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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Zuluhed-EU Achievement Points
1Salfenia DownfallZuluhed-EU20660Not updated
2Sultor  Zuluhed-EU20620Not updated
3Pumpenheini DownfallZuluhed-EU20560Not updated
4Undertâkerx UprisingZuluhed-EU20520Not updated
5Øpi Stärke und EhreZuluhed-EU20490Not updated
6Blacknurse Gilde von ZayneZuluhed-EU20460Not updated
7Exactshot  Zuluhed-EU20405Not updated
8Bigmc VantageZuluhed-EU20385Not updated
9Ôllum UprisingZuluhed-EU20295Not updated
10Korra  Zuluhed-EU20265Not updated
11Shinthar UprisingZuluhed-EU20205Not updated
12Meneoar UprisingZuluhed-EU20145Not updated
12Kratov easYplaYZuluhed-EU20145Not updated
14Nisî easYplaYZuluhed-EU20135Not updated
15Koilja ProphecyZuluhed-EU19895Not updated
15Fraysi infinityZuluhed-EU19895Not updated
15Ðraq  Zuluhed-EU19895Not updated
18Nagun RevolutiønZuluhed-EU19820Not updated
19Monkeymage Gilde von ZayneZuluhed-EU19765Not updated
20Lísanna Necronomicon ex mortisZuluhed-EU19635Not updated
21Bothurjunge THUG LIFEZuluhed-EU19585Not updated
22Mâluga  Zuluhed-EU19490Not updated
23Healsi Pain of LifeZuluhed-EU19350Not updated
24Crispiz AffenarmeeZuluhed-EU19330Not updated
25Berlox HTIZuluhed-EU19295Not updated
26Zalazzar Wings of GodZuluhed-EU19285Not updated
27Kardésh  Zuluhed-EU19260Not updated
28Hektatè Pain of LifeZuluhed-EU19210Not updated
29Hörnchén easYplaYZuluhed-EU19160Not updated
30Selium Stärke und EhreZuluhed-EU19110Not updated
31Lykayna Wolfs PaktZuluhed-EU19075Not updated
32Âeterna Very easy plaYZuluhed-EU19015Not updated
33Grimser aggressiveZuluhed-EU19010Not updated
34Pénney HalunkenBandeZuluhed-EU19000Not updated
35Agénor UprisingZuluhed-EU18965Not updated
36Tasha TwixZuluhed-EU18920Not updated
37Lolendeböe Stärke und EhreZuluhed-EU18915Not updated
38Wuzzog Little WhoopZuluhed-EU18910Not updated
39Iziz  Zuluhed-EU18825Not updated
40Ruky  Zuluhed-EU18785Not updated
41Berightback easYplaYZuluhed-EU18755Not updated
42Xinity TwixZuluhed-EU18740Not updated
43Devedias Back To HellZuluhed-EU18725Not updated
44Noír Efflatus obscurusZuluhed-EU18675Not updated
45Yantar Little WhoopZuluhed-EU18665Not updated
46Jêezy  Zuluhed-EU18655Not updated
47Suilis Blood For BloodZuluhed-EU18640Not updated
48Bedrok Little WhoopZuluhed-EU18595Not updated
49Ismir Who CaresZuluhed-EU18525Not updated
50Brabbur InYaFaceZuluhed-EU18490Not updated
51Sheroo  Zuluhed-EU18455Not updated
52Chrisdina easYplaYZuluhed-EU18415Not updated
53Dreamcátcher  Zuluhed-EU18410Not updated
54Rayleìgh UprisingZuluhed-EU18330Not updated
54Isariel Efflatus obscurusZuluhed-EU18330Not updated
56Chôpper  Zuluhed-EU18300Not updated
57Bumbumalaka  Zuluhed-EU18255Not updated
58Chardin GloriousZuluhed-EU18215Not updated
59Jengo Little WhoopZuluhed-EU18200Not updated
59Layladiem Schergen des SchreckensZuluhed-EU18200Not updated
61Mîyagî  Zuluhed-EU18170Not updated
62Línà styxZuluhed-EU18110Not updated
63Kaouro UprisingZuluhed-EU18100Not updated
64Aramôs Efflatus obscurusZuluhed-EU18065Not updated
65Euryalè Semper FidelisZuluhed-EU18055Not updated
65Stratosphere Wings of GodZuluhed-EU18055Not updated
67Enemie Lebende LegendenZuluhed-EU18015Not updated
68Tuuxxi Gib uns dein MilchgeldZuluhed-EU18000Not updated
69Ântonidâs mAjesTyZuluhed-EU17995Not updated
70Nunzari Dunkles BlutZuluhed-EU17975Not updated
71Kaygawa Die Apo ReiterZuluhed-EU17970Not updated
72Níll  Zuluhed-EU17920Not updated
73Joânna DownfallZuluhed-EU17915Not updated
74Talkilol styxZuluhed-EU17905Not updated
75Crudar  Zuluhed-EU17900Not updated
76Shepi  Zuluhed-EU17880Not updated
77Brutaldeluxe  Zuluhed-EU17820Not updated
78Stroboparty AllianzVersichertZuluhed-EU17800Not updated
79Laladin  Zuluhed-EU17765Not updated
80Yeetan WicKedZuluhed-EU17740Not updated
81Daibu First LadiesZuluhed-EU17730Not updated
82Yáng Necronomicon ex mortisZuluhed-EU17710Not updated
83Tenamari SchattenvolkZuluhed-EU17685Not updated
83Kakarott Wings of GodZuluhed-EU17685Not updated
85Jéan Back To HellZuluhed-EU17680Not updated
86Shavok UprisingZuluhed-EU17660Not updated
86Vexareqt  Zuluhed-EU17660Not updated
88Behappy TwixZuluhed-EU17610Not updated
89Zehnkv Ka TetZuluhed-EU17605Not updated
90Yrnxx  Zuluhed-EU17600Not updated
91Karshak UprisingZuluhed-EU17540Not updated
92Luette Efflatus obscurusZuluhed-EU17495Not updated
93Attonai HalunkenBandeZuluhed-EU17455Not updated
93Icondor styxZuluhed-EU17455Not updated
95Akashaa Little WhoopZuluhed-EU17430Not updated
96Fîrestorm UprisingZuluhed-EU17420Not updated
97Gyta Who CaresZuluhed-EU17410Not updated
98Crax LimitedZuluhed-EU17390Not updated
99Limee TwixZuluhed-EU17380Not updated

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