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Whisperwind-US Achievement Points
1Kindbudz Time LordsWhisperwind-US17015
2Fible Time LordsWhisperwind-US16520
3Memphis Time LordsWhisperwind-US15865
4Stardre Time LordsWhisperwind-US15110
5Rexe Time LordsWhisperwind-US15085
6Tamyrand Time LordsWhisperwind-US14435
7Ginani Time LordsWhisperwind-US14265
8Petesapal Time LordsWhisperwind-US12860
9Warlockricjk Time LordsWhisperwind-US12260
10Jaquabas Time LordsWhisperwind-US11940
11Epsillon Time LordsWhisperwind-US11590Not updated
12Valagir Time LordsWhisperwind-US11375Not updated
13Ramyshamy Time LordsWhisperwind-US11245
14Ashwagandha Time LordsWhisperwind-US10940
15Araham Time LordsWhisperwind-US10865
16Qx Time LordsWhisperwind-US10850Not updated
17Rayleana Time LordsWhisperwind-US10820
18Aln Time LordsWhisperwind-US10650
19Gowancomando Time LordsWhisperwind-US10620Not updated
20Haalfdane Time LordsWhisperwind-US10550Not updated
21Marvek Time LordsWhisperwind-US10505Not updated
22Sweethonesty Time LordsWhisperwind-US10460
23Iures Time LordsWhisperwind-US10305
24Starfiya Time LordsWhisperwind-US10135Not updated
25Trydan Time LordsWhisperwind-US10105Not updated
26Nicodemus Time LordsWhisperwind-US10045
27Oturo Time LordsWhisperwind-US10000
28Flatil Time LordsWhisperwind-US9965Not updated
29Zanira Time LordsWhisperwind-US9855
30Enraptured Time LordsWhisperwind-US9480Not updated
31Ðespally Time LordsWhisperwind-US9130
32Vasknite Time LordsWhisperwind-US8975
33Ahana Time LordsWhisperwind-US8840Not updated
34Nytengayle Time LordsWhisperwind-US8705Not updated
35Capow Time LordsWhisperwind-US8440
36Stellerex Time LordsWhisperwind-US8160Not updated
37Cursewords Time LordsWhisperwind-US8110Not updated
38Namyi Time LordsWhisperwind-US8090Not updated
39Suisan Time LordsWhisperwind-US7890Not updated
40Kiras Time LordsWhisperwind-US7880Not updated
41Ricjk Time LordsWhisperwind-US7860
42Oollong Time LordsWhisperwind-US7850Not updated
43Mestorne Time LordsWhisperwind-US7725Not updated
44Gluston Time LordsWhisperwind-US7635Not updated
45Lillyora Time LordsWhisperwind-US7570Not updated
46Borntosneak Time LordsWhisperwind-US7485Not updated
47Aelysiana Time LordsWhisperwind-US7060Not updated
48Grelphin Time LordsWhisperwind-US6855Not updated
49Phideaux Time LordsWhisperwind-US6695Not updated
50Uthedal Time LordsWhisperwind-US5205Not updated
50Urglburgl Time LordsWhisperwind-US5205Not updated
52Darthripplie Time LordsWhisperwind-US4560Not updated
53Airse Time LordsWhisperwind-US4405Not updated
54Khawer Time LordsWhisperwind-US4050Not updated
55Afrasiab Time LordsWhisperwind-US3995Not updated
56Sooj Time LordsWhisperwind-US3640Not updated
57Bigblackk Time LordsWhisperwind-US3600Not updated
58Aleon Time LordsWhisperwind-US3345
59Ryis Time LordsWhisperwind-US2775Not updated
60Galifel Time LordsWhisperwind-US2365Not updated

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