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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Zul'jin-US Achievement Points
1Cleoboltra Exiled LegionZul'jin-US21075Not updated
2Greenteax  Zul'jin-US21045Not updated
3Porstar DualityZul'jin-US21025Not updated
4Pokèball Donut TruckZul'jin-US20930Not updated
5Conjor DualityZul'jin-US20920Not updated
6Killercrank DualityZul'jin-US20910Not updated
7Krawnix DualityZul'jin-US20785Not updated
8Infraxon  Zul'jin-US20665Not updated
9Loglady EruditeZul'jin-US20630Not updated
10Yata Untold ProphecyZul'jin-US20610Not updated
11Xahll DualityZul'jin-US20570Not updated
12Pornek Anti ClockwiseZul'jin-US20530Not updated
13Psychosócial EterniumZul'jin-US20520Not updated
14Nechronus Untold ProphecyZul'jin-US20500Not updated
15Madone HorizonZul'jin-US20470Not updated
16Azarak BoundZul'jin-US20405Not updated
17Picoglad Gardiens du LysZul'jin-US20385Not updated
17Spàmsmolytic Elite ReckoningZul'jin-US20385Not updated
19Veloursuits Dawn of the DeadZul'jin-US20300Not updated
20Firmlife Crusaders RebornZul'jin-US20265Not updated
21Smio K Bec KoiZul'jin-US20250Not updated
21Paladinette K Bec KoiZul'jin-US20250Not updated
23Kolnevar I I IZul'jin-US20230Not updated
24Scorcher EntropiZul'jin-US20200Not updated
25Riffuse ThunderdomeZul'jin-US20170Not updated
25Banefist Dawn of the DeadZul'jin-US20170Not updated
27Farkor Marche ou CrèveZul'jin-US20160Not updated
27Smionîx Behind UZul'jin-US20160Not updated
27Wendkin An SheZul'jin-US20160Not updated
30Rawa T R A U M AZul'jin-US20145Not updated
31Velarok Pretty StandardZul'jin-US20130Not updated
32Greymist Vae VictaeZul'jin-US20115Not updated
33Kamslock DualityZul'jin-US20110Not updated
34Treebloom DualityZul'jin-US20095Not updated
35Darkgag K Bec KoiZul'jin-US20075Not updated
36Vols K Bec KoiZul'jin-US20070Not updated
37Absèý  Zul'jin-US20060Not updated
38Vanarina Dawn of the DeadZul'jin-US20020Not updated
39Zolr  Zul'jin-US20000Not updated
40Niblette DeicideZul'jin-US19980Not updated
41Spacedoxing  Zul'jin-US19960Not updated
42Kelistan  Zul'jin-US19955Not updated
43Wboson PrometheusZul'jin-US19935Not updated
43Funshïnebear  Zul'jin-US19935Not updated
45Dennar Gardiens du LysZul'jin-US19930Not updated
46Orgim BoundZul'jin-US19920Not updated
47Ricotta  Zul'jin-US19890Not updated
48Jaydec Playground BulliesZul'jin-US19865Not updated
49Bukodruid Exiled LegionZul'jin-US19855Not updated
50Tenderhoof VeneficaZul'jin-US19850Not updated
50Elstor Mass CasualtyZul'jin-US19850Not updated
52Napoléôn Heroes of JusticeZul'jin-US19835Not updated
53Gimehli  Zul'jin-US19815Not updated
54Mentess Unparalleled BrutalityZul'jin-US19810Not updated
55Heldumaniac DisturbedZul'jin-US19765Not updated
55Yunari CeteriZul'jin-US19765Not updated
57Ryure Playground BulliesZul'jin-US19760Not updated
57Oslenca Ascend GamingZul'jin-US19760Not updated
59Agthor  Zul'jin-US19750Not updated
60Baileighboo  Zul'jin-US19735Not updated
61Jalopy DualityZul'jin-US19730Not updated
61Koilqt PerceptionZul'jin-US19730Not updated
63Bearfisting The Red Dragon DynastyZul'jin-US19715Not updated
64Rhev MightZul'jin-US19710Not updated
65Jamè Guild Display ErrorZul'jin-US19690Not updated
66Adydar Anti ClockwiseZul'jin-US19645Not updated
67Zacar Dawn of the DeadZul'jin-US19640Not updated
68Pogiface Crisis of FaithZul'jin-US19615Not updated
69Astarenette KSPZul'jin-US19610Not updated
70Hafsól EclipsëZul'jin-US19595Not updated
71Høtaku  Zul'jin-US19590Not updated
72Xaya The Tempered PhoenixZul'jin-US19565Not updated
72Deyth An SheZul'jin-US19565Not updated
74Boomerz HorizonZul'jin-US19555Not updated
75Khoryâce  Zul'jin-US19540Not updated
76Thauronus MultibeastZul'jin-US19530Not updated
76Moomoom  Zul'jin-US19530Not updated
78Yunogasaii  Zul'jin-US19525Not updated
79Lilphry Red Like My RageZul'jin-US19520Not updated
79Loopzy Perfect InsanityZul'jin-US19520Not updated
81Skorgelol DivideZul'jin-US19500Not updated
81BeoXYZ ImmortalityZul'jin-US19500Not updated
83Quohog Too Old To CareZul'jin-US19485Not updated
84Emblazed DumpstersZul'jin-US19475Not updated
85Recidivist Late Night Pain TrainZul'jin-US19470Not updated
85Elwrin EntropiZul'jin-US19470Not updated
87Unimpressive EruditeZul'jin-US19460Not updated
88Sharrapu Die in a Good SpotZul'jin-US19445Not updated
89Brittles Red Like My RageZul'jin-US19435Not updated
90Grimcast EX EX NIHILOZul'jin-US19430Not updated

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