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Windrunner-US Achievement Points
1Leìden Hard In The PaintWindrunner-US20980
2Measles Heavenly ForgeWindrunner-US20755
3Kraor Ensis DeiWindrunner-US20725
4Vaicavalo Questers CommonWindrunner-US20705
5Zenithstorm PandemoniumWindrunner-US20520Not updated
6Hippyform Legitimate PiracyWindrunner-US20465Not updated
7Skanaconda UniverseWindrunner-US20210
8Bratakk PandemoniumWindrunner-US20165
9Norbeam Generäl GoodsWindrunner-US19990
10Wishing Soul CrushersWindrunner-US19975
11Anevermind Demonic WhispersWindrunner-US19795
12Decora Ensis DeiWindrunner-US19595
13Vilèplume  Windrunner-US19530Not updated
14Mariri TemerityWindrunner-US19425
14Stewmeister UniverseWindrunner-US19425Not updated
16Artistic PandemoniumWindrunner-US19395
17Duhbuss Generäl GoodsWindrunner-US19385Not updated
18Catrei TemerityWindrunner-US19305Not updated
19Jobiwan Ensis DeiWindrunner-US19285
20Kat  Windrunner-US19210Not updated
21Tacdragon Ensis DeiWindrunner-US19175
22Snips Sad PandasWindrunner-US19090
23Gene PandemoniumWindrunner-US19070Not updated
24Zaze IllyriaWindrunner-US19045Not updated
25Nightsend Templars Of The CrossWindrunner-US19015
26Putridity DreamWhisperWindrunner-US18990
27Hideorly TemerityWindrunner-US18975
27Wertle DraqisfangWindrunner-US18975
29Auvrey Ring of OütlawsWindrunner-US18900
30Corja Ensis DeiWindrunner-US18885
31Carreau  Windrunner-US18865Not updated
32Meluan ApotheosisWindrunner-US18830
33Rarity TemerityWindrunner-US18770
34Rtd PandemoniumWindrunner-US18765
35Seikka Questers CommonWindrunner-US18750
36Jhasu Hard In The PaintWindrunner-US18680
36Sawney AbsøluteWindrunner-US18680
38Mikalas TemerityWindrunner-US18620
39Endaira Often DeadWindrunner-US18615
40Kurgosh PandemoniumWindrunner-US18600
41Eargyllann Alternative SolutionsWindrunner-US18565
42Mafalda Voracious Syko KillasWindrunner-US18525
43Chillensky Ensis DeiWindrunner-US18505
44Dynamage Heroes of ManaWindrunner-US18485
45Soulhorror ApotheosisWindrunner-US18475
46Grullnor TemerityWindrunner-US18415
47Revåmp  Windrunner-US18405
48Ravenskar AbsøluteWindrunner-US18395
49Palious PandemoniumWindrunner-US18295
50Anela Ring of OütlawsWindrunner-US18255
51Miaque Heroes of ManaWindrunner-US18245
52Icetardo Drunken LordsWindrunner-US18240
52Pwokz  Windrunner-US18240Not updated
54Adora TemerityWindrunner-US18185
55Lilcruel PandemoniumWindrunner-US18140
56Arax TemerityWindrunner-US18125
56Alood TemerityWindrunner-US18125
56Lyloo DreamWhisperWindrunner-US18125
56Cylaris Nocturnal ChaosWindrunner-US18125
60Zagakek OneShotWindrunner-US18110Not updated
61Sealofcookie PandemoniumWindrunner-US18045
62Chaosreaver Council of SerenityWindrunner-US18040
63Halanad Fuzzy Vampire BunniesWindrunner-US18035
64Nemesis Heroes of ManaWindrunner-US17985
65Dïlligaf Sic Itur Ad AstraWindrunner-US17945Not updated
66Mirya Ensis DeiWindrunner-US17940
67Blindsy  Windrunner-US17920Not updated
68Wc Drunken LordsWindrunner-US17910Not updated
69Ministerdave Drunken LordsWindrunner-US17905
70Aveilan AbsøluteWindrunner-US17900
70Omgwtfatree Save dragons do PVPWindrunner-US17900Not updated
72Fullofphoo Sworn to be FreeWindrunner-US17865Not updated

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