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Kazzak-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Healbir Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU563.5
2Bungler Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU558.9
3Mîgnone Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU552.9
4Oneirolum Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU550.7
5Crownless Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU549.1
6Sunderer Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU544.4
7Lapienz Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU539.7
8Ðeus Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU537.8
9Chesthâir Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU535.9
10Eilistraee Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU534.3
11Kimimaró Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU533.9
12Wemâdefox Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU533.2
13Nightskyê Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU533.1
14Nightingâle Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU532.6
15Glacious Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU532.1
16Morthos Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU528.5
17Wemadefox Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU528.1
18Monamie Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU526.5
19Shéé Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU524.8
20Oogwa Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU524.2
21Ârchess Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU523.9
22Hitotsu Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU509.0
23Charma Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU506.0
24Ðbm Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU504.1
25Intehär Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU495.5
26Natalise Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU495.4
27Blung Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU494.2
28Anessen Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU493.7
28Sideswing Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU493.7
30Cruelthunder Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU488.3
31Malcanthet Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU484.6
32Rosdrago Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU483.5
33Aggromaniac Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU483.4
34Twentiethc Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU481.3
35Zlada Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU476.1
36Locktite Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU472.9
37Zellius Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU471.3
38Artura Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU467.9
39Obozi Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU465.1
40Nebra Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU455.6
41Mishtawa Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU455.5
42Rajee Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU449.5
43Cirih Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU443.5
44Aberto Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU440.6
45Shamarasu Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU401.0Not updated
46Chérie Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU396.2Not updated
47Scienza Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU394.0Not updated
48Perperiél Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU390.2Not updated
49Halia Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU388.3Not updated
50Trollar Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU387.8
50Georgekaplan Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU387.8Not updated
52Ronyah Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU386.6Not updated
53Grayver Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU383.4Not updated
54Sylvalia Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU381.9Not updated
55Yattien Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU381.1Not updated
56Taaia Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU379.6Not updated
57Unrelent Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU379.2Not updated
57Carem Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU379.2Not updated
59Rámiel Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU377.6Not updated
60Gungnér Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU375.2Not updated
61Newsdealer Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU374.1Not updated
62Freighttrain Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU373.9Not updated
63Jereziah Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU372.8Not updated
64Benskör Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU370.7Not updated
65Härskaren Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU348.0Not updated
66Fonzis Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU346.7Not updated
67Oneiromanti Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU315.5Not updated
68Levistus Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU307.5Not updated
69Succumb Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU276.0Not updated
70Fullblod Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU0.0Not updated
70Quicksi Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU0.0Not updated
70Ayamee Cave ExplorersKazzak-EU0.0Not updated

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