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Twisting Nether-EU Achievement Points
1Combattler LottoTwisting Nether-EU18990
2Deathsworn LottoTwisting Nether-EU18285
3ßrad LottoTwisting Nether-EU18000Not updated
4Downdraft LottoTwisting Nether-EU17860
5Droxen LottoTwisting Nether-EU17205
6Híghfive LottoTwisting Nether-EU17020Not updated
7Dklolok LottoTwisting Nether-EU16750
8Phaze LottoTwisting Nether-EU16740
9Nimuz LottoTwisting Nether-EU16635
10Shadout LottoTwisting Nether-EU16560Not updated
11Cýnn LottoTwisting Nether-EU16260
12Välanøs LottoTwisting Nether-EU15800Not updated
13Elfpriest LottoTwisting Nether-EU15700
14Epicballz LottoTwisting Nether-EU15640
15Beastminder LottoTwisting Nether-EU14870
16Spoonyone LottoTwisting Nether-EU14685
17Kurixs LottoTwisting Nether-EU14565
18Aagaard LottoTwisting Nether-EU14450Not updated
19Zenmagic LottoTwisting Nether-EU14335
20Infinìty LottoTwisting Nether-EU14225
21Tbm LottoTwisting Nether-EU13760Not updated
21Follower LottoTwisting Nether-EU13760Not updated
23Pink LottoTwisting Nether-EU13520
24Sydelina LottoTwisting Nether-EU13080Not updated
25Fistingtime LottoTwisting Nether-EU13000Not updated
26Heatless LottoTwisting Nether-EU12710
27Bahzínga LottoTwisting Nether-EU12440
28Ánima LottoTwisting Nether-EU12375
29Fistwhistle LottoTwisting Nether-EU12260
30Cybris LottoTwisting Nether-EU12090
31Etess LottoTwisting Nether-EU12015Not updated
32Tyranis LottoTwisting Nether-EU12005
33Chaosiké LottoTwisting Nether-EU11950
34Jînxy LottoTwisting Nether-EU11815
35Alpd LottoTwisting Nether-EU11795
36Sesla LottoTwisting Nether-EU11580
37Shizzlé LottoTwisting Nether-EU11570
38Slackyhansen LottoTwisting Nether-EU11325Not updated
39Nihasa LottoTwisting Nether-EU11275
40Achareat LottoTwisting Nether-EU11220
41Vivovix LottoTwisting Nether-EU11030Not updated
42Ôkami LottoTwisting Nether-EU10920Not updated
43Staysafe LottoTwisting Nether-EU10870
44Flòw LottoTwisting Nether-EU10775
45Dolorus LottoTwisting Nether-EU10685
46Gangea LottoTwisting Nether-EU10675
47Nalbur LottoTwisting Nether-EU10605
48Kewz LottoTwisting Nether-EU10580Not updated
49Zuijin LottoTwisting Nether-EU10540
50Audacity LottoTwisting Nether-EU10515Not updated
51Akrah LottoTwisting Nether-EU10450
52Genetika LottoTwisting Nether-EU10340Not updated
53Kímá LottoTwisting Nether-EU10295
54Magicblood LottoTwisting Nether-EU10180
55Díabolic LottoTwisting Nether-EU10175
55Dremorach LottoTwisting Nether-EU10175
57Sxty LottoTwisting Nether-EU10165Not updated
58Monkivore LottoTwisting Nether-EU10020
58Minute LottoTwisting Nether-EU10020
60Kinomè LottoTwisting Nether-EU9950
61Nerzhulan LottoTwisting Nether-EU9795
62Shaxeey LottoTwisting Nether-EU9765Not updated
63Nerzhu LottoTwisting Nether-EU9730
64Villmanj LottoTwisting Nether-EU9650Not updated
65Amfakoka LottoTwisting Nether-EU9635
66Daniel LottoTwisting Nether-EU9610Not updated
67Hellrip LottoTwisting Nether-EU9600
68Ähri LottoTwisting Nether-EU9425
69Shankeer LottoTwisting Nether-EU9420
70Dotslashwin LottoTwisting Nether-EU9325
71Holdbrillan LottoTwisting Nether-EU9285
72Zerokòól LottoTwisting Nether-EU9160
73Varjostìn LottoTwisting Nether-EU9130
74Fratzi LottoTwisting Nether-EU9125
75Morrh LottoTwisting Nether-EU9120Not updated
76Naeru LottoTwisting Nether-EU9080Not updated
77Domzn LottoTwisting Nether-EU9065
78Nizil LottoTwisting Nether-EU8985
79Shockalypse LottoTwisting Nether-EU8930
80Fluoresce LottoTwisting Nether-EU8915
81Ðàntê LottoTwisting Nether-EU8905
82Scalaz LottoTwisting Nether-EU8895
83Carved LottoTwisting Nether-EU8865Not updated
84Finnk LottoTwisting Nether-EU8790Not updated
85Flics LottoTwisting Nether-EU8765
86Plato LottoTwisting Nether-EU8690Not updated
87Wabble LottoTwisting Nether-EU8685
88Zluurpie LottoTwisting Nether-EU8605
89Litca LottoTwisting Nether-EU8580
90Morpheûs LottoTwisting Nether-EU8425
91Míyukí LottoTwisting Nether-EU8320
92Garkh LottoTwisting Nether-EU8295
93Dularn LottoTwisting Nether-EU8105
94Shadeybaron LottoTwisting Nether-EU8095
95Célestine LottoTwisting Nether-EU8015
96Shadiebaron LottoTwisting Nether-EU7980
97Amylolwut LottoTwisting Nether-EU7940
98Smooteh LottoTwisting Nether-EU7840
99Vakuzz LottoTwisting Nether-EU7815
100Amylolwat LottoTwisting Nether-EU7740Not updated

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