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Zuluhed-US Achievement Points
1Sliceyou HellraisersZuluhed-US21055Not updated
2Kamahri Last ChapterZuluhed-US20105
3Redxiiv  Zuluhed-US19970Not updated
4Exaltedbound  Zuluhed-US19505Not updated
5Erusgizmo Last ChapterZuluhed-US19405
6Purell OBSCURE REFERENCEZuluhed-US19315Not updated
7Rukuris Seven Deadly SinsZuluhed-US19250Not updated
8Twema Not One But Two PotatoZuluhed-US18860Not updated
9Furrshizzle  Zuluhed-US18855
10Lamps ExódusZuluhed-US18850
11Pyraurune Good TimesZuluhed-US18810Not updated
12Shadowqt From The InternetZuluhed-US18745Not updated
13Zerxxies Up in Dis Whirly BirdZuluhed-US18580Not updated
14Glazugar AegisZuluhed-US18555
15Dersk  Zuluhed-US18500Not updated
16Calisse Last ChapterZuluhed-US18445
17Billyocean In Vino VeritasZuluhed-US18185
18Gankuskhan TaintedZuluhed-US18115Not updated
19Retrø Willful MisconductZuluhed-US18040Not updated
20Jacklowry Order Of The FlameZuluhed-US18020Not updated
21Mirrimazduur Potato is LordZuluhed-US17985Not updated
22Chaise Last ChapterZuluhed-US17965Not updated
23Harmilicious No SkillzZuluhed-US17860Not updated
24Velco Last ChapterZuluhed-US17765
25Daweed ExódusZuluhed-US17675
26Jiñx BlowPonyZuluhed-US17640Not updated
27Zamurö  Zuluhed-US17515Not updated
28Screamsz  Zuluhed-US17505Not updated
29Alalîa Heartless SoulsZuluhed-US17500
30Sway Last ChapterZuluhed-US17470
31Swagasaurus  Zuluhed-US17430Not updated
32Arfstriker Tauren TippingZuluhed-US17415
33Stringent Seven Deadly SinsZuluhed-US17405
34Rafza Last ChapterZuluhed-US17385
35Cosmotheoros From The InternetZuluhed-US17380Not updated
36Greatoz  Zuluhed-US17270Not updated
37Velrock Last ChapterZuluhed-US17260
38Pwrwordmoo  Zuluhed-US17035Not updated
39Babyshampoó Merciless DominionZuluhed-US16950Not updated
40Holyjorole Finales FunkelnZuluhed-US16940
41Willf Warsong OutridersZuluhed-US16930
42Marilíth Finales FunkelnZuluhed-US16845
43Dothappy Shadow WarriorsZuluhed-US16820
44Moaboom  Zuluhed-US16655Not updated
45Rigsby WhySoSeriousZuluhed-US16550
46Vathkol OverratedZuluhed-US16525
47Holysmokey Smokeys PossieZuluhed-US16495Not updated
48Succubüs  Zuluhed-US16485Not updated
49Lyfeblood Last ChapterZuluhed-US16455
50Hasturr BloodBath And BeyondZuluhed-US16450Not updated
51Freedàddy  Zuluhed-US16435Not updated
52Asi  Zuluhed-US16370Not updated
53Rordins  Zuluhed-US16350Not updated
54Jackjackson Leaders of the HordeZuluhed-US16330Not updated
55Nolifehere PwnzillaZuluhed-US16280
56Mulderr Last ChapterZuluhed-US16270Not updated
57Mordorven  Zuluhed-US16225Not updated
58Talacain Blood Sweat and TiersZuluhed-US16180
58Apone Last ChapterZuluhed-US16180
60Stoicknight You Are Not The FatherZuluhed-US16140
61Meltface  Zuluhed-US16135Not updated
62Shaadpow Last ChapterZuluhed-US16130
62Huntrëss  Zuluhed-US16130
64Kaylä  Zuluhed-US16060Not updated
65Zeroshadow HTXZuluhed-US16020Not updated
66Novaprospekt FadedZuluhed-US15925
67Thoror OverratedZuluhed-US15915
68Mephâlâ WarSwornZuluhed-US15840
69Dumuzid  Zuluhed-US15835Not updated
70Warganer OmegaZuluhed-US15810Not updated
71Willdruid CamelotZuluhed-US15800
72Rolldembones Last ChapterZuluhed-US15760Not updated
73Baalzebul TaintedZuluhed-US15755
74Emulsifier Last ChapterZuluhed-US15750
75Squirtlle Last ChapterZuluhed-US15700
76Unjustible Rated RZuluhed-US15695
77Appu Last ChapterZuluhed-US15690
78Fortitude Tauren TippingZuluhed-US15635
79Terrabull TaintedZuluhed-US15605Not updated
80Snagtooth Last ChapterZuluhed-US15600
80Nineoneone OverratedZuluhed-US15600
80Monkeetits  Zuluhed-US15600Not updated
83Hanson Last ChapterZuluhed-US15570
84Magicmania Lebowski Urban AchieversZuluhed-US15555
85Frostichu Dardani VigescoZuluhed-US15540Not updated
86Miniver Seven Deadly SinsZuluhed-US15535
86Wontime Last ChapterZuluhed-US15535Not updated
88Bobtheslayer Distinct AdvantageZuluhed-US15530
89Ellysha  Zuluhed-US15520Not updated
90Lichosus Crimson AngelzZuluhed-US15515Not updated
91Pena Seven Deadly SinsZuluhed-US15435
92Eggsine Distinct AdvantageZuluhed-US15380
93Kaetholar ExódusZuluhed-US15365
94Hèr Tauren TippingZuluhed-US15350
95Cryptson Tauren TippingZuluhed-US15345
95Äm Monster SquadZuluhed-US15345Not updated
97Pallegolas RevoltZuluhed-US15325
98Cottontail SilentiumeZuluhed-US15320
99Zepherie Warsong OutridersZuluhed-US15310
99Tashara Shadow WarriorsZuluhed-US15310

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