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Uther-US Achievement Points
1Texico AscendanceUther-US21290
2Chimpnzthat AtonementUther-US21010
3Wasdf  Uther-US20805Not updated
4Kauaii InsomniaUther-US20515
5Pinoosh  Uther-US20470Not updated
6Joshy Consumed by HatredUther-US20300
7Trondheim Consumed by HatredUther-US20150Not updated
8Aliancetrash Legendary HeroUther-US19950
9Nirrti The WanderersUther-US19890
10Kazeryu WarforgedUther-US19860
11Bloodhammer Legendary HeroUther-US19520
12Graknon ReduxUther-US19455
13Dustuharm Collected SoulsUther-US19350
14Pawesome AtonementUther-US19315
15Earthmender LORDSUther-US19300Not updated
16Daie VindicatedUther-US19225Not updated
17Gnomee  Uther-US19200
18Katannah RisenUther-US19140
19Opabear Akai SoubiUther-US19130
20Azshios Akai SoubiUther-US19090Not updated
21Tazota  Uther-US18980Not updated
22Arrmora Kamikaze PenguinsUther-US18935
23Jasrill  Uther-US18925
24Teilani Aurora AeternumUther-US18830Not updated
25Wiseman  Uther-US18815
26Hemophobiac ReduxUther-US18805
27Srock Kamikaze PenguinsUther-US18715Not updated
28Miniprince Dragons DenUther-US18705
29Raisehell Common SenseUther-US18645Not updated
30Treenan Kamikaze PenguinsUther-US18515Not updated
30Arborage  Uther-US18515
32Drakblade  Uther-US18495Not updated
33Gorlun The WanderersUther-US18455
34Gwynedd The WanderersUther-US18400
35Mfhunter Legendary HeroUther-US18375
36Toothyy Mything PersonsUther-US18340Not updated
36Skeater Røcket ScienceUther-US18340
38Chrome ReduxUther-US18260
38Elemantra ReduxUther-US18260Not updated
40Shastajr The WanderersUther-US18230
41Slagor Legacy of PainUther-US18205
42Speçtra Pirates With No PantsUther-US18190
43Pheeguh Pirates With No PantsUther-US18165
44Peinmadara Emissary of FateUther-US18135
45Bbex Røcket ScienceUther-US18080Not updated
46Lucii Consumed by HatredUther-US18075Not updated
47Yangming No MercyUther-US18070Not updated
48Rozy AtonementUther-US18045
49Azurerose Random HeroUther-US18020Not updated
50Claustrphobc  Uther-US17990Not updated
51Howlymcbeal Pirates With No PantsUther-US17915
52Lurieldine A New AdventureUther-US17910
53Wanji We Hate Us TooUther-US17880
54Morhkal ReduxUther-US17875
55Telperion WarforgedUther-US17830
56Zarkus LethalUther-US17820
57Deitin Consumed by HatredUther-US17770Not updated
58Frostmaul AtonementUther-US17765
59Phouratia Blackwing Brewing CoUther-US17730
60Sharí Kamikaze PenguinsUther-US17695Not updated
61Badboybill RisenUther-US17660
62Bx Common SenseUther-US17640
63Shaunsmanpet  Uther-US17610Not updated
64Serenidy Collected SoulsUther-US17590
65Takako Akai SoubiUther-US17585

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