-EU471.6Not updated
97Kcayr Dark GuardDeathwing-EU470.5Not updated
98Sporge Dark GuardDeathwing-EU470.1Not updated
99Fletcher Dark GuardDeathwing-EU469.9Not updated
100Spiki Dark GuardDeathwing-EU469.7Not updated

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