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Crushridge-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Vivid Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US569.1
2Stayn Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US565.0
3Avasive Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US562.1
4Antropy Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US560.1
5Infiniti Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US554.4
6Aquivocal Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US552.3
7Kranz Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US546.6Not updated
8Hunterhydra Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US544.8
9Gammin Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US538.3Not updated
10Scarrahl Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US538.0Not updated
11Ironskin Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US532.3Not updated
12Bane Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US523.9Not updated
12Apiphany Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US523.9Not updated
14Permeability Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US523.8Not updated
15Cazadero Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US523.2Not updated
15Iamtall Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US523.2Not updated
17Arkaine Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US522.1Not updated
18Maorae Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US521.0Not updated
19Gunsoffury Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US518.9Not updated
19Shaydez Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US518.9Not updated
21Deroes Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US517.8Not updated
22Pai Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US516.5
23Moonless Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US515.1Not updated
24Handparty Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US514.3Not updated
25Ionica Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US513.7Not updated
26Mooffy Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US513.4Not updated
27Thorfrommer Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US512.8Not updated
28Catracie Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US511.4Not updated
29Angelov Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US510.9Not updated
30Hpnotik Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US508.3Not updated
31Kovac Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US505.7Not updated
32Avanescent Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US504.3Not updated
33Dando Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US503.1Not updated
34Flemtality Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US500.8Not updated
35Shammich Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US500.3Not updated
36Shoku Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US499.1Not updated
37Liquefier Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US498.8Not updated
38Cshots Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US497.9Not updated
39Gßhawkeye Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US497.7Not updated
40Michaelbolto Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US496.8Not updated
41Fluidity Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US496.2Not updated
42Arcturos Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US495.8Not updated
43Hecarim Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US495.5Not updated
44Recursion Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US495.4Not updated
45Nsah Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US494.8Not updated
46Kranzx Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US494.4Not updated
47Mahfa Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US493.4Not updated
48Hervor Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US493.2Not updated
49Banditsmash Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US492.2Not updated
50Geeßee Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US491.5Not updated
51Rycey Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US491.2Not updated
52Rawrah Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US490.8Not updated
53Doenumber Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US489.7Not updated
54Knocrouge Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US489.6Not updated
54Kalaraa Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US489.6Not updated
56Windoffury Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US487.6Not updated
57Gßdruid Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US487.1Not updated
58Cariise Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US485.6Not updated
59Femaleirl Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US483.9Not updated
60Icebandit Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US482.4Not updated
61Linksil Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US481.9Not updated
62Kovax Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US480.3Not updated
63Bananers Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US479.2Not updated
64Deãthbride Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US478.2Not updated
65Iolblink Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US473.5Not updated
66Grandpabob Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US470.3Not updated
67Theirin Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US467.5Not updated
68Sifl Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US460.6Not updated
69Mycurse Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US457.2Not updated
70Gillburt Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US453.2Not updated
71Sharpswing Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US452.2Not updated
72Treesurgeon Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US430.2Not updated
73Hotshott Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US429.5Not updated
74Nyquil Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US428.5Not updated
75Dumber Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US405.7Not updated
76Mizzie Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US401.1
77Infinìti Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US398.0Not updated
78Deadcàll Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US397.9Not updated
79Fellware Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US396.8Not updated
80Twoshotty Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US396.2Not updated
81Afham Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US395.8Not updated
82Treestars Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US392.9Not updated
83Iko Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US378.3Not updated
84Knocroguee Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US0.2Not updated

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