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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Windrunner-US Achievement Points
1Bab Hard In The PaintWindrunner-US20665Not updated
2Leìden  Windrunner-US20465Not updated
3Kraor Ensis DeiWindrunner-US20145Not updated
4Fate Ensis DeiWindrunner-US20070Not updated
5Savatage AbsøluteWindrunner-US20065Not updated
6Vaicavalo Questers CommonWindrunner-US19835Not updated
7Zenithstorm PandemoniumWindrunner-US19760Not updated
8Yurnero Raiders of the DawnWindrunner-US19690Not updated
9Onchyn The Lost CrusadersWindrunner-US19685Not updated
10Skanaconda Heroes of ManaWindrunner-US19680Not updated
11Dregn Heavenly ForgeWindrunner-US19675Not updated
12Àz Kill em allWindrunner-US19645Not updated
13Deceivis Heavenly ForgeWindrunner-US19605Not updated
14Maevisance Demonic WhispersWindrunner-US19540Not updated
15Vilèplume  Windrunner-US19530Not updated
16Bratakk PandemoniumWindrunner-US19495Not updated
17Derpie The Headless HorsemenWindrunner-US19390Not updated
18Ceraphim Heavenly ForgeWindrunner-US19335Not updated
19Catrei DawnWindrunner-US19330Not updated
20Omgwtfatree Save dragons do PVPWindrunner-US19295Not updated
21Taylii DawnWindrunner-US19280Not updated
22Corja Ensis DeiWindrunner-US19190Not updated
23Putrefied InsignificancyWindrunner-US19125Not updated
24Dïlligaf Sic Itur Ad AstraWindrunner-US19100Not updated
25Artistic PandemoniumWindrunner-US19080Not updated
26Zaze IllyriaWindrunner-US19065Not updated
27Tymian DraqisfangWindrunner-US19055Not updated
28Kruba Templars Of The CrossWindrunner-US19035Not updated
29Tacdragon Ensis DeiWindrunner-US18990Not updated
30Mikalas TemerityWindrunner-US18980Not updated
31Gene PandemoniumWindrunner-US18935Not updated
32Bryoni TemerityWindrunner-US18925Not updated
33Stewmeister UniverseWindrunner-US18915Not updated
34Monkorly TemerityWindrunner-US18910Not updated
35Carreau  Windrunner-US18865Not updated
36Ravenskar WonderfulWindrunner-US18815Not updated
37Sheady  Windrunner-US18790Not updated
37Railla Kill em allWindrunner-US18790Not updated
39Cadance TemerityWindrunner-US18750Not updated
40Wagnard Voracious Syko KillasWindrunner-US18730Not updated
41Snips Sad PandasWindrunner-US18685Not updated
42Swpchrslshr Heroes of ManaWindrunner-US18635Not updated
43Duhbuss Generäl GoodsWindrunner-US18610Not updated
44Kat  Windrunner-US18605Not updated
45Katreya PandemoniumWindrunner-US18600Not updated
46Marisun Alternative SolutionsWindrunner-US18565Not updated
47Auvrey Ring of OütlawsWindrunner-US18560Not updated
48Soulmadness ApotheosisWindrunner-US18495Not updated
49Airmanv Epic AgainWindrunner-US18460Not updated
50Meluan Ring of OütlawsWindrunner-US18415Not updated
50Clowney  Windrunner-US18415Not updated
52Anela Ring of OütlawsWindrunner-US18380Not updated
53Graveler Heroes of ManaWindrunner-US18335Not updated
54Deminsia Ring of OütlawsWindrunner-US18325Not updated
55Seikka Questers CommonWindrunner-US18265Not updated
56Icetardo Drunken LordsWindrunner-US18240Not updated
57Xacobe Mass ExodusWindrunner-US18225Not updated
58Thecsm RoadKill AllianceWindrunner-US18215Not updated
59Jhasu  Windrunner-US18195Not updated
60Sadpande PandemoniumWindrunner-US18140Not updated
61Lyloodallas DreamWhisperWindrunner-US18125Not updated
62Frozenchaos Council of SerenityWindrunner-US18120Not updated
63Halanad Fuzzy Vampire BunniesWindrunner-US18080Not updated
64Miaque Heroes of ManaWindrunner-US18075Not updated
65Rtd PandemoniumWindrunner-US18070Not updated
66Divinechaos Council of SerenityWindrunner-US18065Not updated
67Chargeit RoadKill AllianceWindrunner-US18055Not updated
67Tazia ApotheosisWindrunner-US18055Not updated
69Nopantsmcgee Ring of OütlawsWindrunner-US18030Not updated
70Xiaogh NytemareWindrunner-US17995Not updated
71Wc Drunken LordsWindrunner-US17975Not updated
72Grimline Nephilim LegacyWindrunner-US17965Not updated
72Psycokitty  Windrunner-US17965Not updated
74Kimmysback ImperiumWindrunner-US17950Not updated
75Monster Soul CrushersWindrunner-US17925Not updated
75Dagborn The AscendedWindrunner-US17925Not updated
77Blindsy  Windrunner-US17920Not updated
78Ssjfourgoku Fuzzy Vampire BunniesWindrunner-US17895Not updated
78Mardyld  Windrunner-US17895Not updated
80Linflas Raiders of the DawnWindrunner-US17890Not updated
81Nìghtfang AvidityWindrunner-US17850Not updated
82Shaitaan Raiders of the DawnWindrunner-US17840Not updated
83Deadlockd Fifth DawnWindrunner-US17835Not updated
84Falzoon StormrunnersWindrunner-US17825Not updated
85Hopefulkey  Windrunner-US17810Not updated

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